Backstage Fuckfest with Kristina Rose in Riding the Roadie from WankzVR!

Riding the Roadie Featuring Kristina Rose from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Riding the Roadie"

Riding the Roadie is a September 16th release from WankzVR featuring Kristina Rose in a standout VR performance that's sure to raise a few eyebrows and dicks among the VR faithful.  This one was a home run for me personally as it contains many elements that I have enjoyed in past Wankz vids and others kind of all wrapped up into one ripping scene so there was not much lacking here for me.  I would say up front it is one of my top 5 Wankz scenes so far, so buckle up fucksticks, Kristina Rose is about to rock your world!

1 kristina rose

Make it rain!

"Alright motherfuckers!"

Setup for Riding the Roadie finds you backstage at the strip joint with your "boss", Kristina Rose, who is ready to make some snaps on the meat rack and is apparently successful enough at shaking her ass to pack a roadie along to the show, namely, you.  Kristina is a force from go, and had me fucking laughing in no time, pretty much oozing that no filter, no bullshit stripper vibe to a T, and busting out the comedy lines with little effort.

2 kristina rose wankzvr

Money leads to honey

After gettin horned up working the crowd, Kristina is DTF and its your lucky day, cause she is about to go whole hog on your shit for the next 40 minutes.  Up front, this scene is close as fuck, so I will screen what I can but it will be more than I can frame most of the time...and thats but one of the reasons this scene is badass.

3 kristina rose wankzvr riding the roadie

Heart shaped ass

Lap dance and kisses

Kristina starts off with a lap grind and her tongue is down your throat right away, with more kissing in this scene than perhaps any other scene since On Set with Riley, and she sells them all pretty well, with most landing on target, so if you are into simulated open mouth kissing in VR, there is a shit ton of it in this one.

5 riding the roadie

Nice profile blow

Miss Rose has a serious ass and sets about grinding it in your lap before busting our your cock for some all pro dick sucking and keeps it close by hopping up on the couch for some profile action, which I always dig.

6 riding the roadie wankzvr

Intense pace

The scene has an intense pace to it throughout, with Kristina firmly taking control, and the shots are rarely static for long.  The next shot has Kristina up in your face with her ass while she works below and she is soon coaching you to get busy with your tongue.

7-kristina rose virtual reality

Analingus is served

"Lick my fuckin ass you little bitch"

You have your instructions bro, k, go! It's right there if you want it, Kristina will tell you just how to lick it for a bit.  By the time she turns back around, sweating profusely, slobber all down her face and asking to taste her ass from your mouth, it's pretty clear she is bout to fuck the shit out of you.

8 kristina rose vr porn

"Give me some fucking dick"

The next bit, is up close-as-fuck sweaty lap cowgirl and Kristina lays it on with some serious fucking accompanied by plenty of ace color commentary that totally adds to the shit.  I mean , she fucks you HARD here, lol.

10 kristina rose vr porn


Love this standing type "cowgirl"

Kristina turns around next to give you a view of that glorious ass, and gets down on some squatting lap reverse cowgirl, that is pretty much my preference for reverse cow, as it really shows off a woman's lines, and they can get that sexy back arch and squat thing happening.  Perspective is really sweet here and you get a good sense of Kristina between your legs as you watch the sweat running down her back.  Aces.

9 kristina rose vr

One sweaty fucking scene

Kristina goes off

More hard lap cowgirl, the sweat is streaming down Kristina's chest now, and she is givin you that serious bustin a nut fuck, she is not fuckin around here, Kristina is getting down.

12 kristina rose virtual fuck

Resistance is futile!

"You're gonna eat this fucking pussy now"

21 minutes in, and Katrina presents her freshly fucked pussy for you to eat and it's a pretty amazing shot with her twat right on the dot, and you still being able to look up and see her face in the frame, fantastic.  If you don't bust out with the hound dog routine about now, just unplug your shit and go back to Pornhub, you are officially immune to VR porn.

13 wankzvr riding the roadie kristina

Some sexy side saddle reverse standing cowgirl is next with some added lean back action, Katrina is lookin pretty happy bout now and this train just keeps right on rollin until doggie.

14 kristina rose virtual doggie

"I want you to bend me the fuck over"

Doggie, beyond the great view of Katrina's ass is remarkable here for past WankzVR viewers, in that it is a vertical shot, instead of the bizarre lean back doggie we have been getting lately, and though you find yourself closer to the border, I prefer this to the more torso/leg heavy leaning back doggie shots, so I was stoked on this.  Height was for me, a bit too high, but Katrina is about to nullify that shit here in a bit and until then, its a decent doggie shot with Katrina serving it up.

15 kristina rose

That's what I'm fucking talkin bout!

33 minutes, you are now entering the golden VR zone

"Give me all the dick"

The doggie shot goes on for a few minutes and just when you are getting a bit tired of seeing Kristina's head off in the distance, she raises up in front of you and makes you remember why it is you bought a VR mask for /cough...gaming.  This is some of the shit right here.  Nobody but NA at RTVR does this shit, and this was maybe the best upright doggy shot I have seen yet, as Kristina is going "please, please, oh give me the dick" and pretty much killin it for 2 minutes like this.  Thankz Mr. Wankz!

16 wankzvr kristina rose virtual

Pretty much a sucker for this one

"My favorite position"

Mine too!  What a coinkydink!  36 minutes in finds Kristina belly down doggy, and there are few views this guy enjoys more than this one.  Wankz hit on this one a bit in Game, Set, Fuck and I was happy to see it back in this movie, as will other ass-men I am sure as it is not a view we get to see much in VR right now.  Something about the way a woman just envelopes your cock in sweet goodness in this position just drives me nuts.  It is like sitting in a plush leather seat when you belly up on dat shit, lol.

17 wankzvr riding the roadie

Thinking outside the box

Great cumshot position

Cumshot finds Kristina shimmying her legs under the rig for a totally unique popshot and I was diggin this one.  Homie is not quite ready to deliver the goods, and you can see the edit coming a mile ahead, but after some technological wonderment courtesy of studio magic, our man gravy is served to our waiting receptacle below.

18 kristina rose

"Now pick up all my shit, let's go...I wanna get the fuck out of here"


So I was pretty stoked on this one from WankzVR.  Kristina brought it for 40 minutes solid and Wankz delivered it from tip to tail.  Sexy, intimate, fiery and full of tasty VR moments, I would rank this up there with Casting Couch VR, and On Set with Riley Reid as another high-water mark for performance and production from Wankz and standout VR performance from Kristina Rose.  It felt really intense much like Riley did in her 2nd Wankz scene and it shows what you can do with a VR scene with a powerful presence like Kristina.  The movie was a highlight reel of some of my favorite VR shots, and felt like a nice change of pace from Wankz scenes of late. I appreciated them mixing things up here and trying some new perspectives such as a more vertical doggie shot, both in terms of male and Kristina for that matter when she raises upright in front of you.  Close up lap cow, lap grinds, sweat, so-close-you-can-eat-it pussy shots, profile blowjobs, lick-my-ass-bitch coaching, sweat, stand-up reverse cowgirl, sidesaddle cowgirl, my favorite position, sweat, give me that dick, crawl under the cam popshot and winning entry and exit.  Fuckin A, my kind of VR movie.  10/10, Wankz does it again! Find our full WankzVR Review here.

"Riding the Roadie" from WankzVR!

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