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Kimmy Granger VR! Rack & Balls from Naughty America!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  1/2/17
Running time: 41:07
Starring:  Kimmy Granger
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Rack & Balls Preview
Notables:  Kimmy Granger, Ass up blow-job
Negatives:  PoV too close at end, lacking intimacy, long fluff intro
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Best Kimmy 1 on 1

"Rack & Balls"

Just posting up a review I had written a couple days ago and hadn't had time to post yet today for Rack & Balls with Kimmy Granger from Naughty America VR.  Kimmy's one on one scenes at HoloGirls VR last year left a bit to be desired, so I was looking forward to some one on one time with Kimmy in VR after last years excellent Here Cums the Bride feature with Kendall Kayden from Naughty America.  While Rack & Balls isn't the most intimate scene in VR porn, it's likely to be your best one on one time with Kimmy Granger at the moment and should leave her fans pretty happy overall to get a decent scene with her.

Porno intro

Rack and Balls starts out with around 7 minutes of porno fluff, as you watch some peeps play a contrived game of pool while waiting for the predictable Naughty America 'phone-call, gotta go' plot mechanic time to come.  Phone call comes, other folks exit, and this leaves Kimmy Granger and you behind to get down to business.  The only redeeming things about the intro fluff really are the nice views of Kimmy's ass as she leans over the table in her jean shorts and it's essentially the Sydney Cole scene from a few weeks back recycled in terms of setup.  For me, it's the kind of setup where you are waiting for it to end so you can get on to the good stuff.  So, on to the good stuff!

Shifty ass eating

Kimmy makes the moves once the room is clear and PoV is about good on height, but the dude is cocked off to one side below a tad. Some shifty ass eating follows that is skewed off to the left, and Kimmy can't stop shaking it unfortunately, so it's not quite your WankzVR airlingus shot, but an attempt to put some shit up in your face by NA none the less.

Tasty ass up blowjob

Oral action follows with Kimmy assuming a tasty ass up presentation on the table for probably the shot of the movie for me and the PoV feels pretty good here, a bit straighter below, as does the following lap riding section which goes for a good 5 minutes.

Some nice doggy time

Standing doggy is next and feels pretty good for PoV, offering great views of Kimmy's hot ass and your glistening dick gliding in and out of her pussy below.

Odd angle, but it kind of works

Kimmy lays back for some raised hips missionary next and while the angle is kind of wonky, and her head is waaaay back there, the perspective puts the action about where you want it, seated in your VR fap hut.

Too close on last position

Last position finds you flat on your back on the pool table and the camera much too far down the chest, so if you like that nipplecam view, you got it here. If not, it's too close.  Kimmy's ass looks great though, doin it's thing on yer ding ding, but immersion goes out the window here in favor of an impossible middle of chest view and big ass man thighs.

Jerk off ending

Scene finishes up with a 2 handed jerk from Kimmy which is kept brief by editing from the same on your back PoV as before. Nice view, bad 1st person shot.

Nice one for Kimmy Granger VR fans


Overall, Rack and Balls is a pretty nice scene for Kimmy Granger fans.  Kimmy always brings her energy so that's in place, and most of the PoV here is not too bad, other than being shifted a bit to the side up front, and being too close in the end. The middle section is solid, and the movie offers up lots of sweet views of Kimmy from the back side. Fair amount of dude breath can be heard in the scene on the negative and the opening setup ran a bit long for my tastes, playing a bit more fill than thrill, but the views of Kimmy in her cutoff jeans were certainly sweet to behold.  I would say Rack & Balls is probably the best Kimmy Granger VR scene right now other than Here Cums the Bride and if you are looking for some virtual one on one time with Miss Granger, this is probably gonna be your jam for now. 8/10.

2018 update: If you're a Kimmy Granger VR fan, make sure to check out Grangerous Liaisons and Mistleblow from BaDoinkVR!​

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"Rack & Balls" from Naughty America VR!

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