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Sydney Cole in Scoring with My Hot Sister's Friend from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  11/7/2016
Running time: 29:00
Starring:  Sydney Cole
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Here
Notables:  Sydney Cole, Nice standing doggie, Great audio
Negatives:  Tilted cam causes border to intrude on head space in seated close ups, ceiling light in shot
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Perma-tilt must die

"Scoring with My Hot Sister's Friend"

Curling up with the new Sydney Cole release from Naughty America VR tonight and I was looking forward to seeing this one having really enjoyed Sydney's last Naughty America VR movie with JoJo Kiss, Cyber Sleepover.  Sydney is a cutie with an amazing tush and she shows it off quite a bit in this one, with some flashing, grinding and fucking shots that should leave the ass guys happy happy.  On the other hand, this movie, along with many recent Naughty America VR and Real Teens VR shoots, also features a tilted cam for the entire scene, and this winds up placing Sydney's head very close to or across the upper frame border during seated close up action thereby diminishing the power of those sections a bit.   Overall, not a bad movie, but I would love to see Naughty America abandon the perm-tilt setup sooner than later.   

Fun with balls

Setup finds you chillin by the family foosball table, when your sister walks in with her friend Sydney for some game time.  Sydney, dressed in an airy light skirt, takes up the spot in front of you and immediately goes about flashin you that delicious ass of hers whenever she scores a point on the table.

Sis bails for snacks, Sydney ditches her panties and there is a bit of quick up close flirting with her before your sister returns to the room with the grub.  Some more foosball action and your sister then makes an excuse to bail while Sydney opts to stay behind for the obvious.

"But I don't wanna play foosball....I wanna play with some other balls"

It's boomchickawhawha time and Sydney drops down for an oral warmup that goes for several minutes before she has a seat on your meat around the 9 minute mark, giving you a nice ass grind first before climbing on for some seated cowgirl.

Mixed cowgirl bag

Sydney hops on for what should be a really nice, close up seated cowgirl ride, but what you wind up with are sections that look good when Sydney is laying back, and then start to fall apart if she leans in close approaching the upper border.

Down tilt on rig for seated action = no bueno

When Sydney does come in close, her head crosses over the image frame due to the fact that the rig is tilted down at an angle here when it shouldn't be. There is in fact no logical reason why the camera would be set up this way, it makes absolutely no sense and what you see below are the results of this.  Since Naughty America's new rig image features a dip in the middle of the frame, the border is even lower in the center section, eating up more usable frame space and this "hump" should be adjusted for by tech when they position the rig for the shoot.  Tilting the rig lower, only compounds this effect.

A bit distracting

So the cowgirl here, as with many recent Naughty America cowgirl shots wound up being pretty throwaway for me. Watching Sydney play with the edge of the border constantly, as well as distorting at the very edges of it is not particularly immersive and reminds me of watching VR a year ago, when no one had close up shooting figured out yet and heads distorting or leaving frame were more common.  Let's get on to the good shit!

On to the good stuff

For as bad as the forward cowgirl looks, the following rear facing looks great, giving you a fantastic view of Sydney's ass on your shit, from a fairly decent feeling perspective cam wise.

Favorite section

Action shifts to standing doggie over the foosball table at around the 19 minute mark and this was perhaps my favorite shot of the movie offering up more prime views of Sydney's tight little ass.  The lighting is also greatly improved here as well, with the glaring overhead florescent now removed from the shot and the exposure on the image being much more even.

Wonky pillow setup

After bangin Sydney over the table for a few, action transitions to the last PoV of the movie, a standing missionary shot that finds Sydney propped from behind on a stack of pillows and nicely colored bedding that she looks great set against.

Slip slidin away

The action looks pretty tasty here, but Sydney is having to hold onto the bed with everything she has to keep from slipping off the edge and it becomes a constant game of her pushing herself back up from the lip while employing a deathgrip on the sheet to try to stay in place as the mound of pillows behind her just serves to keep her weight shifted forward while she is being fucked.  Both parties are obviously uncomfortable and struggling during this section with the positioning and if it looks awkward onscreen, it feels awkward in VR.

Nice ass up cumshot

Sydney looks amazing below though and despite the fact that both she and homebro are having a hard fucking time keeping it connected, keep it connected they do and Sydney is soon taking a load on her face and into her willing mouth with Naughty America production picking up some bonus points at the end for a nice ass up cumshot.  A bit of an up close cum-in-mouth show and the scene draws to a rapid conclusion.

Decent VR scene with Sydney Cole: 8/10

Overall, Scoring with My Sister's Hot Friend was pretty nuttworthy while offering up a few WTF tech moments.  On the pros, Sydney is hot as hell and turned in a nice performance here.  While I didn't enjoy the scene as much overall as Cyber Sleepover in terms of production, there was a bit more time on that ass in this one that made for some standout sections.  Audio quality was another highlight in this movie, being crisp and clean with plenty of detail.  On the downside, the perma-tilt camera setups are getting a bit tiresome, costing us the faces of some beautiful women such as Mia Malkova, Megan Rain and Sydney here during what should be some of the most powerful VR footage in the movie—the close up seated cowgirl segments. The perma-tilt setup has failed to yield clean scenes thusfar, serves little or no purpose and I hope Naughty America VR abandon this approach soon, as it is really hampering the close up sections of many their recent releases where the room is needed at the top, rather than the bottom of the frame.  There is more to the Busting a Nun shot than simply tilting the rig down, and that really seems to be the influence at work here,  as this positioning started after Busting was released.  8/10.

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"Scoring with My Hot Sister's Friend" from Naughty America VR!

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