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Dream Teen Elsa Jean in VR at Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8.5/10

"Elsa Jean VR"

Today's review will be for the first scene we have checked out from brand new Naughty America VR offshoot, RealTeensVR.  Naughty America VR can feel kind of MILF'y at times, depending upon ones perspective, and RealTeensVR seeks to fill that gap with wall to wall 18-19yr old fresh pussy, such as the initial releases featuring Elsa Jean, Jo Jo Kiss, Chloe Couture, Lucy Doll, Joseline Kelly and Zoe Parker.  Elsa Jean is a current favorite of mine, so that was an easy first choice for me, probably hitting the Joseline Kelly one next.  So let's see whats behind the green door at RealTeensVR.

Trial Run

Since it is the first review here for RealTeensVR, I will throw in some details other than just the movie specifics.  Sign-up was through Epoch and Paypal.

Downloading was.....well,..pretty awful, taking a full 3 hours to download a 40 minute movie, that takes me an average of 30 mins across all VR Porn studios at the moment.  Perhaps there was a heaping helping of demand on the server with launch....but, some 3 hours later, I was ready to get a look at Elsa Jean!

The Scene

The scene starts off with Elsa Jean dancing in front of a mirror while the camera is stationed near by.  There is no male avatar in the beginning here and it is pretty much a dancing and teasing section.  Scale, right off, will feel familiar to those with current or past Naughty America VR subs, and I think some will feel it is on the larger side, same as Naughty America.  For me, I have never objected to Naughty America VR scale on Oculus, but I know many on GearVR complain of giant women.

Elsa Jean is fine as fuck with some of the most piercing eyes in VR that I never get tired of looking into.  On the eye contact, side-note: One of the things I LOVE about Naughty America VR is almost perfectly dialed eye contact.  It is generally, dead fucking center, and when a girl locks eyes with you at Naughty America VR, you feel really connected to them, where other studios can struggle in this department, such as HoloGirlsVR, where the girls are frequently looking in one eye or the other, or off camera altogether.  I found eye contact in this scene to be a little off compared to Naughty America VR and will have to check some other scenes out to see how they compare in this department.

The camera is set at about ass high position on Elsa here and there are lots of very close shots of both her ass and face as she turns around occasionally to come in close to the camera and tell you how wet her pussy is.  The inclusion of a large closet door mirror off to the side is a nice touch here allowing you mirrored perspectives on Elsa off to the side.

Low Knee Level Shot

At around 5 minutes in, there is a fairly odd camera change, and you find yourself at about knee level, wedged in very tight to the mirror as Elsa dances in front of it.  While this view offers some nice angles on Elsa, it's a very cramped feeling shot and even Elsa has a hard time working around the camera here.  So, kind of an odd choice of shots in this section, but different.  It would have worked better in the open of the room, but probably trying to play off the mirror some with position here.

The dancing segment lasts the first ten minutes of the movie before the action switches to the edge of the bed located in the room and your male avatar has joined the picture.  Elsa looks spectacular dead on, I absolutely love this girls eyes and it is only a matter of a couple minutes before she has your pants of and your huge cock in her mouth.

Camera position feels slightly low her for me, and this puts you a bit closer to Elsa, in a similar way to some of the recent VirtualRealPorn setups that find the camera dropped lower on the chest.  This is not as bad as the current VirtualRealPorn setup, but a tad low for me in perspective.

Elsa mounts up after sucking your cock for a bit and she looks pretty impressive here riding your shit, with your cock glistening from her wet pussy and it is nice she leaves on a bit of clothing for the rest of the scene.

Elsa turns around and gives you a rather spectacular ride next, and her ass is a joy to watch work here, riding your wet cock. The camera then changes to the fairly standard much-too-tall doggie shot that Naughty America is fairly famous for at this point, and for me, this view is always too far away in perspective.  Mind you, Elsa still looks fucking amazing here.

Onto the Bed

The camera swaps to a laying on bed perspective about 27 minutes in and you get to watch Elsa suck your cock from the bent over standing ass in face position, before Elsa settles in for some great reverse cowgirl, showing off her sweet ass and full pussy lips. Camera perspective is the worst in this section, with the camera seeming to sit right about nip level on the dude, so the action is close up, but the body perspective of your avatar is off.

The final 5 minutes sees another camera change to kneeling, and the perspective is improved quite a bit on this move, whereElsa is propped up on some pillows below you while you pound her sweet pussy.

You put it to Elsa for a good five minutes in the last position before pasting her with a huge load that flys all the way back to her hair, and she leans in close for a nice bit to wipe up your cum with her fingers and tell you how sweet it tastes.  And then the door slams shut.  End is like /cut and super abrupt here.

First Impressions of RealTeensVR

So, my overall first impression of RealTeenVR would be that it feels a bit like Naughty America VR in certain respects, which is to be expected.  For someone accustomed to Naughty America VR shoots, this will probably feel very familiar, as will the scale.

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Negatives, for me mainly center around some of the camera positioning, where things either feel to far above the head, in standing doggie, or too far down the chest in certain cowgirl sequences, and those are certainly not unique issues to RealTeenVR.  There really isn't much to complain about here, other than those two things, and those already familiar with Naughty America shoots can kind of draw a rough reference as to whether those qualities do it for them or not.  I personally love Naughty America VR style, scale and the majority, I would say 65 to 70% of the camera shots, with doggie/standing seeming to always miss the mark in height for me.  NAVR scale is tolerable to preferable to me, so I have never really taken issue with that on Oculus. Your mileage and platform may vary there.

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If you are into Elsa Jean, this is by far a no-brainer, you are not going to get a better look at her in VR right now other than Spring Break, and you really can't go wrong with either of those choices. 8.5/10.  It was a solid 40 minutes of hot fucking with Elsa Jean, and the only quibbles are camera placement, no other issues for me.

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Elsa Jean From Real Teens VR!

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