Russian Room Service: Keeping it Real with Macy and Virtual Taboo

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"Russian Room Service" with Macy from Virtual Taboo Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

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Review Score 9/10

"Russian Room Service"

Russian Room Service is a June 23rd release from Virtual Taboo featuring Russian natural cutie, Macy, in a really nice, intimate sex scene.  I really enjoyed Macy's natural look and ways in last weeks Macy Solo Fun video, and was looking forward to seeing her in action in this one.

Natural Russian Beauty

Macy has a really nice, non pornstar quality to her, and she is naturally hot without much need for makeup and it's nice that Virtual Taboo played to that strength here and didn't force the full porn makeup job, and guys that love real, natural looking girls, like you might really encounter in real life, will love this about her.  I think this quality lent greatly to the feeling of a real encounter by the time the scene was over.

Russian Room Service Review

Macy checks to see if you are sleeping or not

Maid Service

The scenario finds you in presumably your hotel room sleeping when Russian maid Macy enters the room to clean up.  Macy speaks in her native tongue the entire scene and this works fine, you get the point and it sounds much more natural than forced lines in broken English.

After Macy pulls the sheets back to find your erect cock below, she decides to see if you are really sleeping or not.  She approaches for some nice close ups on her face, and then proceeds to slowly get undressed while giving you a great close up view of her pussy and breasts.

Macy Virtual Taboo Hardcore

Some nice up close pussy shots

There is some nice pussy fingering in this section with Macy offering her wet fingers up to your mouth and this all works pretty great in terms of VR effectiveness.  As well, there is a really nice ass in face section here, with Macy moving her hips around a good bit, which does make it a little harder to focus the target and gaze at it.  By the time Macy goes down to suck your cock for a bit, you have had a some nice, up close time with her.

Russian Room Service Virtual Taboo Review

Great shot here, but Macy does move her hips around quite a bit

The oral section is about perfect in length to me, good length for those that like sucking sections and not too long for those that tend to want to move on after a few mins of oral.

Virtual Taboo Macy Russian Room Service

If you enjoy hair falling down in your face in VR, you will like this section

A Nice, Close, Cowgirl Ride

Macy next climbs up for some really nice, intimate cowgirl riding and the guys that really like effects like hair falling down on your face and breathing that is close up will be happy with this type of cowgirl shot.  Macy keeping her torso and head more above you the entire time, keeps the effect of her being present much stronger, and the audio is really great here as well, in that you can hear her breathing on either side of your head accurately when she changes orientation and its always a treat to have good positional audio in VR.

Macy up close virtual fuck

Lots of close up's here with Macy breathing heavily

More Leaning Into You with Reverse Cowgirl

The following reverse cowgirl section is also nice, with Macy spending more time arching back than leaning forward down screen as is often the way most cowgirl scenes are filmed and again the inclusion of things like Macy's long hair hanging down from above do much to improve the presence of the her in VR.  This is also balanced with some leaning forward, where you get a really nice look at her ass, and I feel like this section struck a good median on keeping the cowgirl closer, but still offering some variety in the shots to look at.

Virtual Taboo movie review

Even the forward facing cowgirl features leaning back from Macy

Hot and Bothered

This whole time, Macy has been breathing heavy and getting hot and she comes in for a nice, quick sweaty kiss before the scene moves on with a camera change, where you find yourself in a really nicely framed standing shot, that for me, hit the sweet spot on camera height.

Russian Room Service

The section camera angle looks really good here

You get to view Macy sucking on your cock for a minute from this vantage point before she arranges the pillows on the bed below her and offers her pussy up for you, and the distance and scale on this shot was very nice, as were the inclusion of the pillows below Macy to raise everything up in the shot a bit.

Virtual Taboo Macy one

The pillows below help raise things up nicely here

Some Good, Hard Fuckin

The fucking in this section is a good bit harder than most VR porn for sure and Macy is definitely enjoying herself, being very vocal while you are slammin it too her and the hard fucking continues in doggie, where I would say this was one of the best balanced doggie shots I have seen in terms of height of the camera, it felt very natural for me in perspective staring down at the action below.

Macy doggie Virtual Taboo

Perfect doggie height, off to the left just a smudge

The scene ends with you nuttin on Macy's back from doggie, and is a welcome change from the typical jerk n squirt we get in most VR Porn scenes.  Macy looks hot, satisfied and happy as she samples a bit of your cum from her back before waving goodbye at the end of the scene.

Macy cumshot Russian Room Service

A nice change for cumshot

Summing it Up

Overall, I really enjoyed the scene, and the kind of aftertaste I was left with was that it was one of the more real VR Porn scenes I have seen in some time, in terms of it feeling not so porny, but still being horny.  It was still a well done, professional scene but with a nice, natural performance from Macy then lent the movie an I-could-actually-be-banging-this-chick vibe to it that you sometimes lose with a seasoned pornstar and more elaborate set up.

There were several kisses, mostly of short duration and not reeeeally enough to get fully into them, but nice to see them brought in and the effectiveness of these will have as much to do with the individual girl as it does targeting in terms of producers trying to capture VR kisses in these movies.  The inclusion here helped with the intimacy factor and keeping connected to Macy during the scene.

The only negative I can really think of was that Macy was moving her hips quite a bit during both the up close pussy and ass shots, but this was Macy's instinct here, and had nothing to do with the shot, which was positioned nicely in both cases.  The camera was slightly off center in the doggie section, but not really enough to throw you.  Set was pretty washed out in terms of just white walls in the background, and this diminished the otherwise normally stellar lighting that Virtual Taboo utilizes on their scenes.  Most of their past scenes are shot over warm hardwood floors that helps to warm the space up a bit for me and that was lacking a bit here.

For me, another solid scene from Virtual Taboo. I just like how they shoot VR at Virtual Taboo, they are not big porn, so they don't shoot like big porn, but they still manage to put together scenes that are much more interesting, than half the BaDoink cowgirl offerings for instance, that are shot on $50,000 camera rigs, with uninspired direction not willing to take chances. This movie shows Virtual Taboo are actively evolving with the edge of VR Porn and focusing on trying to shoot to the strength of Virtual Reality, instead of shooting mostly standard porn, with a VR cam, like many are doing still.  9/10.  You can view our comprehensive Virtual Taboo Review here.

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