Proxy Paige in VR! JOI Scene at Virtual Taboo…FUCK YES!

Proxy Paige JOI Virtual Taboo Cover

Proxy Paige JOI from Virtual Taboo!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

Proxy Paige JOI

If you were to ask me my short list of adult performers I would want to see in VR 2 years ago, I would have easily spit Proxy Paige in my top 3 choices, I remember literally thinking this.  Straight up fanboy status.  She's been doing scenes for awhile, I been watching scenes for awhile, I'm an anal guy and Proxy is a fucking Anal legend, like, rare air legend.  You got Proxy, you got Roxy, the Olympic athletes of anal, the girls that can fit anything up their butts, make it look easy, look really happy doing it, and are soo fucking girl next door cute to boot, it is too much to take!  And from what I can tell, they are both cool as hell.  (I helped Roxy Raye with her Jacuzzi tub on twitter a few weeks back and she was super nice, and sharp as fuck 🙂  If you are unfamiliar with these 2 special ladies, some of my favorite scenes can be found over at Evil Angels Anal Acrobats .   So let's get to it and check out Proxy Paige JOI!

Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige in VR!

Proxy Paige VR debut

Proxy Paige has brought the raw heat to every scene I have ever watched with her, and I am pretty much down to watch her fuck anytime. Her attitude, amazing eyes, and her willingness to push limits all adds up to some sizzling performances and I was hoping that having done some work for in the past,  she might make it into one of their VR clips.  I figured that was the best shot I might get at seeing her in Virtual Reality and also figured it was a slim one. 

But wouldn't you know it, Proxy is living in Europe, which happens to be the early hub for VR porn, and when I got word she would be filming for Virtual Taboo, I was like no fuckin way!   Proxy also did a hardcore scene with Onix Babe and Juan Lucho for VT on this shoot that I can't wait to see, but this solo JOI here is a really strong feature and I think for those looking for a legit, non dom JOI in VR, they are going to be really happy with this movie.  And of course the Proxy fans will love it.

Proxy Paige Virtual Taboo 1

All the hand gestures play out well

Great VR JOI performance

The movie finds Proxy alone on a floor pad with just the camera and she introduces herself and says hello. You kind of catch her lookin over at direction at first but in no time at all, Proxy just commits to the scene fully and never lets it drop.  I would say really the only person I have seen do this for a JOI type scenario thus far to this effect in VR would be the masterful Mistress T and I felt this was a high caliber effort on Proxies part, to carry a one shot like this for 15 minutes solid.

Proxy Paige Virtual JOI 2

Proxy blows on your cock

Sexy, fun style JOI

Proxy sets the tone of things right away as playful and sexy.  She is still going to tell you what to do, but it in not in either the humiliation type JOI slant or the really dominant type.  This is the perfect amount of sexy coaching I think for the everyday guy and would certainly my preferred type of JOI, where it is more like mutual coached masturbation, let's do this shit together.

Proxy Paige VR Porn

Proxie's hand motions work

The other thing I liked, is you know how some JOI's can be pretty comical on hand motions, like...either the girl can do it or not, some look silly, some look hot.  All of Proxies hand illustrations play out really well and to good effect, adding to the whole vibe, rather than taking away from it.  She even blows on you at one point and that carries across rather well in VR.  I think that is the first blowing in VR I can really recall seeing, and a great idea to throw that in on Proxies part. 

Proxy Paige JOI Virtual 5

Proxy strokes kitty

No commentary on JOI specifics, but happy camper here

I wont run you through the JOI obviously, but I really enjoyed the pacing, and performance from Proxy, and she got me to do what I needed to do when I needed to do it, so successful VR JOI for this guy.

Proxy Paige Virtual Taboo JOI 6

Offering a taste of honey

Natural performance

Me, I just really appreciate a natural, unaffected performance in adult, and all the more in VR where things are even more transparent.  Often all it takes beyond cam placement is talent that is really effective with connecting with the camera like Proxy is here to just give yourself over to it and suspend disbelief for a bit.

JOI Virtual Taboo 8

I kind of like a prop for JOI better than air jerk

This is especially impressive here in that Proxy has not shot VR before, and really hit her marks well with things like offering up her fingers to the camera, and just kind of "getting it", in terms of what this VR gig is for a performer, and how to play to it.   It's an example of the experience a talent like Proxy can bring to the table and adapt to a VR scene.

Proxy Virtual Taboo 7

Proxy booty, curvy and firm!

Dildo makes for nice prop

At one point, Proxy grabs a pink dildo to jerk off for you, and this negates the need for the often comical air jerking in JOI vids, and also gives Proxy something to play with herself.  You get some nice vag and of course, being Proxy, you know you are going to get some hot anal action as well.  "Wrap your hands tight around your cock like it's my butthole".  I will just leave you with that gem 🙂

Proxy Paige Anal 11

Proxy gives ya plenty of action for yer jerk

Proxy Paige JOI 12

Somebody looks happy, was it good for you too?

Best VR JOI so far for this guy. 10/10

So, Proxy Paige JOI delivers! As always. I've wondered how she would come across in VR and it's just like I imagined it would be.  Her personality is infectious, as is her comfort level on camera, and this all combines for a really effective coaching/mutual masturbation/JOI session captured marvelously by Virtual Taboo. The scene feels fun, sexy, dirty enough but not overly, and it overall makes for a good time to sit down and rub one out with Proxy here. 

I have literally nothing to critique on the tech in the movie.  It's not ultra up close, but I never found myself doing the come closer thing, it seemed perfect for the scene in terms of distance to Proxy.   If you like your JOI a bit more dom, with humiliation or cum eating, that kind of thing, this may miss but otherwise I really can't see anyone looking for a good JOI that also finds Proxy their flava being let down here.  Proxy fully commits to the scene, never looking back while guiding you to orgasm in Virtual Reality and the entire 16 mins from intro to end is filled with Proxy Paige JOI goodness. 10/10. Just download and follow instructions 😉  See our full Virtual Taboo Website Review here.

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