Streaming Cam POV with Luna Star in Sexhibitionist Star from HoloGirlsVR!

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Luna Star featured in Sexhibitionist Star from HoloGirlsVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10


"Sexhibitionist Star"

     Sexhibitionist Star is a 19 minute, September 29th release from HoloGirlsVR featuring fiery Luna Star in a 3rd person POV/ streaming cam type setup fuck scene.  I have a serious weakness for Latina's and Luna Star is one of my favorites currently shooting VR right now, she always brings the heat and passion to her scenes and has a very animated way about her that works great for engaging the viewer in VR.  I loved her recent scene Yoga One on One with Luna Star at Naughty America and was pretty excited to see this one pop up at HoloGirlsVR this week, especially as this is a 3rd person shoot.  I have just not been feeling the typical B/G, pretty much plug n play cowgirl rides the last 6 months or so from Holo and this is the freshest feeling scene I have watched from them in some time.   All in all, this scene was pretty interesting, and I would say a definite download for a Luna Star fan who just wants to watch her get fucked by a big cock, and are not fussed about staying locked in 1st person in VR.

0 luna star hologirlsvr

Lovely Luna Star

Shower time

Sexhibitionist Star starts out with Luna in a large open tiled shower with glass surround, and she is sudsing up her amazing body for you. The POV is about mid level and Luna looks awesome in this section with her curves nicely highlighted by the wetness and soap gleam.

1 hologirlsvr luna star

Streaming Cam

Luna has a seat next to the camera and begins talking to it as if the setup is basically a streaming cam, and she sounds cute with her accent, and looks fantastic, soon producing a large glass dildo to play with.

2 the sexhibitionist

Some nice dildoing

The dildoing section goes for about 4 and a half minutes and Luna shows off some great views both bending over in front of you and laying back spread on the tile bench. Her attitude is contagious and she is really fun and animated through the opening section.

3 hologirlsvr the sexhibitionist

Let's move to the bedroom

Luna approaches the camera again to speak to us, and she suggests going to the bedroom and setting up a hidden camera so she can fuck somebody.

5 luna star vr

Bedroom cam setup

The action resumes in the bedroom and Luna is now made-up and looks great, talking to the cam like it's gonna be fun to get her fuck on in front of us.

6 luna star virtual reality

Enter Manuel

Luna ditches the clothes and Manuel walks into the room and gets straight to munchin on Luna from behind while her face is right in front of your perspective, making the focus of this section her reactions to what is going on behind her.

7 luna star hologirlsvr the sexhibitionist

The pair assume a 69 position and you get to watch Luna suck Manuel's big cock for a bit before he has her turn around and hop on his dick for some cowgirl. 

8 luna star virtual deepthroat

Insertion, wha?

INEXPLICABLY, as in many, many HoloGirlsVR productions...the insertion here is cut away.  They do it all the time.  One minute no fucking, next min already been fucking.  Your guess is as good as mine, but it sucks ass every time they do it from my point of view.  Just. Pure. WTF. /shrug.  No idea folks 🙂

9 luna star virtual cowgirl

Some nice hard fucking

Some good hard fucking follows, with Manual slipping his finger up Luna's ass for a bit, and while the view is sitting between bro's legs, I found myself just falling into observer mode pretty naturally, just as I would traditional porn, the view is just more present and stationary and so really no problem for me getting into it just like watching any other couple fuck on film.  You will however notice bros legs get cut off by the seams in this shot if you look to the sides.

It's also a much more realistic fuck that what we see from first person, when Manual is free to fuck her hard, slap her ass and make noise like a fucking human, not a prop, so it's all a breath of freshness in that regard.

10 luna star hologirlsvr

Getting dat good dick!

Que rrrrrrico papi!

Manual slams it to Luna from behind next, and the section is really funny and hot.  Luna just regresses to full on primal Spanish and it's quite sexy and natural that way.

11 luna

Now you can go, leave!

Popshot is back to 69 position in front of you and the ending is pretty funny with Luna telling bro to gtfo immediately after dumping his shit, and she returns to the front and center perspective to clean up her face and talk about how hot it was for a few seconds.

12 luna star vr porn

Washing up. 9/10

I was diggin the Sexhibitionist in the end.  It felt like something fresh from HoloGirlsVR for me anyway.  Where some of their past 3rd person POV's have been shot at a much farther distance, they were able to keep Luna close up for most of this shoot, greatly improving the presence of the shot and making it feel more like a true VR voyeur scene.  Luna was hot as always, and engaging with the camera in a really relaxed, confident and sexy manner.  On the technical side....seams pretty much the only real gripe, as always with HoloGirls shots, and these will feature Manuel's legs being chopped off on either side for you in cowgirl.  The inexplicable editing out of insertion shots in HoloGirlsVR movies also draws a huge wtf from me, and I cannot understand how time and time again, they do this.  I watched the new Kimber release right after this one, and I said to myself at the beginning, "I bet they cut the insertion".  Sure enough, they run a deliberate edit over it.  I have no idea people, lol!  Otherwise, this was a cool 3rd person movie with some hard fucking, and a great performance from Luna Star and I would recommend it to fans of Luna Star or 3rd person/cam type views, or just hot porno fucking from a bit more in-the-room perspective.  I look forward to more 3rd person stuff myself.  Right now everyone is chasing the 1st person nut, but some of my favorite early HoloGirlsVR experiments, such as Party of Sex, Butt It's My Birthday, Girls Do it Better or The Free Pass were all 3rd person shoots that felt much hotter than most of their B/G 1st person scenes right now for my tastes at least, despite some technical shortcomings in those early movies. They hinted at something cool beyond first person POV. 9/10.

"Sexhibitionist Star from HoloGirlsVR!

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