Real Teens VR: Gettin All Flexi with Lucy Doll

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Real Teens VR Movie Review : Lucy Doll

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Lucy Doll"

We will be taking a look at the new 36 minute Lucy Doll feature from RealTeensVR today (c'mon guys, coming up with a name for a porno that hard?) This the second helping of RealTeensVR we have seen with the first being the fully decent Elsa Jean feature we profiled last week.

Little large

This scene starts out and HOLY SHIT LUCY IS FUCKING HUGE! RealTeensVR scale to the large side right now, and this opening shot helps to magnify this, as Lucy is standing very close to the camera.  She backs up a bit, and resumes a somewhat human stature, and I can say up front, this is my main gripe with RealTeensVR at the moment.  I personally enjoy Naughty America VR scale on Oculus, but this one borders on man hand size to me.  But, as I find is the case with most larger scale movies, vs. those on the small side, I can usually get accustomed to it during the course of a scene and still enjoy the scene for what it is.  You may have a different tolerance here.

Lucy Doll

The basic premise with RealTeensVR seems to be an opening dancing or showing off solo segment followed by the fuckins, and this one opens up with limber Lucy doing some crazy ass gymnastics in front of you, and this section provided several WHOA moments for me, with Lucy getting into some flexi positions I had yet to see in VR.

Yoga balls and gymnastics

Lucy goes through various positions and contortions, some with the assistance of a large Yoga ball which acts as a great prop throughout the scene and the opening segment is nice, you get some great looks and some truly unique angles.  By the time the dick shows up around 7 minutes into the movie, you have seen Lucy's naughty bits from about every view possible, as she never stops moving and repositioning during the first segment. This section, by itself, is pretty entertaining to watch in VR with her getting into crazy positions close to your head.

Around 7 minutes in, your male avatar shows up and you hear Lucy speak for the first time, and, the best comparison I can come up with, is,  Lucy makes Katie Morgan sound like Barry White!  Lucy has one of the highest voices I have ever heard, and it is certainly part of her character and charm.  I am not going to lie, I was like holy shit on her voice!

Some hot cocksucking

Lucy gets to work sucking your dick, and beyond the fact that you are inhabiting the body of a fucking werewolf, this section is pretty hot! Lucy has nice technique and bends over in front of you so you can see her goods while she sucks your dick below.

Splittin it and Hittin it

The fucking starts off with some cowgirl and quickly morphs into forward and backwards spits, which is always great to watch and Lucy puts in the effort here on your dick and certainly she lives up to the horny teen billing.  You even get some scissor style splits on your shit at one point.

Overall, the fucking is really solid, Lucy talks a lot and fucks the hell out of you, with quite a bit of time spent in split positions so the flexi guys ought to be pretty happy with this one.

Holy god, she is going to slip and bite-my-dick-off!

Around 25 mins in, Lucy gets into a crazy position with the Yoga ball supporting her stomach while you grab her feet from over her as she sucks your cock and I actually feared for my VR dick here, like, omg, if she slips, she is going to bite my shit right off! It is a crazy position and really fun to watch in VR.

More yoga ball madness ensues and this scene is really never short on action or fun shots to look at.  For those that are pretty toast on 30 minute cowgirl rides at this point like myself, scenes like this are a breath of fresh air and much appreciated.

The fucking winds up with Lucy begging for your cum and working for it enthusiastically, until you dump your load on her stomach and she rubs it into her chest while pausing to taste it occasionally.

Fun Scene

Overall a good, fun scene, and one that should please guys that dig bendy chicks and some crazy positions.  Lucy is enthusiastic and there is not really a lazy moment on her part here, she goes for it the whole time.

Negatives: I would say this one, as well as the Elsa Jean scene, suffer from sub-par color and clarity when compared to most Naughty America VR movies. The larger scale will also bother some, but as I stated up front, it is not something that tends to bother me after 5 minutes or so like tiny scale does.   And finally, on the intimacy level, if that is what you are craving, you will want to skip this one, as Lucy is firmly out in front of you the bulk of the scene without any up close time to speak of at all, save during some of the gymnastic sequences.

Otherwise, a solid ride from RealTeensVR, no real major gripes and there are some standout moments in the way of contorted fucking that are worth seeing if you like that kind of shit or just want a break from the standard VR fuckscene. If you just want to fuck a horny, flexible teen in VR, this one delivers. 9/10

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