Natasha Nice Pumps You for Information! Private Eye from BaDoinkVR!

Natasha Nice Featured in Private Eye from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  June 15, 2017
Running time: 37:51
Starring:  Natasha Nice
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Private Eye Preview
Notables:  Natasha Nice 
Negatives:  Unneeded tilt on rig, Audio
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  "Torture" me like this anytime

Private Eye

     Doin up a scene review for this weeks latest BaDoinkVR release, Private Eye starring Natasha Nice. It was pretty much Natasha Nice day in virtual reality this past Thursday with releases at both MilfVR with American Pie and BaDoinkVR with Private Eye so if you are a Natasha Nice fan, this was clearly your week to get your fap on. I personally really enjoy watching Natasha Nice in VR: she has those amazing eyes,  beautiful naturals, a confident presence on camera, and sells her dialog quite easily all of which translate well in a VR scene.  It has been since Natasha's awesome appearance last year in  NYPD Blew from WankzVR since I have had a chance to watch her in action and Private Eye offered up some nicely present virtual moments with Miss Nice, as well as some sweet action for anal fans, while also coming up short a bit at the same time in the lighting, audio, PoV and scene rhythm departments.

natasha nice vr porn

Natasha Nice!

Interrogation time

Private Eye opens up with you seated virtually across a sparse desk from Natasha Nice.  You are in a bodyless PoV that feels like you are several inches shorter than Natasha and the room is a dimly lit set that fills the requirement for the interrogation room well, but also offers up a pretty Grey day type backdrop that didn't make for a great location in the visual sense.  In fact, when I loaded the screenshots up in bulk, I went "holy shit those are dark" when side by side with other movie screens and if you look at the production still at the top of the page here for example, you can see what color the walls actually are, not this purple/grey tone you see in the screenshots here. 

1 natasha nice vr

​Natasha shines in spite of the gloomy room and some bum audio

Natasha still manages to shine against this backdrop, and looks great seated across from you at a distance that feels to be about 2 feet away, offering up some nice presence right away as she starts in on her role of interrogator in this movie.

Audio, is straight in the dumper as it was in last weeks The Rubdown, and I can only hope that BaDoinkVR, who has generally been one of the stronger players in the audio department, gets this problem worked out soon, as the muffled warble that is present here is a fair detraction from the scenes, both in terms of room and dialog detail, as well as just being fatiguing to listen to for 30 minutes. 

2 natasha nice virtual

​Weak plot, even for a porno

The vague ensuing plot goes something like: Natasha knows you are withholding information from her, and she is willing to do what she has to to milk the deets from you, even if that mean torturing you. With her pussy. And titties. And her butthole. You know.  Things men hate like a day at the mall.  So the plot mechanic is pretty slim with Natasha doing her level best with it and doing an admirable job in the end of carrying a weak plot device. I found myself wondering why they just didn't go with a seduction type scenario rather than reaching further for this odd premise but Natasha seems to rock whatever you throw her way and it's a porno after all!

3 natasha nice virtual reality

"You ever been teased till you couldn't take it anymore?"

"Torture" begins with Natasha opening her shirt up some and hiking her skirt up before having a seat on the desk in front of you for some excellent close in positioning.  

4 natasha nice badoinkvr

"I just shaved everything this morning"

She moves her panties aside, giving you a nice look at mainstreet in downtown Smoothsville and is soon noisily fingering her glistening pussy right in front of your virtual face.

5 private eye
6 private eye badoinkvr

​Opening desk section is quite nice

Placement is all pretty choice here and my favorite element to the opening desk section was how present Natasha felt in the room, being less than a couple of feet in front of you instead of what we might typically be presented with in a VR scene by most production.

7 private eye natasha nice

"I'd forgotten how much I love to torture men"

Natasha ditches her skirt next while leaving the sexy white top in place for a little while longer, then assuming a reverse view on the desk while she goes knuckles deep with 2 fingers in her asshole for a minute or so, working in some nice anal play into the scene up front and hinting of things to come. 

8 natasha nice private eye badoinkvr

"Sit back for a second, I want to tease your cock with my mouth"

With that line, the opening 7 minutes of solo action draws to a close, ushering in a transition edit and the appearance of the stunt cock and overall, I thought the opening section was one of the better parts of the scene, giving me a great sense of sharing some virtual space with Natasha Nice.  In a dark room.

9 natasha

​Nice blowjob section, but the rig tilt is not called for

Natasha gets started with some tasty teasing of your cock, opening with a bit of foreplay using just her tongue before actually mouthing it for the first time. The PoV, is kind of a ramped, reclined position, that kind of works and kind of doesn't here: The incline on the male is not bad, however, the cam is also angled down, making for an odd combination, depending upon Natasha's positioning. When she is below, between your legs sucking your dick, the tilt kind of makes sense, but then it also amplifies the incline on the male and ends up giving you a closer view of your junk than if the cam remained dead ahead here, which it should have, especially given that the next action is dead on cowgirl fucking. 

10 natasha nice private eye movie

Basically, if you sit like the guy is sitting, which many of us do when watching these movies in real life, and simulate what the PoV is, you don't have to but barely look down with your eyes. Head tilt, is not necessary from that PoV and therefor looks unnatural when imposed by a rig tilt like this one.

11 natasha nice porn

​Natasha rocks it

Natasha is sexy as hell working your dick up from below, moving slow and with a purpose, while maintaining the storyline of this all being for the sake of extracting the information she needs from you.

12 natasha nice titty fuck

"Tell me what you know"

Natasha ratchets up her torture a notch next by wrapping your cock all up in organic breast flesh for a nice round of aggressive titty fucking.

13 natasha nice virtual titty fuck
14 natasha nice virtual fuck
15 natasha nice cowgirl

"How bout I put this soft, wet pussy all over that cock"

Fuckin gets going around 14 minutes into the movie with the supported-from-behind by desk setups that BaDoink have been using lately, and things are split up between this more distant perspective view as well as some closer up time with Natasha's loverly naturals.

16 natasha nice naturals
17 natasha nice badoinkvr

​Why you don't tilt the rig down for cowgirl: Example 896

The tilt on the rig also rears it's ugly head here whenever Natasha comes in close enough to approach vertical.  She comes close to clipping the frame, as well as running into an area of visible stretching at the edge of the image, and none of this would have come into play if the cam had simply been leveled, for what is after all, a dead ahead PoV. Overall though, there ought to be enough non distorted titty time in the forward cowgirl section to make Natasha Nice and titty fans happy and there is not a lot of this border pushing footage.

18 natasha nice
19 natasha nice

Reverse cowgirl follows up next for around a minute or so offering up some great views of Natasha in action.

20 private eye movie review
21 natasha nice anal sex

​Instant anal

A quick edit, an odd bit of scene pacing, and whoap....Natasha is putting you in her ass without so much as a comment as to the transition.  It's just one of those no intro, OK.... I guess it's buttsex time deals you see in porno scenes now and again and it makes for kind of a cold start to the anal section with no verbal buildup or provocation from Natasha, about how she is now going to torment you with her 2 hole or something in line with something continuity wise.  Not that I am complaining about the subsequent action here and more than likely, she must have said something and it was simply cut out by the edit. 

22 natasha nice atm

There are a couple of minutes of reverse riding with Natasha supporting herself from the front on the desk, before a quick ATM transitions back to forward fucking for a few more minutes.

23 natasha nice virtual anal
24 natasha nice anal porn

"Better not cum in my ass"

The forward section might have been my favorite as an anal fan simply speaking from a watch-Natasha-work perspective. The PoV was kind of meh for me but Natasha is fire and you get some really amazing eye focus from her here.

25 natasha

"Why don't you come here"

Natasha pulls a sexy transition move next hopping back onto the desk and spreading her legs while beckoning you to join, marking the transition to standing semi-butterfly anal, and marking the point you will need to remove the recline action on your fappin chair, because the whole world just flipped over in terms of your perspective.

26 natasha nice private eye

​Nice action, PoV off some

The standing missionary/semi-buttefly anal section offers some downright great visuals for anal fans, but the PoV is also fairly off, as there is a hard tilt in place on the rig and quite a bit of bro below, with the full sense of the stunt dick supporting himself from the back on arms that are nowhere to be seen. Essentially, your vertical reference in space, feels behind that of the torso, leading to an odd feeling, leaning PoV. 

27 natasha nice vr porn movie

​Natasha is Nice

Again, if you just focus on Natasha and the look in her eyes, she carries the scene enough to distract from the PoV if it does bother you any and this is another great section of the movie in that regard.  As well, just in terms of footage, it's nice booty fuckin. 

28 natasha nice anal sex

"Don't you not cum..."

The standing section wraps up with some choice hands free, in out action before a cut finds Natasha bent over the desk for you.

29 natasha nice doggy anal

The PoV is essentially identical to before and if you were to stand up to try to match the positioning here, you will likely feel that you are leaning backwards, supporting yourself from the back if you attempt to line things up virtually.

30 private eye badoinkvr

Panning down further for you: essentially, not quite vertical enough on this shot in terms of the males orientation, leaving to much bro below with the addition of a hard rig tilt.  There is quite a bit of room to the lower border here when I pan further down like this and I have yet to even hit it in this capture.

31 natasha nice badoinkvr

​PoV, no PoV....either way, hot anal action with Natasha Nice!

The view below in terms of action is quite good though, and just on the tip of an anal scene with Natasha Nice, I didn't have any problem takin care of bidness.

32 natasha nice cumshot

Just like that huh?

"I got what I wanted....and you're fired"

Cumshot is from out of nowhere, as you pretty much go from fuckin to chuckin, so there is not much tension going down on the home stretch in terms of working to a climax rhythm wise, similar to the flat anal intro sans audibles from Natasha.  No give me your cum, nothing, just.... /sploooooge.  Not putting that on Natasha here mind you.  This is followed up by less than a minute of cooldown before the scene drops to black and resumes again with the customary scene tag at the end of recent BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX releases, where they bring in a pre-scene bit where Natasha asks you to like or comment on the movie if you enjoyed it.

33 private eye badoinkvr movie

Overall, a hot VR anal scene with Natasha Nice


Wrapping up Private Eye, I enjoyed the scene overall and am always down for watching Natasha Nice in Virtual Reality.  I think she is sexy as hell, has a great onscreen presence and confidence, and she just generally owns her scenes and has no problem carrying the weight of a VR scene.  Action as an anal fan was all good times, and in that respect, as far as the basic fuck scene goes, I enjoyed it and would watch it again. However, the tech stuff here, would keep me from a return visit more than likely in the end.

The production negatives for me started with the drab set that could have used another light or 4.  While giving them the tip of the hat for throwing the room together and as I stated up front, it does set that interrogation room thing up well, it winds up being a scene extra, with the lovely Natasha being the focus, and I wouldn't have minded a little brighter room in that regard.  The audio side was pretty crappy and you can hear that for yourself in the trailer. It is not gamebreaking by any means, but it is quite noticeable and way off the pace for BaDoinkVR.

PoV's in the movie were not terrible but the permanent down tilt on the rig was often unnecessary and that tilt is what threw things off a bit in the end for some of the shots.  As well, the stunt dick had an odd, zombielike presence in this movie that was kind of hard to put a finger on. It wasn't that he was totally passive, it was just like,.. it was more like a stunt torso, leaning back armless, and at odd angles at times amplified by the tilted camera. 

Other than the shady lighting and tilt on the rig, the movie was hot and I loved getting a chance to peep an anal scene with Natasha Nice in VR.  If you are a Natasha Nice fan, I would say it is a solid choice, as you get a great sense of her in this scene, her presence and her vibe, and she looks fantastic throughout.  8/10 on the technical merits, a 10 from Natasha. 

BaDoinkVR has been on an anal blast it seems here lately with the Natalia Starr scene a couple of weeks back, Maddy O'Riley in Anal Casting and a much anticipated (by me anyway) VR debut from Anna de Ville  next week I am assuming is an anal scene so good news for anal fans the last month at BaDoinkVR!

Private Eye from BaDoinkVR!

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