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Reality Lovers Review

Updated June 2019

June 2019 Update: Reality Lovers appear to be completely out of gas at this point and are no longer updating with fresh content. 

November 6, Attention! Reality Lovers review update: Reality Lovers have stated they are "testing" a new pay per download system with their sub model. This means they are now charging $2.99 per download, on top of the base subscription price. Streaming only, is apparently all that is available for the base price.  Buyer beware and make sure you read section 6.1 of the current Reality Lovers TOS

Reality Lovers Quick Review Score


Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Frequency of Updates

Variety of Pornstars

Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche


VR Production



Download Speed

Reality Lovers Review

  1. Number of movies:  5/5 - Around 458 movies are advertised as of May 2019 according to the video counter....which honestly seems totally broken at times, lol. That's up 2 movies since April. The counter on the video page indicates 279 videos, which sounds about right to me. (up one video from April).  (Many of these are voyeur versions of the same PoV scenes). All of the very early movies at Reality Lovers have larger than normal scale as well as other technical issues, with the line in the sand being about September 2016 on the most of the initial glaring technical problems. 
    • September 2016 Updates saw fixes to the initial technical problems at Reality Lovers.
    • October 2018: Reality Lovers announces that their Milf site, Mature Reality, is being absorbed into the Reality Lovers brand/catalog, and it would seem they are using these as releases now, instead of just folding the movies into the base Reality Lovers catalog.
  2. Sub pricing:  0/5 -  6/2/17 update: $29.99/mo, $69.99 a quarter, no annual option.  So this score went from a 4 to a 1, as those price points are the worst in VR of any of the main studios.  You can save -33% off this steep rate with our Reality Lovers discount which has been increased in March 2018.    
    • November 2017, Reality Lovers went to Pay Per Clip only. We are told our monthly discount should continue to access the monthly sub rates rather than the pay per clip page for those that prefer to sub.
    • February 5 2018: Monthly and Quarterly rates were placed back on the billing page at Reality Lovers.  This score is sitting at a one currently because it is: 1. Expensive for 1x a week release density, and 2. It keeps changing recently, going from price hikes, to PPC only, to back to monthlies and quarterlies now in early 2018. 
    • November 2018: Reality Lovers moves to unlimited streaming with pay per download option on top of the monthly sub charge, making for a horrible deal for this downloader and dropping this score to a zero, as no one else runs a model like this in VR porn. 
    • February 2019: Reality Lovers have stated they are going to continue with the pay-per download subscription model.
  3. Update Frequency: 0/5 - Reality Lovers has essentially stopped updating as of Spring/Summer 2019 and appears to be pretty much a dead studio. 
  4. Variety of Pornstars: 5/5 -  Reality Lovers offer a nice variety of girls with many well known European talents featured.  Reality Lovers shot some scenes in the US as well featuring Arya Fae and Bobbi Dylan. 
  5. Variety/Kink/Niche: 5/5 -  There is some decent variety featured at Reality Lovers with some anal movies, female POV, 3rd person point of view, as well as a couple of couples releases now with a movie feature shot from either sex's PoV.  Multiple PoV formats (observer,PoV) were added in March 2017 as well as a couple of greenscreen movies.  The Spring 2018 release Caveman's Meat, I would have to rate as the best looking uses of green screen in VR porn I have personally seen to this point. 
  6. Tech:  3/5 - Tech has been mixed at Reality Lovers.  The early movies struggled with scale, fps, and distortion as major problems, followed up by a series of movies that were blurred after fixes were made to the first issues. Once things got going around September of 2016, the basic tech smoothed out and looks pretty solid today in Spring 2018.  Reality Lovers have experimented with a basic moving rig that does not come close the the grace of Czech VR's moving setup, as well as experimenting with green screen backgrounds in 2017, to a rather meh effect for me, though I was digging the recent 2018 Caveman's Meat movie using it.  Image quality on the rig looks pretty nice and audio is typically decent at Reality Lovers. 
  7. VR Production: 2/5 - Production is pretty average at Reality Lovers on VR kind of specifics. Distance and intimacy are typical weak points as are PoV's which can often feel like a cam stuck on a guys chest.....because, it is a cam, stuck on a guys chest.  Sometimes they have placed the cam right on the guys dick. The closest I have come to sucking a dick in my life?  Watching a Reality Lovers movie in 2017, no joke 🙂  I gave them a good break in 2017, and have been checking in on them some again in Spring 2018 where production seems to have improved some in this regard.
  8. Searchability: ​ 5/5 -  March 2018:  Searchability has improved quite a bit at Reality Lovers, with functional tags, niche tags and talent pages.  The website has been morphing some in 2018, with some versions being easier to figure out then others for me. 
  9. Extras/Networks:  1/5 -  Photo sets, Live previews, and voyeur versions for some of the movies added in late Winter 2017.  The recent Winter 2017 re-skin removed the hosted trailers as near as I can tell.  We have started hosting Reality Lovers trailers again in Spring 2018 due to this removal — and stopped after the end of year pricing moves in 2018. 
  10. Download Speed:  5/5 -  Download speeds have been among the best for me and and were blazing fast for me during my last download on June 3rd, 2018.  
  11. Other stuff

    • Scaling/Distortion:  All the early movies at Reality Lovers are large scale, and perhaps the largest in the industry.  Fixes to scale have been implemented and new releases featuring corrections to scale hit in mid to late July 2016.  Early movies had also some issues with close up distortion.
    • October 2016 saw the major tech issues resolved for the most part.  
    • I have not been covering Reality Lovers movies since around the time of the price hikes last year in 2017. There are simply other studios I would sub to first for the talent and better VR production at the current price points and after a year, I got a little weary of production not really improving on the VR stuff.  Titles I have viewed in 2018 have been improved on basic VR production merits, but I did not watch many of their scenes in 2018.
    • I have heard very little in the way of feedback on Reality Lovers in 2019. The back end people shifted/changed hands that I used to communicate with, Reality Lovers social vanished from reddit and I have not heard anyone really talking about their films much since they went to the pay-per-download-on-top-of-monthly-sub billing in late 2018. 
    • There looks to have been but one or 2 movies added to Reality Lovers in April 2019 furthering the pattern of slowdown in 2019.
    • Reality Lovers appears to be about out of gas in Summer 2019.

Reality Lovers Review Score


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Quick Points/Update Timeline

  • Oculus Rift, GearVR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and more 
  • Around 360 scenes for download, some of these are voyeur versions of the same scenes.
  • Early movies have large scale, doubled 30fps, and image blur as main issues.  The early scenes were quite watchable, but the scale was gigantor. 
  • Were updating 2 times a week (dropped back down to once a week in February 2018)
  • Ladies like Kristy Black, Nikky Dream, Nicole Vice, Alexis Crystal, Carly Rae, Vanessa Decker and more! 
  • High quality production values on sets/locations, polished looking movies in terms of basic porn stuff
  • WARNINGS:  all early movies are large in world scale, some suffer from distortion up close and they were filmed at doubled 30fps.  Would not recommend for those for whom larger scale is an issue.  Otherwise,  I do not find this particular use of doubled frames to be personally objectionable, and a minor issue for me.  Fixes to all are those early technical issues were made in mid-July, 2016.  
  • August 2016 update found a significant blur issue that came with the rig update. 
  • September and October 2016 updates are looking really solid which you may see previews for in our trailer section.   Everything newer than "Fire in Her Eyes" is solid on basic tech. 
  • Reality Lovers unveiled a moving cam they were starting to work with in 2016 but this was nowhere on the level of say Czech VR's tech. 
  • Reality Lovers introduced both dual PoV presentations (PoV, Observer) as well as green screen backgrounds in the March 2017 updates. 
  • 6/2/17:  Reality Lovers raised their prices, killing the annual option and raising monthly and quarterly subs to a steep $29.99, and $69.99. 
  • November 2017:  Reality Lovers went to Pay Per Clip only for awhile.  
  • February 2018: Monthly and quarterly subs appear to be available again on the sub page.
  • February 2018: Reality Lovers have dropped down to once a week releases
  • March 2018: Our Reality Lovers discount has been increased, which is nice considering the recent drop in release rate to once a week. 
  • Winter 2018: Reality Lovers introduces an unlimited streaming model with additional charges of 3 dollars per scene to download.  The latest I have been told in February 2019, is that subscribers now get 3 "free" downloads before additional download charges kick in on top of the monthly sub charge. 
  • Reality Lovers appeared to update the site but once or twice in April 2019.
  • As of June 2019, I would guess Reality Lovers is likely over.



* Clean looking productions/sets

* Wide range of European talent

* Voyeur versions available for some scenes

* Production lacking at time in terms of VR specifics such as PoV's

* Pricing and sub models have changed many times, expensive

* Scale issues in the early catalog

*Downloads cost extra as of December 2018

* Production seems to be slowing down, if not halted in Spring 2019

Reality Lovers Review Site Details

VR Porn from Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers have been releasing movies since around the Spring/Summer of 2016.  The studio features rich looking sets and fairly known European adult performers such as Alexis Crystal, Kristy Black, Nicole Vice and Nikky Dream.  The videos overall look really nice and are quite sexy with their own unique flavor, but the early ones were not without some issues.

Early Movies were 30FPS doubled to 60fps

Early movies were filmed at 30fps and then frame doubled to achieve 60fps, which is a huge waste of space for little gain, but it did result in the smoothest 30fps I had witnessed at the time in an HMD.  Updates to this rolled out sometime in mid July 2016.  As far as the old FPS, I do not notice significant motion blur during fast movement, and it is no where near as noticeable as early WankzVR 30fps movies for instance, which were a strobe show by comparison during fast motion. 

Early Movies Had Big Ass Scale

Early movies from Reality Lovers also had some of the largest scale seen in VR porn so the launch catalog is pretty questionable by 2018 standards.

Scale resolved in September 2016

September 2016 updates squashed the bulk of the tech issues at Reality Lovers and they have been consistent on their basic VR tech since.

Multiple PoV's and Green Screen backgrounds added in March 17'

March 2017 releases from Reality Lovers featured the introduction of both multiple PoV versions being made available for new releases in both PoV and observer formats, as well as the introduction of a new movie shot against a greenscreen backdrop that enabled you to choose from a few different backgrounds on the file download.  I wasn't very stoked on the early scenes they released with this format, but felt that the recent Caveman's Meat scene shot in Spring 2018, was a really nice example of the green screen element adding something a little extra to a VR porno. 

Gave Reality Lovers a Break for awhile in 17'

I gave Reality Lovers a break the latter half of 2017, giving production a chance to smooth things out for a bit on the VR particulars in terms of PoV's, proximity, etc. All of a sudden they were doing Green Screen, Voyeur shoots and expanding with 2nd and 3rd websites, all the while still struggling with production on the home site, in terms of things many viewers cared about in VR. 


Reality Lovers have dropped back to once a week releases in February, after blowing out 30 scenes in 30 days for Christmas so they seemed to have slowed their roll somewhat in 18'.  I did enjoy the first Reality Lovers flick I have caught in some time with the recent Caveman's Meat release in Spring 2018 and will be curious to check out a few more scenes this Summer to get a flavor for where the VR particulars are this year. 

End of 2018...Pay Extra to Download? Pfffft

Winter 2018 sees more strange billing changes at Reality Lovers with the introduction of a sub model that allows for unlimited streaming but wants an additional 3 dollars per movie to download scenes.  This is totally out of touch with the current market as Reality Lovers are already priced too high at 30 dollars to begin with, and I can't say I support this kind of largely anti-consumer pricing or the fact that if you didn't read it here or somewhere else first.....you would never know until after you had already signed up and started to download movies.  

From the sounds of it in March 2019, Reality Lovers are intending to stick with this pricing model moving forward and have stated that customers currently get 3 "free" downloads with a monthly sub before individual scene download charges begin to kick in. 


Production appears to have all but halted at Reality Lovers as we leave Spring 2019 behind and head into Summer with only one or 2 movies appearing to have been added to the site in April 2019 and into May. 

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