Well…That’s One Way to Shoot a VR Porn! Pussykat in Asian Therapy from VirtualRealPorn!

Asian Therapy background from VirtualRealPorn

Asian Therapy with Pussykat from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date:  July 6, 2018
Running time: 37:40
Starring:  Pussykat
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Asian Therapy Preview
Notables:  Solid image and audio
Negatives:  Random zoom shots
Review Score: 6/10
5 words or less:  Craziest shot in VR yet?

Asian Therapy

Wutupp playas!  I was loading up the new trailer from VirtualRealPorn last Friday, and I thought some of the shots looked... well.....interesting, so I wanted to make sure to go back and take a look at Asian Therapy when I had a chance. I'm an anal fan, and I can fondly remember Pussykat waaaaay back in Hot Cam 2—the very first VR anal scene —as well as other early VirtualRealPorn anal movies like Dance Lesson. Pussykat was her bendable, dependable self here as always in Asian Therapy, but the some of these cam views....well, you be the judge fellow fapper!

Pussykat in Asian Therapy



Setup's ye olde Asian massage complete with happy...or unhappy ending, depending on your PoV in this movie. /wink

Pussykat at VirtualRealPorn

1st time pettin a wookie

"This my first time I do this"

Well.... I'm callin bullshit on that!... but we find Miss Pussykat cast in the role of newb masseuse, who's ready to tune you up with her caboose.

Set and setting looks good in terms of image quality as well as Miss Pussykat.

"You're a little bit nervous"

Pussykat next climbs onto the table with you, stroking your magnificent pelt gently when all of a sudden you have some sort of fit, or....stroke...or...narcoleptic attack that is simulated by the screen blinking a few times before going black.

Asian Therapy

You're "out" for a moment

Pussykat at VirtualRealPorn

"Oh....you come back!! I'm so sorry!"

As you come to, you see Pussykat filled with chagrin for almost killing you with her newb skillz (or something) and decides the only way to make it up to you is to wrap her rectum around your swollen love muscle!

Pussykat virtual porn

Standard cowgirl PoV at first

Initially, the PoV is the stock straight down the chest shot we have been gettin for the last 4 years from VRP and I was settlin in for a familiar ride as Pussykat got neked and down to work.

Pussykat virtual reality porn
Pussykat anal sex

Straight to the A

You will only be recieving anal Asian Therapy from Miss Pussykat today as she places you promptly inside her pooper. 

So..... yer humming along, gettin yer intro futtbuck on and then, all of a sudden.......

Pussykat oily breasts


...the cam cuts to about titty height on PussyKat and you are buried eye deep in boob! And not only that, you have disembodied oily man hands coming out of your face kneedin that boobflesh! Mmmmmmmmman hands! 🙂

Pussykat VR


Cam is level with the titties

You can see the bottom of the shot here with bro laying flat down below in the screen shot above. So pretty much, dude is flat and you are on observer status crammed into this bizarre close up titty shot. 

Pussykat anal

Close up crotchvision

Sweaty/oily belly hair...mmmmm!

You return to PoV view after a couple of minutes of boobvision, but this lasts for all of a few seconds before another cut and you find yourself buried at the moist root of the clearcut line on homebro's urban jungle, while he plunders Pussykats pooper at point blank range. /pisshiver

VirtualRealPorn Asian Therapy

Nuzzle up bros!

Zipper up

Now....I was initially workin on a chub when things got going, but at this point, I am in pure entertainment/observer mode, bouncing in between these awkward zoom shots, and bits of PoV interlude.

Pussykat virtual anal sex

Musical dicks

Action swaps back to the PoV for an oily reverse view, where you are now inclined at a decent angle onto a couch. This PoV rolls for a good stretch and is fairly ADD in pacing, with Pussykat changing from forward to reverse to mouth several times, never really settling in on one position or groove for long.

Pussykat close up

What the?


So yer cruisin along in cowgirl, and then all of a sudden...., POW....you are face to face with Pussykat, who is still sitting bolt upright on the guy below.  Boobvision, but higher!


Welcome to new and improved, close-up, face only, upright cowgirl!

Pussykat virtual sex

Showing how far up the cam is sitting above the guy

The logical conclusion to 4 years of gooseneck cow shots!

It was, honestly, stop the movie..... this is the funniest shot I have seen in VR porn in 4 years now! This is, the ultimate gooseneck cowgirl shot! It kind of felt like standing close up missionary really, with a guy laying between your legs below.  I guess it's all fine if you don't look down! 

Pussykat porn

Baaaaaack to PoV

And then you bounce back for some more PoV cowgirl action!

Pussykat doggie

Cockeyed doggie

Next up on this Asian tour of booty, you get some cockeyed doggie style with homebro oriented due NW on your radar and Pussykat in a tasty bent over the bench position which generally seems to anchor doggie shots strangely in VR in a good way. This shot does come together a bit better when Pussykat lowers her leg which allows Broseph to square up his putt on the 2 hole a bit easier.


Decent shot

Pussykat hops up onto the table, kind of haunched on her legs for a little stretch and this was actually a pretty good shot/POV here with her raised at that elevation.

Asian Therapy

Touch of Grey

Action finishes up with PussyKat in butterfly type position on the table and a sexy runway view down our middle aged wookies chest, whom is once again torqued off in the frame some whilst he pounds dat ass down the homestretch.

Pussykat at VirtualRealPorn

Kinda looks like the hedgeho......

The Hedgehog actually came to mind during this section for me, which......ya. The Anti-poon of 1st person. 

Asian Therapy with Pussykat

"I want your cumshot on my face!"

Pussykat cumshot

Fuck! She said her face, not my face!

Popshot has you headed down south to join Pussykat front row for the fireworks display, where you get a close encounter with the sauce rocket launch in a who-asked-for-this-shit ending!

Pussykat cum on face

Downtown in dicktown - bring eye protection!

Pussykat rubs cum

Ye olde happy ending!

Well, that's one way to shoot a VR porno!


Cleanin up the cum......fuck did that hit my.......ahem....... Wrappin up Asian Therapy with Pussykat! Well..... it was interesting!  Pussykat was solid, let's get that out of the way. Quiet....but solid, and I rather enjoy her VR scenes.  As an anal fan, the scene?....nnnnnnooooot sooo much. Just, there was so much bouncing from PoV, to zoom shot, back to PoV, there was never any real spot I could get my stroke going with, and by the time I hit the 2nd zoom shot, I had given up and rocked the rest of it in, huh.....they are actually doing this? mode. 

Hit the spot:  Video looked pretty solid to my eye for VirtualRealPorn and the audio quality was excellent as well, so the base tech was fine for me.  The addition of the oil added some nice glisten and highlights and there were a couple PoV's such as the raised missionary that worked pretty well in terms of feeling close to an honest PoV. 

Left a knot:  The main negative with Asian Therapy, for this viewer, was the swapping between PoV and zoom shots that left a mixed bag flava at the end, instead of a cohesive virtual experience.  The zoom shots are rather quick spliced to the previous footage utilizing fast transitions, and it just pulled the whole scene off the rails for me in that regard in terms of it ever building up any real steam. 

Every once in awhile I see a bro say they think close up shots like these are hot, so if that's your jam, there is plenty of that goin on in this one, and who knows.....you may love the brand new face to face vertical cowgirl shot!  Moi...... no. Just shoot the mish shot, lol.  Or tilt the rig back for cow like Czech VR and let the girl lean in. 

All in all, I would give Asian Therapy like a 6/10. If you don't mind the zoom shots, fairly rapid change fuckings, and are otherwise a Pussykat fan, then it's not bad on the rest of it's merits.  If first person VR is your sport however, it's likely a hard pass.

Asian Therapy from VirtualRealPorn!

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