Reality Lovers Check In! Francys Belle in Caveman’s Meat!

Caveman's Meat background Reality Lovers

Francys Belle featured in Caveman's Meat from Reality Lovers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Reality Lovers
Release date:  4/25/2018
Running time: 39:53
Starring:  Francys Belle
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Caveman's Meat Trailer
Notables:  Nice looking green screen effect/cave setting  
Negatives:  Some slight audio distortion
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Cool Green Screen Scene

Caveman's Meat!

Sup guys,

Was going through movies I had downloaded but had been too busy to watch in the last couple weeks this morning and threw in Caveman's Meat with Francys Belle from Reality Lovers, which was released about a week and a half ago. The trailer had cracked me up when I saw it and I thought the green screen looked pretty good in 2d at least, so I wanted to make a point to catch this one and was happy I gave it a view.

Caveman's Meat from Reality Lovers
Caveman's Meat movie review Reality Lovers

Comedy setup

Setup for Caveman's Meat finds you.... the caveman, toting some fresh meat back to the cave where yer hungry cavegal Francys Belle is waiting for your oafish ass to return with the goods from the woods.

Francys Belle


"Where is the mamuchen?!?!?"

But alas for your ass, it seems you are packin the wrong meat, and you basically start the movie getting bitched out by your ole' cave lady. The intro's pretty fuckin funny, incorporating some comedy graphics for the movie title, and it serves well to set up the vibe for the rest of the scene.

Francys Belle at Reality Lovers

"Where is the mamuchen?!?!?"

Cave tech

On the tech side, gotta say, probably the best example using a green screen I have seen yet in VR porn. Most of the examples i have seen over the last 2 years have either been fairly rudimentary backgrounds or more complicated backgrounds that manage to look "flat" still. As well, the seam line would often be fairly pronounced between the subjects and the background images.

In this case, things look really good. Everything that is in the cave, looks genuinely 3D, colors look great between the environment and the actors, and there is even a nice flickering fire lighting effect happening along with some cracklin audio to back it up. It's the first time I have felt like the green screen window dressing added more to the scene then raised alarm bells in my brain and other than a few anomalies you can spot if looking for borders really hard, the whole thing ties together quite well visually as well as on the audio side.

The other thing that can often be off is the horizon between the background and the surface the actors are performing on, and in this case, production did a really great job of preserving that, to where when Francys walks around, the "floor" looks pretty legit beneath her. Close enough for VR porn anyway.

Otherwise on the tech side, the cam image looks really strong while the audio suffers from being a tad on the hot side, with a tiny bit of distortion at times. Overall, the audio quality is pretty decent though, in terms of the added background effects fleshing out the cave environment nicely.

Francys Belle VR

"Lets try your meat"

Francys hits your beef stick cavegirl style, and it's pretty cool to look around the cave and out the windows n' shit while the crickets chirp in the background. It's like when a visual effect works well enough that you quit thinking about how fake it looks and start tripping on what looks good about it. It also looks better in the mask than in the screen shots, in terms of like the really far back stuff on the horizon that flattens out a bit in the pics.

Francys Belle stand up doggie

Caveman style

Fuckin gets going with some standing doggy, and the PoV is aight,.... it's the dude leaning back on a stool kind of thing so whatever your feelings are about that setup, I prefer for the guy to be able to grab her hips and thus stand more naturally myself. 

Francys Belle cosplay
Francys Belle oral sex

Down on the skins

Action transitions down to the skins on the floor at around the 10 minute mark, with the stuntcock assuming an on your knees stance, which several of the European studios seem to be using atm and I can't say I am particularly fond of....... but, you are sitting on the floor of your cave here, so how the fuck else you gonna sit in this case!

Francys Belle cowgirl

Close up action

The good thing however is they close the shot up tight, and you get some really nice ape hanger lap cowgirl action here that provides plenty of VR proximity effect. There is an unneeded down tilt on the cam, which costs room at the top border and results in a small bit of clipping when Francys really closes up tight to the rig but, overall, it's a strong, intimate VR shot compared to what Reality Lovers was shooting say a year ago.

Francys Belle virtual reality
Francys Belle virtual pussy eating

Let's try her meat

Francys hauls up onto your chest next for simulated pussy eating and the serving distance is right about where it needs to be for the airlingus effect to trigger.

Francys Belle Caveman's Meat
Francys Belle VR porno

Head clipping at the top border shown here

Crews still struggling with this shot/PoV

Flat on back cowgirl is next, and again, as opposed to a year ago at Reality Lovers, this action is more of the close up overhanging variety than lean back. Bit more head clippin here, with most crews in 18' still shooting this shot dead on, instead of tilting the rig back, which not only makes for more realistic sight lines, but provides more room at the top border to prevent clipping in a win/win equation that really, only Czech VR and BaDoinkVR are consistently employing.  WanzkVR has been tilting some...but it is quite shallow typically compared to Czech VR or BaDoink/Cosplay. 

Francys Belle at Reality Lovers VR
Francys Belle virtual
Francys Belle cumshot

Lengthy jerk n' suck

Cowgirl runs all the way to the end of the scene, where you get around 4 minutes of jerk n suck... which is about 3 minutes too long for me but you finally get yer nut up and Francys laps up every drop before layin down on your chest for one last Caveman campfire cuddle.  

Francys Belle

"Thank you for dinner!"

Francys Belle virtual cuddle

Nice Green Screen Scene


Wrappin up the Caveman's Meat, I thought it was a fun scene and really actually enjoyed the green screen element of it, which is pretty much a first for me. Past iterations I have seen just felt to much like 2 separate pieces of disparate footage, with a fairly obvious contrast between the 2. Here, things blended really well and the visuals along with the strong accompanying audio, went a long way to creating a cool "hey, I'm bangin a bitch in a cave" feel, that made the window dressing worth it.  Francys Belle has shot a fair amount of VR at this point and does a great job with the cavegirl routine, as well as her overall focus on the camera, eye contact and kissing. The costuming was fun with the bones janglin around n shit, the tech was clean beyond some audio distortion and all in all I thought everything pulled together nicely.

Not much to point to as negatives for me, I would change some of the cam angles a bit to keep from clipping up close and improve the flat on back PoV but it was a step up for me from last year at Reality Lovers in terms of keeping the focus closer in and playing more with proximity effect.

Overall, a fun VR porno to watch with a solid performance from Francys Belle and definitely my favorite example I have seen of mixing green screen action in with a VR porn scene. I gave Reality Lovers a long break hoping their production would catch up with viewer tastes a little more in terms of the VR stuff, and it was nice to see a noticeable improvement here in some of those regards with Caveman's Meat.  10/10.


Caveman's Meat from Reality Lovers!

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