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Pool Encounters featuring Anna de Ville from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date: 8/31/18
Running time: 32:21
Starring:  Anna de Ville
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Pool Encounters Preview
Notables:  Anna de Ville, standing fuck, nice anal action
Negatives:  retro feeling PoV's
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Nice scene for Anna fans
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Pool Encounters

Sup guys! Been busy doing a bunch of back end work on the website and taking care of some final Fall outdoor chores the last couple of weeks, culminating in the installation of a brand new 7k septic system on Friday! Wooot!  As this week wrapped up, there were 2 scenes I was looking forward to watching this weekend bein an anal fan: Class ValeDICKtorian spotlighting Candice Dare's bountiful booty and Poolside Encounter from VirtualRealPorn featuring Miss Anna de Ville. I decided to roll on Anna feature first as it's been a couple of months since my last VirtualRealPorn movie and I had been too busy to catch her most recent VR scenes at Czech VR which was a bummer for me. 

Pool Encounters

Pool Encounters

Setup has you kickin it poolside with Anna de Ville walking into the room to join you. She's feelin hot, however the pool's feeling a little too cold so.... however will we pass the time?

Anna de Ville

Brrrr! Wanna put it in my butt?

Anna de Ville!

Image quality

On the visuals, the initial shot suffers a bit from the glaring oncoming light in the background, but things improve in that regard on the next transition and overall the image looks pretty mid range for 2018. On the audio tip, the image is a little odd feeling in some senses, but is rich with detail, generally better than most setups and provides a decent proximity effect when Anna closes distance. You'll be able to hear Anna gaping nicely later courtesy of this enhanced audio detail.

Anna de Ville tit fuck


Anna herself looks awesome and is rocking a softer, more natural look here as opposed to the heavier striking eyeliner she generally favors.  

Anna de Ville blowjob


Things get busy with a few minutes of dick suckin n titty fuckin and the first setup here has a bit of the goose neck thing happening where you feel up above the bro more than you should.  In general, the PoV's were the only weak link for me in Pool Encounters, feeling a little oldschool for 2018 VR production to me when contrasted to other offerings from say Czech or WankzVR.

"Mmmmmm....I want you to fuck me in my ass”

There's a shot reset at around the 6 minute mark that moves you down onto the floor for the fuckin and it's pretty much straight to the A in Pool Encounter as Anna starts off in forward "V" cowgirl.

Frog stance

PoV is the reclining ski ramp frogman stance that feels pretty old school in 18' for this viewer, but it kind of works in the virtual sense if you are seated in terms of where Anna is oriented in terms of virtual space if you are looking straight ahead.

Super low pro knee bend

A quick ATM break and Anna backs up in reverse for a fairly unique anal shot where she remains compressed down on her knees close to the ground, providing for some nice back arch angles followed up by some tasty upright action. 

"You wanna see my gape?"

Anna flashes her trademark gape and it's back inside for some prime anal footage featuring some sexy body lines, hair, back sweat and Anna's enthusiastic reception. 

Anna de Ville anal

How not to shoot cowgirl in 2018

"Cmon.....why don't you let me ride you....lay down"

Action moves to a straight out of 2015, flat on back gooseneck cowgirl shot at the 15 minute mark and it's getting kind of old school in 2018 to frame up a flat on back cowgirl shot like this, that sets the girls up to easily break frame on the top border, and gives you an impossible blind spot PoV looking straight down your chest.

Gotta get with the times

Anna is hot n sweaty awesomeness....but this is pretty much how not to set up your rig for a cowgirl shot, from the studio that has been setting up cowgirl shots the longest.  Same shot, 4 years later, no evolution.  Meanwhile, studios like BaDoinkVR, Czech VR and WankzVR have moved things ahead in 2018 by utilizing sensible up tilts on the rigs for this type of setup. 

Anna de Ville VR porn

"Lemme taste my ass on your cock"

Another round of ass to mouth and Anna's back on for some lean back cowgirl action that at least suits the framing a little more.

Anna de Ville gape

Heart shaped box

Mmmmm.....mmmman hands!

Anna backs up next for a nice close up gape, complete with guppy gulping sound effects, but homie's got his hands all up in your bidness here for the next 2 minutes of close up time unfortunately, depending where you land on dat shit.  

Anna de Ville virtual reality

Really nice standing shot, a little bit too high

"Com'ere... stand up and fuck me some more"

Final setup for Pool Encounter features a standing setup where Anna has the pool banister to help support herself with, providing some really nice upright standing action at close proximity.  

The PoV for me here felt much like a 2015 or 16' shot again in terms of hieght, with that too-tall feeling going on where you feel a good head higher than Anna. 

Love what they were going for with the shot

I love standing shots, and Anna even kicks this one up a notch by placing one of her legs up onto the railing, so it was a bummer the cam view wasn't quite on point here in terms of perception of height. Still, quite a memorable standing shot with Anna and I definitely appreciated what they were going for with this setup.

Anna de Ville Pool Encounters

Can sense the too tallness factor here

"I want you to cum all over my hands so I can lick it up"

Jerk off ending from the bleacher seats with Anna looking quite a ways off down there.

"Now .....how bout that swim?"

Anna a 10, PoV's a 7ish


Toweling off, I quite enjoyed Pool Encounters as an Anna de Ville and anal fan, and in that sense it was a good one for me. 3 times good over 2 viewings in fact! I love watching Anna fuck, as well as girls that really enjoy anal sex, and on the performance tip, nothing but compliments from me here, I think any Anna fan would be pretty stoked on this one, other than some nubby feeling PoV's.  

I would say the weak link for me here was just some of the PoV's and in much the same way as Trespassing from BaDoinkVR— that also featured some questionable PoV shots— I would be watching this again more for the footage, more than the virtual kind of end of things if you get what I am saying. It's Anna de Ville getting fucked in the ass from a quasi first person feeling PoV at times, which is enough to get it done for this fapper, but not enough to win the points on the production/cam "VR experience" side for me.  As long as VirtualRealPorn have been shooting these fuckers now, it would be good to see them evolve beyond the year one, flat down the stomach approach to the cowgirl shot for instance and move to a more common sense approach to framing that shot up as some of the other studios have. 

In the end, I thought it was a great Anna de Ville anal scene that juuuust missed on a few of the PoV setups for those that might be a little more picky on that metric. I enjoyed both the shallow kneeling squat and standing shots in particular, just in terms of visuals even if the PoV didn't feel quite locked in, and I'm pretty much always happy to check out a new Anna de Ville feature any time I get the chance.  For Anna/anal fans that are not super hung up on PoV accuracy, Pool Encounters should do the trick for ya I think! 8/10.


Pool Encounters from VirtualRealPorn!

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