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Real Teens VR Review

Real Teens VR Review

Updated for June 2019
*Real Teens VR suspended production in October 2016*

2019: Real Teens VR oddly added a new scene recently with the late Violet Rain, but I have not heard anything else about any future releases going forward.

Real Teens VR Discount, images, and videos removed at Naughty America's request, more information here

Real Teens VR Quick Review Score


Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Frequency of Updates

Variety of Pornstars

Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche


VR Production



Download Speed

Real Teens VR - Classic Review

10/17/16:  Real Teens VR have announced they are "running out of teens" and suspending production. This is now an archived website review.  

Updated for June 2017 to reflect new rating scales on my website, no future updates unless production resumes.

  1. Number of movies:  2/5 - Naughty America has just rolled out Real Teens VR  and updates are to be once a week it sounds like, on Fridays.  Total number for beginning of October is 23, with at least 2 having very large scale: Joseline Kelly and Peyton Robbie, where as others looked fine for me.  The last 8 releases or so have been shot on NA's new rig with fixes to scale.  There seems to be a new director at work on some of the latest movies, and production has varied some.  You can find reviews and trailers for most of the movies I have seen at Real Teens VR that are worth a download by my estimation. 
  2. Sub pricing: 2/5 -  At 24.95/mo for 20 movies when active...the price was on the high side .  The $17.95 monthly discount through our links will save you some coin now on the dormant catalog.  As far as I know, you can only get the Elsa Jean scene on the trial offer.
  3. Update Frequency: ​4/5 - Previous live review score at 1x a week. Real Teens VR is no longer updating.  
  4. Variety of Pornstars:  1/5 -  due to number of girls currently and limit of site by design to 18-19 year old girls.
  5. Variety/Kink/Niche:   1/5 -  Seems pretty straight up at launch, teens and more teens 🙂
  6. Tech:  2/5 -  Tech is a mixed bag on the catalog. Some of the early movies exhibited massive scale, others slightly larger scale, others on the new rig built at the time, near perfect scale, so it is all over the place a bit.  On some of the killer scenes like Lily Jordan or Iris Rose, the scale is great as they are on the newer Naughty America Rig at that point. 
  7. VR Production:  3/5 -  A similar mixed bag to tech, production at Real Teens VR ranged from some of my absolute favorites from 2016, to some straight dumpers, when a new crew was brought into NA.  The scenes that are good there though, have some flavor and solid VR production . 
  8. Searchability:  1/5 - Like to scroll?
  9. Extras/Networks:  1/5 -  Nothing extra here. 
  10. Download Speed:  2/5 - It was pretty rotten when production wrapped up. I cannot say in 2017, but I suspect service is screaming fast on largely dormant servage and Naughty America VR servers seems to have improved since that time last year quite a bit. 
    • Scaling/Distortion:  Scale is Naughty America size pretty much.  On Oculus, I am fine with NA scale, so no issues here for me, bit large on the older movies for the time.  GearVR users many times find NA vids to be large to giant.  
    • August update: 2 of I think like 7 or 8 that I have seen on Oculus exhibited overly large scale, others were fine.  New shoots for August are on new Naughty America rig, and reports seem to be favorable across all devices on scale from most I have seen feedback from through September.  Some however, still feel the new scale a bit off.  I have no issues myself with current scale at Naughty America VR / Real Teens VR on the new rig/s but everyone has their own tolerance here.
    • Overall Immersion/ VR Sense: I would rank Real Teens VR right there with Naughty America, if you like their videos, these are same type of style, with the added solo element in the beginnings, that seems to tend towards the closer side in the movies I have watched thus far, and take up around 10 minutes of the content.  September 1st update finds several winners for me in the RealTeensVR catalog, challenging in some cases the best Naughty America and WankzVR productions in terms of close ups, kissing, pussy shots, etc.  

Real Teens VR Review Score


I would personally pay 20 bucks for a 1 month for Kylie, Lilly, Iris, Scarlet, Maya and Aubrey scenes with JoJo and Elsa being in there also on the old rig.  Lucy is a cool scene. CeCe was decent for a CeCe scene.  You can use our discount still to get this content for $17.95 and just cancel it immediately.
With no future updates for the moment, those movies mentioned above would be some of the most sub worthy content I would say in the catalog.  This is a bummer, cause some of those movies were personal favorites in 2016 and stood out a bit, with only WankzVR really offering anything similar. You can find many of these scenes reviewed on the site here.
  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard, HTCVive and many other headset formats supported.
  • Real Teens VR was a Naughty America spin off site featuring 23 movies as of studio shutdown in October 2016. 
  • All girls 18-19 years old. 
  • Combining opening solo sequences, followed up by the fucking.  
  • Top Teen talent such as Elsa Jean, Kylie Page, Lucy Doll and Jo Jo Kiss!  Same scale as Naughty America pretty much.  
  • August updates were shot with Naughty America's new rig, with fixes to scale and a good many of the scenes, like Lily Jordan and Maya Bijou looked really nice.
  • There are a few movies that fall before or during the rig changes at Real Teens VR that show really Giant Scale such as Joseline Kelly's scene.  
  • Both NA and RTVR have also raised their bitrate, resulting in a better looking image.  
Real Teens VR Review images removed

Real Teens VR Site Details

New Teen VR Porn from Naughty America!

Real Teens VR was a spin off website from Naughty America that was meant to cater to the teen niche exclusively, as Naughty America pretty much built their brand on MILF's and Naughty America VR sometimes gets that tag by association.  With that in mind,  NA fired up Real Teens VR where all of the girls appearing on the website were said to be capped at 19 years of age.  This seemed like a narrow range at the time, and at the end of production, they indeed claimed they were "running out of teens".  Below, our review notes as they read at the time Real Teens VR ended production.

American Girls

Real Teens VR represents another American entry into the largely Spanish/European dominated VR Porn scene right now and I am sure this new site is meant to go head to head with American brands such as WankzVR and their young roster that is doing quite well for them lately.  While Real Teens VR feels pretty lean at launch, Naughty America certainly have the resources to make it a quality site, and much of what is up right now was just put up in late June, 2016.

Pretty Solid for a Start-up, Other than the Price

Overall, it feels pretty solid, if not light on content at the moment to me (Summer 2016).  The website is seriously lean, and not much seems to have been put into the site yet.  If you like Naughty America and you like teens, this will be a good bet going forward I imagine and will offer an alternative to WankzVR for younger American girls.  I would REALLY like to see some promo pricing right now, as $24.95 for 23 movies —at least 2 of which are over-scaled— and 4 releases a month, feels a bit steep to me.  I would be more comfortable personally around the $15.00 price point or a nice annual or 3 month price point.  Talent like Jo Jo Kiss, Kylie Page and Elsa Jean are hard to argue with on the positive side and recent vids from Kylie Page and Lily Jordan were some of our favorite this year in VR.

September 1st finds some of my favorite VR scenes from last month coming out of Real Teens VR in terms of immersion and close up action, with the recent Iris Rose scene being another great one.

Production Suspended in October 2016

And, October finds the studio in shut-off mode!  Production has been suspended until further notice.  We can only hope they revive the brand in the future!


A new Real Teens VR feature with Violet Rain was recently added, but I have not heard anything else about any intention to revive the brand in 2019.  *March 2019: in sad news, it sounds as if Violet Rain has passed from a drug overdose.

Real Teens VR Review

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