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Scarlett Sage from Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 7/10

"Scarlett Sage"

Today, I will be taking a look at this weeks 7/22 Real Teens VR release featuring Scarlett Sage and it would sure be nice if RealTeensVR would name these things, but that's what we got to work with 🙂  After the encounter with a Giantess that was last weeks Peyton Robbie video, I  was curious what sort of world scale I would be in for today and the scale at first in this 34 minute movie, I was thinking was going to be a killer for me.  But I decided to give it a few based on Scarlett Sage alone and things improved after the first low camera setup.   While I would say, due to camera height in the ending section and increased scale in the beginning section, that perhaps half of this movie suffers from some issues, the middle stretch and Scarlett I found were well worth a watch.

Most of the Real Teens VR low to the floor shots seem off in scale

You start from a low floor perspective as just a camera and I have yet to see this setup really work yet in a Real Teens VR movie.  The effect always seems to be larger scale and in most of the movies I have seen, things look a bit wonky until the camera comes up to more of an ass high, or shoulder high level.

What I did like right away though was that Scarlett was talking to the camera, instead of the silent setups I have seen in past releases like the Else Jean, Jo Jo Kiss or Kylie Page features, that seemed a bit quiet during the opening with no dialog.

And I found Scarlett to be perfect for this.  You take 10 people and tell them to talk to a camera like a person.  Some are going to do better than others, and Scarlett's entire performance here in this movie was really really solid I felt, more in the Riley Reid caliber of VR performance that is slightly aggressive and commanding in the way she interacts with the camera.

So she is basically talking to you like you are there, but there is no avatar and it works fine.  There is a bit of "You want to see me rub my pussy" type stuff, and you get the first sense of how strong eye contact with Scarlett is going to be in this segment as well.  Scarlett has really strong eyes and spends much of the movie attempting to keep them locked onto yours.

Better scale in the next setup

The next camera setup sees Scarlett sitting on the edge of a bed and your vantage point is just slightly below her head level, with the scale feeling much better to me here, pretty much standard Naughty America scale on Oculus.  You are much closer to Scarlett's face and the effect in VR is noticeable.

Scarlett is rubbing her pussy while telling you not to touch yourself and to just watch her, and I found myself just lost looking at her face for awhile.  You can look down as well, and that is what I like about shots that are filmed at appropriate distances to talent in VR, you can look in one direction and watch something or pan up and see another view, all within the range of movement of your head tracking.

Up close ass

Scarlett turns around and gives you a nice rear view while rubbing and fingering her pussy and though she winds up cocked a bit far to the left at some point, the action and proximity are still nice here.

Best camera position for scale

Stuntdick joins the party at around the 9 minute mark, and you are now seated above Scarlett as she gives you some lip service, with world scale probably looking the best in this section.

Sitting cowgirl is all pretty rockin here

Some super close sitting cowgirl is next ala the Kylie Page movie and this section is really tight, featuring some great VR fucking. Scarlett is intense and has lots of convincing shit to say as she fucks you and with this portion of the movie going for an easy 5 minutes, you can really soak it up.

Wet pussy and an awesome laying back feature

Scarlett turns around for some reverse action next and puts down some serious pussy glaze on your cock before laying completely back into you for the most dramatic VR moment of the movie for me.  Scarlett lays back like this for a good minute, and while it pushes the boundaries of your ability to focus on her head, her body looks really cool falling away from you in this perspective and the VR effect of having her lay back on you is really strong.  More of this type of shit please!

Bit too close up on kissing section

The next camera change finds us kissing Scarlett and it is pretty much making out with a Cyclops!  It's pretty funny and up too close, but points to Real Teens VR for trying.  Scarlett is jerking you off below while kissing you and this could be really good, it just has to be dialed in distance wise.

Camera feels like it is on top of your head here

The problem here in the last portion of the movie is the standard Naughty America much too tall standing doggie camera setup, that is just a deal breaker in term of immersion for many of us for first person anyway.

It felt like I was a spectator looking down, and pretty much effectively gassed the balloon that had blown up during the previous section of amazing close ups.  I stuck it out for the duration, as Scarlett Sage is really fun to watch fuck, but you lose most of that VR presence here.

Scarlett even leans back, which is plenty when the camera is the right height to restore presence in doggie, but the camera is soo high, her head is well below yours here, and it just results in the perspective not matching what your brain wants to see.

Camera position stays for rest of movie

This setup unfortunately rolls until the end of the movie in both doggie and lay-back standing missionary, and as we are at about the 23 min mark now,  it is around 12 minutes of this perspective in total.  It is meh for VR, but Scarlett....Scarlett is haf during the facing-you section after doggie, just too far... but still awesome to watch as she maintains direct eye contact with you.

Cumshot is on belly without need for assistance and Scarlett approaches for one final close up and tells you you just fucked her brains out, before the scene comes to a fairly fast end.

Scarlett was the stand out here for me

So in the end, kind of a meh beginning with scale but a great performance, solid mid section and a good eye in the sky view of a really hot Scarlett in the end 1/3 that lacks much VR ooomph.  The strong point here for me was Scarlett Sage for sure...and honestly, I hope she winds up over at WankzVR also.  She has that quality that plays out extremely well in terms of projecting in VR and Scarlett was engaging the entire way through, with easy dialog and nonstop eye contact, that makes for visceral VR Porn.  I really like the direction with the talking vs. silent opening sequence and I am into what Real Teens VR has been doing with movies like this one and the Kylie Page vid, with really close seated cowgirl, some nice kissing and up close face time, as well as interesting opening setups.  My wish is that one day Naughty America gets their standing shots dialed in, as the list of asses I have gazed down upon from afar now, is growing quite long.  I'm gonna give this one a 7 mostly on performance alone and the middle section.

The beginning was also fairly strong, just the scale was a bit out of whack, and it wasn't till the mid section that things really felt good scale wise for me.  But like, the acting, etc in the beginning is quite good.   7/10.  Scarlett is a bit standout as a VR performer I thought and would like to see more from her in VR.  You can view our full RealTeensVR Review here.

I used the studio trailer for this rather than cutting I have NO idea why their trailer looks like that!  🙂

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Scarlett Sage from Real Teens VR!

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