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PSE: Mia Malkova featured at Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  June 5, 2017
Running time: 52:19
Starring:  Mia Malkova
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or PSE Mia Malkova Preview
Notables:  Mia Malkova, shower section
Negatives:  Fair amount of head clipping, strange looking missionary section, PoV's, 4 mins of blackscreen intro
Review Score: 7/10
5 words or less:  Mia 10, Tech/prod 5

PSE: Mia Malkova!

     Checkin out the latest PSE installment from Naughty America VR today featuring NAVR contract girl Mia Malkova. Up to this point, the last years contract VR releases from Naughty America with Mia have been a mixed bag for me, from pretty awful with Naughty Office to pretty awesome with Fidelio.  Not to say Mia is ever anything less than her spectacular self, but production kind of flubbed the passes in Naughty Office and PSE Mia Malkova kind of swings more towards that direction as well for me.  There are some great sections with Mia in this video, and I wouldn't rate it quite as low as I would Naughty Office, but I would still look to her early classics at Naughty America for my Mia fix over this particular Pornstar Experience. 

Is this thing on?

This marks the 2nd of Naughty America VR's "PSE" movies that I have checked out, and much the same as in the Nicole Aniston feature I watched last week, you throw on your headset, sit through the opening credit rolls and are greeted with......... a black screen.  You hear Mia begin talking to you, describing how horny she is and how wet her pussy is for you, and for the next 4 minutes solid you are enveloped in darkness wondering if this voice only action is intended, or if perhaps the video isn't working on the file, which in fact is what I did the last one of these I watched, hitting ffwd until video flashed up on the screen. 

​Might as well watch on the monitor till the vid starts

For me, 4 mins of pitch black with Mia talking to me while I contemplated the light leaks in my mask didn't exactly make for a grab my attention opening or feel like a payoff for putting my mask on, and I cant really say I am much of a fan of starting these PSE movies off in this manner, though it certainly is something different.   Not for this fapper, but if you can get past the fact your headset is black for this long at the start, perhaps you will get more out this style of opening setup then I have so far. 

"Now open your eyes so you can see my ass and my pussy right in front of your face"

Mia prompts you to open your eyes at the 4:20 mark, and you finally get some video action in the form of a tasty shower shot, where Mia is facing a tile wall with her deluxe ass pointing in your direction. The transition from her telling you to open your eyes is diminished quite a bit by the fact that the voiceover audio in the first section is recorded in a room which has one distinct sound to it, and then you are dumped into the noisy shower shot when you "open your eyes".  The effect of opening your eyes so to speak doesn't really come together here as well as it would if you opened them, and Mia was right in front of your face in the same space she was just talking to you in the black section, which sounds like the room that the rest of the scene was shot in. 

From chatterbox to zero

As well, making things feel even odder in the sense of continuity with the first section, Mia goes from talking to you nonstop for 4 minutes during the opening, to not addressing you at all for the next 5 minutes in the shower, and it is another example of how the first section kind of fails to adequately set up/off the second section.  I kind of found myself wishing they had just laid the opening dialog in over the non verbal shower scene at the end of the first 10 minutes.

​Image bowing visible on the tile lines

Mia and her bubble butt look amazing as always, but this shot also betrays discernible bowing that has been present in Naughty America images of late, and this is clearly noticeable in the sagging middles of the horizontal lines of the tile grid behind her as seen in the picture above where I used the straight edge of the upper border to outside corner-to-corner the top 3 center tiles. 

​Nice shower section with Mia

Overall, the shower section is quite booty centric,....or, all booty centric besides some killer looks back over the shoulder at you, so fans of Mia's should be pretty happy here in that regard, but that's about it, it is all pretty camish observer feeling, which again, is just odd, with the previous hottalk setup. To do all that teasing and then not talk to you for 5 minutes when you open your eyes just flowed awkwardly for me but on it's own, the shower section is certainly fine footage.

​What we probably should have seen when we "opened our eyes"

10 minutes into the movie, the shower prelude wraps up and you find yourself seated in a chair located in the room that, judging from the matching background hum, you probably should have "opened your eyes" in after the opening dialog.  Lovely Mia is before you decked out in sexy black lingerie and your PoV is about average for a seated VR shot as you are look out to Mia's awesome ass. 

The scene might have made more sense and flowed better for me, if it had went with the opening verbal setup, into this section, and then finished up with the quiet shower at the end for the cooldown time. ​

​Not this again....

The cam is set up dead ahead straight here, so sure enough, as soon as Mia leans in for her first kiss, her head is clipping the narrow boarder present at the top of Naughty America VR's image, as we have been seeing in Naughty America releases for the last....9 months or so? Ever since NA switched to this upgraded rig with the narrow top and bottom borders, this has been a recurrent problem, and it is disappointing that this is still going on when the issue is quite simple to prevent.  

Tilt the rig up and make room at the upper border

This clipping could easily be mitigated by simply tilting the rig up 30 degrees or so which moves the upper boarder back and has little to any detrimental effect upon the bottom of the image where you only lose dude torso by tilting up.  For whatever reason, the crew/s is/are not doing this preemptively on these shots, despite it being quite obvious to anyone watching, that there is a big fat hump at the top of their FoV that must be accounted for when blocking shots and it is frustrating to see this problem keep rearing, its head, month after month for so long now.

Much like Naughty Office, you are going to have to live with Mia's head clipping in the forward cowgirl titty close up sections as well as just about every time she leans in to give you a smootch. Of which there are a fair few, mostly of the inside-your-face-a-bit feeling variety where it feels Mia is occasionally beyond the threshold of your virtual face.  Between the head clipping and kiss placement most of the kisses fairly miss the sweet spot in this movie. 

As well, Mia is simply very close to the border hump in much of the footage, which naturally wants to draw your eye up to the border.

You wanna kiss and lick my ass?

There is a bit of close up bun time featured next, but the booty is comin in cockeyed to you, so you don't get that full on bury your face in ass goodness here, and it winds up being a little more of a big ole butt cheek to the head effect. 

​Deja Vu

Mia busts her swollen titties out for you next, leading to more preventable head clipping and this looks just about like what was seen in Naughty Office last year as shown above unfortunately. 

​To tilt or not to tilt

I dunno bout you guys, but her eyes are one of Mia's strongest cards so I hate to see that missing or half cropped for so much of this movie and wish the crew/s would grasp the rather simple geometry at play here with regard to tilting the camera when appropriate and not tilting it when it's uncalled for, which has ironically been another recurring issue in recent movies.  

​One of the better sections for me

Oral action gets going about 19 minutes into the scene and this was one of the better sections for me, with Mia giving a really sexy blowjob and there being little in the way of tech distractions. There are even a couple easy-girl cough and choke forced deep throat attempts from Mia that leave it clear, DT is not her specialty but she is willing to give it a go for you. 

Reverse cowgirl follows and it's kind of hard to go wrong with this shot and Mia Malkova. Point and shoot.


Forward cow starts around 27 minutes into the movie and Mia initially looks amazing mounting up in a more leaned back position where you can see her face and meet her gaze more.

More border clipping

That, lasts about 20 seconds however before she leans up and starts to clip up top again for the next couple of minutes.  As well, the action gets twisted off to the side some by the end of the forward cowgirl section, making it harder to line up yer junk in VR space.

Transition to a flat on back PoV

Mia has you lay back next, for a typically poor feeling laying down cowgirl shot, where the cam feels too high, and the dude feels to be below you in space. Mia is plenty hot here, if you can live with the PoV feeling off and the cam shot instead of PoV sense it brings to things. 

"I'm just going to twerk on the tip of your dick"

Mia does just that next in reverse position for a sexy little tip twerking sequence followed up by more reverse laying-down-cowgirl split up with some pussy to mouth breaks.

Some nice sidesaddle action comes next, with a good bit of off cam focus from Mia peeping to the back of the set.

"Now I want you to watch my tits bounce while you fuck me"

Shit fly's off the rails for a few altogether at around 41 minutes in, as the scene transitions to one of the most jacked up feeling missionary shots I have seen so far in VR. The action is crooked and off center. The dude is vertical but the cam is laid down almost flat. The scale, all of a sudden looks huge, like they broke out the old NA rig for the shot, and your PoV, is a face full of Mia's.....knee. Honestly, this footage should have likely just been cut as it looks pretty bad, feels pretty bad and Mia looks huge below you.

​Doggie don'ts

The Mia Malkova PSE winds up with a pretty bad feeling doggie shot, where they employ about a 10% tilt forward on the rig, with zero advancement forward of the rig, so you get a shot full of man belly below, and a perspective that feels somewhat inside of your chest. 

​Cum on the bum

Cum goes on the bum, and Mia asks you if this was the porn star experience that you expected while rubbing your dick in her cummy crack for a few before sampling some semen and turning around to give you one last look as the scene fades out.  The ending itself felt kind of anticlimaxtic for this viewer, with not a whole lot of steam or tension building towards the pop. 

Not much in the VR experience department for me, Mia is awesome


Wrapping up PSE: Mia Malkova, personally, it didn't feel like near the experience with Miss Malkova as some of her prior works and lacked quite a bit for me in metrics like intimacy, personality, presence and flow.  Mia was one of my early VR crushes and I love watching scenes with her, but I would not revisit this one as a Mia fan, opting for either past VR movies or flat porn titles over mediocre VR production, not to diss Mia in this movie in the slightest. 

On the positive notes, Mia is great in about everything I have watched her in, just in terms of being consistent, confident, sexy as hell and having a presence that works well in VR.  I think she had a fine scene here, it just felt cold for me in the end in terms of the way it was captured.  Some of the sections worked pretty well such as the shower on its own,  or portions of the fucking later where the tech stuff wasn't taking attention away from the action. 

On the negatives, I am just getting used to the head clipping at NA at this point.  I get the impression from the swinging styles in production over the last year, this is likely not the same crew making the same mistakes for 8 months, but rather, more than one that has had to learn VR basics, and it feels very much like starting from square one again recently. 

I want to be patient here but ​some of this stuff is pretty basic framing and angles, it is not rocket science what needs to be done to mitigate border clipping on a cowgirl shot.  The crew/s, needs to frame things accordingly, in order to work around the top and bottom border intrusions in NA's vertical FoV.  They can't shoot dead ahead cowgirl, or tilted down cowgirl with that setup, so seeing them continue to do it, is pretty mind boggling as a long time NA viewer and always frustrating when it is a personal favorite like Mia Malkova.  7/10, and if on purely the VR porn production merits, PSE: Mia Malkova would be more like a 5 for me. 

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PSE: Mia Malkova from Naughty America VR!

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