Reality Lovers Comes Correct with Asstastic Redhead!

"Asstastic Redhead" Featuring Chelsy Sun from Reality Lovers!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Reality Lovers
Release date:  11/02/2016
Running time: 23:52
Starring:  Chelsy Sun
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or  Asstastic Redhead
Notables:  Accurate perspectives, nice anal action , crisp audio, nice image, great gaping
Negatives:  Mostly lean-away type fucking, split time between vag and anal
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Sweet one for anal fans

"Asstastic Redhead"

Backtracking on last weeks Reality Lovers release today, Asstastic Redhead featuring Chelsy Sun.  I have been wanting to review a post re-boot Reality Lovers title after they got their camera issues solved recently, but am not really into solo's n lesbo's, so happy day for me when this anal release came along, which is more my flavor.  If you're not down to go downtown, than perhaps give this one a pass, but if you got's a thing for that ass, this movie turned out to be a pretty solid VR anal offering.

asstastic redhead

Balcony Exterior Setup

Opening scene finds you on this crazy, like almost barred in balcony setting in what appears to be eastern Europe somewhere, and the surrounding buildings made me go damn....we're not in Kansas!  But the grill looks familiar!

1 asstastic redhead reality lovers

Scale and image look great

Chelsy Sun is walking around an outdoor table and chairs set and takes up a seat in front of your vantage point.  The image looks crisp and clean as she comes in close, with only the drab gray day taking away from the scene lighting wise.  Scale is also right on point.

2 chelsy sun

Quick show outside

Chelsy props her leg up on the table and after moistening up her fingers in her mouth, begins silently working her pussy in front of you for a couple minutes before motioning for you to come inside.

Nice laying down perspective

Action resumes inside and you find yourself in a well lit, bright feeling room laying back, not quite flat, on a white leather couch.  Chelsy is between your legs feeling up close, present and largely in the right perspective for an on your back shot, due to the male being slightly inclined and the camera being raised smartly above the plain of the chest, avoiding that ribs in your face shot we all love so much in VR.

3 asstastic redhead chelsy sun

Chelsy gets busy sucking your cock, things feel really good in terms of immersion with perspective and the following sections where she comes up to kiss and lick your chest play well in VR.

Lot's of solid eye contact

Chelsy suns rocks the more amateur vibe, but turns in an ace VR performance in terms of maintaining focused eye contact with you throughout the scene and keeping it nice and natural feeling.

4 reality lovers asstastic redhead

Clear Audio

Around 7 minutes in, she loses the top and climbs on for a good feeling cowgirl ride, and the audio here is crisp and defined to the point of being able to hear her wet pussy clearly.  Despite much of the footage tending towards lean-away action, the solid camera perspective helps to keep things feeling present in this section.

5 reality lovers anal

Anal time

After a couple mins of vaginal action, Chelsy lubes up her backdoor and eases you in for some tasty riding anal.  Man hands come in a bit here for some pussy spreading but are not present for much of the movie and are not right in front of your face when they do appear, except for one brief section of anal fingering a bit later.

6 reality lovers virtual reality

Some great VR gaping

Chelsy backs up next for probably one of the best gaping sections I have seen in VR up to this point, and there is also a bit of ass fingering thrown by stuntcock, with the action being placed right where you want it.  You can definitely see Uranus from here!

7 reality lovers gape
8 asstastic redhead chelsy sun
9 reality lovers vr porn

Reverse ride

Reverse cowgirl vag is next, followed up with a nice squatting reverse anal ride that is sure to make the backdoor guys happy.

10 virtual anal reality lovers
12-chelsy sun virtual missionary

Missionary position feels pretty accurate on camera height

Some ATM afterward and the action switches to a kneeling missionary position at around the 17 minute mark.  Once again, the perspective feels good in terms of the height of the camera, and despite the stunt cock leaning back a bit, the shot manages to still feel fairly present and accurate when others might disconnect here with a higher cam setup.

13 chelsy sun asstastic anal

More time in that ass

A couple minutes in Chelsy's pussy and it is back in her sexy ass for the rest of the feature, before she jerks you off nicely onto her stomach and the scene is allowed to slowly wind down while she plays with your cum a bit and sucks you off one last time.

14 asstastic

Nice showing from Reality Lovers and Chelsy Sun:  10/10

So, Asstastic indeed! I would up really liking this one, and it's good to see Reality Lovers deliver a nice anal scene in proper scale and devoid of visual issues.  Asstastic Redhead featured a clean image, perspectives that felt reasonably genuine in VR, and a sexy and soft performance from Chelsy, who was a perfect balance of sweet with just a touch of dirty with a great shot of solid eye contact thrown in as well.  Audio was on point and the scene rhythm felt natural and unforced.  There was really very little not to be critical of in Asstastic Redhead: there could have been a bit more close up time with Chelsy, but this is a much closer effort than much of what Reality Lovers has shot in the past, and it was overall a very present feeling scene in the VR sense, and I would rank as one of my favorite anal movies this year. Perhaps the only negative for an anal fan would be the split time with vag/anal, but that is about the only thing I can really come up with. If you think Chelsy might float your boat, you might want to give this one a shot. 10/10.  Full Reality Lovers Review.

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"Asstastic Redhead" from Reality Lovers!

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