Brand New VR Porn from Reality Lovers: VR Anal Fantasy First Look Movie Recap!

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New VR Porn from Reality Lovers: VR Anal Fantasy with Kristy Black Movie Review!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig SBS Barrel

Review Score 7/10

"VR Anal Fantasy" from Reality Lovers

Today, we will be taking a look at brand new VR Porn studio Reality Lovers, and the first release that I have downloaded from them, VR Anal Fantasy!  If there is a VR anal clip, I am going to sniff it out, so ofc I am going to start with this one.  The assmen will feel me, others, sorry, I will do a straight or solo one next! 

Recommended Players for Oculus Rift

Reality Lovers recommends MaxVR and LiveViewRift for Oculus and to my knowledge, LVR has not been updated in quite some time, though it is a fantastic player.  MaxVR is one of my favorites, but yielded the worst results for me here, with the only benefit of being able to reduce scale by tweaking stereo separation.  The view in Max, was a bit weird on the couch.  Much better results were found running both AutoplayVR and Whirligig in Barrel SBS mode.  These players yielded straight room lines, and a slightly larger world scale, similar to early Naughty America VR offerings in a way, and I would recommend those players for Oculus, unless you want to reduce the scale some via stereo separation, in which case you will be stuck with trying to tweak in MaxVR.

Color is excellent, and tracking was a bit juddery on Max, but good on the other 2 players.  Camera position in relation to body is good, as was eye contact from talent.  Footage is 60fps.

Really Cool Way to Start Off

This 16:13 scene starts out with a really different beginning.  You find our girl, Kristy Black, with her head laying on your stomach gazing up at you while you stroke her face and hair.  Now the hands guys will probably hate that, but I liked the setup, and it provides a more realistic start to things than some of the typical preludes we are used to.  It is just quiet and you are there with her peacefully and I was digging this.  Hands guys, the hands will be here the entire run so you have to live with em in this clip.

Reality Lovers VR Anal Fantasy

I quite liked this opening with Kristy lying like this

Kristy is a beautiful woman and looks really nice here other than the scale being a bit on the large side and you just get to look at her closely while she allows you to open her shirt and caress her breasts.  It is kind of cool, more like you are just chilling with your girl at home on the couch, instead of girl walks in, awkward porn dialog, filler, filler, etc.  This is another European based VR studio I am assuming and as such, you get the typical reduction in speaking.

Kristy Black Reality Lovers

Kristy shows off her buttplug

The opening lasts a couple of minutes before Kristy gets up and shows you she has something stored in her booty and she hikes up her skirt to reveal a glass buttplug while asking you if you want to fuck her ass before dropping down for some oral servicing.  There is a bit of ass to mouth with the plug and Kristy then gets up and faces forward as she places your cock inside her pussy for a short ride while fingering her ass.  The audio is great here and you can hear her fingers working in and out of her asshole distinctly.

Reality Lovers Kristy Black

ATM with the plug

Kristy Black VR Anal Fantasy

Some nice oral action

Ass Time

Kristy then places you in her ass, and you get a good couple minutes of assfucking in this position before she gets up and removes her skirt and mounts you forward cowgirl for more anal.  It is at this point, you will notice Kristy rocking a "Fuck Me" tattoo above her naughty bits 🙂  It is also at this point, where Kristy comes close to the camera for the first time, and you can see, that like many early VR setups, this rig distorts up close.

Reality Lovers Virtual Anal

In through the out door

Some nice legs up anal follows in the same position, followed by the traditional jerk to completion, and Kristy is great here, taking your full load in her mouth the instant you start to cum, and drooling it back out afterwards onto your cock.  Guy is a bit loud just during the cumshot, and this may bother some.  The sequence is allowed to play out for a good 60 seconds or so, so no sudden cutoffs there and the scene blacks out after that.

Reality Lovers Movie Review

Some nice views here

Kristy Black Virtual Anal

Kristy doesn't miss a drop

Little Large in Scale, but an Overall Solid Early Offering from Reality Lovers 

Overall, it was a nice scene, it went by really quick and nothing seemed to drag out too long.  Image clarity is really decent, better than say most WankzVR movies atm but scale is a little on the large side, which can be a put-off to some.  It was right on the verge of me wanting to tweak it down early with her head on my stomach, but later on during the fucking, I was pretty much fine with it at that distance.

The rig is not great close up, but most are not at the beginning, and most VR studios have experienced this issue at startup.  It is no worse that other examples we have seen with CzechVR early vids for instance.  Not sure what closer scenes will look like as a result, this one is all in the sweet spot in front of the camera, with only a few seconds of what most of us would consider bordering closeup, when Kristy just leans in during positioning/mounting.  She keeps herself in the proper distance for the scene otherwise.  So I would say scale and close up distortion might be the biggest initial drawbacks I can see.  Audio is average to very good.   Giving this one a 7/10.  Would like a bit more anal action in an anal movie for total time and lots and lots of hands, but good, average solid VR clip.   Would recommend to Virtual Anal fans, folks looking for a new VR Studio, and fans of European VR.  Payment options at Reality Lovers included Paypal via Epoch and was quick and easy.

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"VR Anal Fantasy" from Reality Lovers

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