Poor 1st Person POV Shots in Poppin the Hood with Katrina Jade at BaDoinkVR

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BaDoinkVR Features Katrina Jade in Poppin the Hood!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 6/10

"Poppin the Hood"

Poppin the Hood is an August 25th, 25 minute feature from BaDoinkVR starring one of my personal favorites, Katrina Jade in a classic car themed fuck.  Though the thought of nailing Katrina Jade in a vintage sports car sounds good and all, I was thinking that would make for a challenge getting good shots in VR, and that did prove to be the case here.  I was really hoping for a great one after being blown away by Busting a Nun a couple of weeks ago, but while it is certain BaDoinkVR have decided to shake up their approach, this shift in shooting style is probably going to result in some technical shortcomings as they finally get out of the safe cowgirl zone they have largely been living in.  In fact, it would not surprise me if we are looking at an entirely new production team at work here.  Movies like this one and last weeks She Cums with the House, show they still have a ways to go on figuring out proper camera positions and perspectives that feel authentic in first person POV but at least they are willing to try some new things, stretching out a bit and I totally appreciate that.

Poppin the Hood Katrina Jade 1

Sorry I scratched your shit, parallel parking is a bitch!

Women drivers, no survivors

The scene starts off with you in the passenger set of your convertible vintage Mustang (I think at least, not a car expert) and Katrina at the wheel as you are parking the car in a garage. Katrina has just scratched your shit and feels bummed out, and after laying on a very convincing sorry routine, she commences with the make-up-for-it sexins.  Katrina is great with the lines here, and the opening setup was buyable.

The issue I had with most of this movie, is that the perspectives are off from most all of the shots.  If you just want to watch Katrina Jade suck and fuck in an HMD, it's fine.  If however, you are looking for a realistic first person POV VR experience, its not fine.

Katrina Jade BaDoinkVR 2

Katrina's head impossibly close to yours, you are reclined

Too close to Katrina's head, too close to your dick

As Katrina starts to give you some oral attention, you find her head very close to your viewpoint, and you find yourself very close to your cock...despite the fact that you are leaning back in the shot. The camera is essentially filming from the mid stomach, instead of the head perspective, and this was on display in the last BaDoinkVR offering, and similarly, kept it from being anywhere near immersive for me.

The problem is, as you line of sight the male body back, your mind tells you roughly where the head should be, and shots like this are totally contrary to where your brain is telling you your eyes should be in relation to body alignment, removing the first person vibe immediately.  You begin to feel like an odd observer on some other guys chest.  When you look down at your dick, you are used to a certain range there.  If the view has your dick close to your face, it blows the math for your mind.  Those issues are all present here.

BaDoinkVR Katrina Jade 3

One of the few decent shots in the movie

At least the stand up looks nice for a bit

The action shifts to the backseat next and the perspective is even worse here, with you impossibly close to your dick, for being fully reclined in the shot and It felt pretty ridiculous to me.  You do get a nice stand up section with Katrina showing you her pussy as probably the most effective portion here.

Some more awkward oral is followed, where Katrina's head feels like it is right by your chin, with you very close to your dick before she hops up for some much too close cowgirl, mixed with horrible positions to fuck in for either performer.  After struggling with the angle to even get it in the hole to start, Katrina shifts further up and there is an edit to cover up the repositioning.

Instead of feeling nice and close with her amazing breasts like you do in Call Katrina from Naughty America, you feel like you are buried in her belly, the tits above you and the perspective is totally fucked as you look down and see that you are fully reclined, legs flat out in front of you in front section of the car.  The angles are impossible to reconcile and the shot looks frankly awful to me other than just as a porn shot of dick in hole.

Katrina Jade Poppin the Hood 4

Asking too much of a dick, and how can your head be there unless your torso is bent in a U?  Look where your feet are at.

More bad POV

Some lay-back cowgirl comes next, and the positioning is pretty bad, causing a really crappy angle on guys wood, and folded cock that wants to pop from the pussy. Katrina swaps to some rear cowgirl, that looks nice, but from a bad perspective that finds you viewing action from your stomach.

BaDoinkVR-Poppin the Hood Katrina Jade 5
Katrina Jade Virtual Reality 6

Leaning back onto some sort of support here

Out in front of the car

The scene next shifts to in front of the car, but instead of improving the shot, the guy is in this weird, obviously reclining slightly onto something with support position, and it just looks odd again.  By the time you go to fuck Katrina from behind, the guy legs are visibly shaking, trying to fuck from such and awkward position, and you appear to be impossibly levitating as there is obviously support behind the guy to hold him up here.

Katrina Jade BaDoinkVR 8

The only really satisfying perspective for me in this movie, and Katrina looks great

One solid perspective

Around 20 mins in, Katrina hops up on the hood of the car and there is a rig shift and the resulting missionary is the only shot of the movie that appeared to be in correct perspective and offers some pretty nice views of Katrina here.

Katrina Jade 9

Nice angle here, but it still feels pretty wonky.

Nice position for cumshot, weird angle, and wet blanket ending

Katrina lays down with her head hanging off the front of the car for the cumshot, and this is a unique angle, and at least gets some points for that. However, all points it gains, are lost when you blow you load and BaDoinkVR turns out the lights IMMEDIATELY as they are fond of doing in there videos. It is a really unsatisfying ending for a VR movie. I mean, you are not even done nuttin, and the lights go down.

Katrina looked great, but rotton POV 6/10

So, if you just wanna watch Katrina Jade take some dick, this will suffice.  Katrina looks great and there is some good footage in that sense.  However, if you want to feel like it is YOUR dick?  I would direct you to Call Katrina from Naughty America if you want to have a better experience with her in VR.   This one just failed technically for me in putting me into the scene in a convincing way in the complete opposite of the way Busting a Nun completely immersed me in the sex.   It is largely watching a guy get his dick sucked and fucked from the perspective of his stomach, except for the missionary position on the hood at the end.  The stand up section preceding the missionary, felt like an impossible stance and you could tell the guy was leaning back onto some sort of support and could see him struggling to maintain such a position while fucking.   All of this combined to just make it a spectator scene for me, and not what I am looking for in a 1st person VR movie.   Hoping to see an improvement on these camera angles from BaDoinkVR in the upcoming releases.   6/10   Find our full BaDoinkVR Website Review here.

"Poppin the Hood" from BaDoinkVR

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