Getting Hands On with the Pool Boy from WankzVR!

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The Pool Boy from WankzVR Featuring Marley Brinx | Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift CV1 with Steam Whirligig

Review Scores: 8/10, 1/10

"The Pool Boy"

Pool Boy is a June 21st release from WankzVR featuring Marley Brinx in her VR video debut.  After the home runs that WankzVR has been hitting lately such as On Set with Riley Reid or Fuck Me, I'm Famous, I was looking forward to watching Marley in this one and seeing what WankzVR was serving up this week, after having skipped Sharing is Caring last week.  This 32 minute movie wound up being a mixed bag for me, but it offered up some great moments nonetheless.

Marley Brinx WankzVR

WankzVR outdoor shots....well, they look like this!

Pool Guy

​You play the local pool guy in this one and Marley, the horny wife who's husband is away for the weekend.  The scene opens up outside, and as is typical of most WankzVR outdoor shots, things are pretty washed out, but the color improves when sexy Marley, who has been rocking a bathing suit up to this point, asks you to follow her inside.

The scene resumes indoors with Marley straddling you on the bed and she is soon asking you to grab her titties, marking the first time and certainly not the last, that this guys hands are all over this scene.

Marley Brinx Pool Boy

Color and clarity improve substantially inside

Lets Talk About Hands for a Minute, as They Are a Feature in This Feature

Hands in VR porn are kind of a touchy (sorry) subject with many viewers.  In one camp, you have guys that absolutely cannot stand the presence of hands in a VR scene, and in the other, you have guys that it does not really bother too much.  I am generally in the middle to lenient on this, and I have tolerated or ignored all of the hands in the bulk of the VR Porn I have watched over the last 18 months, without issue.

In the beginning of this scene, I didn't really have a problem with them, Marley has you grab her tits, and this is kind of a common request from the girls, so it was like whatevers.  You get some nice views of Marley here and a bit of great up close titty action before she turns around and puts her ass right in your face.  And I mean stick your tongue out cause shits right there in your face.

Marley Brinx ass VR a work of art!

One of the best up close pussy and ass shots evarr!

After backing up a tad more, Marley settles nicely into the Goldilocks zone here and for a min or 2, the pussy and asshole are right where you want them, I mean DEAD PERFECT POSITIONING.  You feel like you can open your mouth and lick, the shit is right there! Amazing VR Porn, just what most of us are screaming for.

....And then the hands appear

So, in the middle of this spectacular view of Marley's assets, she decides to tell the guy to finger her pussy. Mind you , the pussy is like 2 inches off your nose here.  OK...I want you to pause for a second, and put your hand up in front of your nose, like a pussy was right there, and you were working it...and tell me how you feel about your view?  Now, what if this was SOME OTHER DUDES HAND!?

Pool Boy WankzVR Review

Up close fingers in your face in VR are the suck in this humble reviewers opinion

So homie goes to work on her box, and his fingers are just in front of your face, and for the next, count em....2 minutes straight, that is your view. This guy, finger-banging Marley, and smacking you in the face practically while he does it.  I got so fucking pissed during this section, my dick went limp and I got on Reddit to bitch at WankzVR! 🙂

I mean, no matter your level of tolerance for hands, hands at this distance are an intrusion into a VR shot.  There is no way on earth your mind can reconcile the perspective and no way to believe those are your hands.  So it went from a rock fucking hard close up asshole pussy shot, one of the best I have ever seen, to getting a face full of hands for 2 FULL minutes, before Marley turns and licks your fingers clean.

I was pretty irritated as this point, but after ventin on Reddit, I decided to give it another go, because this one is going to end in Marley's ass, and there was no way I was going to miss that! (Turns out I skipped that )

Missed Kiss, But Good Try

There is an attempt at some kissing here after the fingerfuckfest, and unfortunately, this falls a bit low, like the Leah Gotti Casting Couch kisses and you wind up getting really up close and personal with Marley's forehead and eye sockets.  It was a good try though, and you could tell, if it had been spot on center, Marley would have done a really nice kiss here, she is slow and I just got the feeling it would have been a great one.

Points to Wankz for trying the shot, it is a gamble, but I feel that as there is a cut edit going right into the shot, it would have been VERY easy to leave this experiment on the editing room floor and clean up this movie.  It is not a feature, if it fails, and if you can edit it out and try again next time, that would be the way to go in my estimation, than to leave a forehead kiss in.  As they enter the kiss with a cut, there would have been zero continuity loss to dump the failed kiss in editing.

Pool Boy movie review WankzVR

Thanks Bro

So after the kissing, Marley turns around for the bend over and suck the dick with pussy in your face shot.....and this guys hands are back....fingering her hole again.  And at about this point, it was getting on my fucking nerves.

Marley gets off and sucks your cock from below for a bit before climbing on for some cowgirl and the cowgirl section is very nice, Marley looks great, but the hands are ever present, rarely leaving the shot, and I was ready to kill stunt dick and was really, uncharacteristically, out of patience with them.

WankzVR Pool Boy VR Porn

Spotting a trend in this one yet?

Engage FFWD

So I hit ffwd 30 seconds.  Hands.  30 seconds.  Hands.  30 seconds....more hands.  I was like you have got to be fucking kidding me.  More fast-forward.  Marley has her ass right in your face again, and what do you know? Dudes fingers in ass, at point blank range again.   At this point, I was pretty much like fuck this guy, fuck this scene and fuck this shit.  Sorry Marley!

Marley Brinx Anal WankzVR

Preeeeety much the final straw for me, again, right in the face with the fingering

I pretty much skimmed the rest, getting further and further disgusted, that no matter how many times I advanced the movie, the hands were ever present.  Marley, is sitting there, looking hot as hell, taking a dick in her ass, and I could have gave a shit less at that point.  My boner had been fucking cock-blocked by my stunt cock.

Marley Brinx Virtual  Anal

Ain't sayin the anal don't look good in this one

So, I cant color comment the rest of the scene, that was about it, some nice anal if you can deal with the hands in the shot, and I cant even remember if I even hit the cum-shot or not, I was just like ...NEXT.  Amirah Adara and Juan Lucho were on deck for anal at VirtualRealPorn, and Lucho damn sure knows where to keep his hands in a VR scene.

Hands All Over

So at the end of the day, this guy did what no guy in VR has been able to do thus far in well over 100 VR porn vids watched and 18 months of viewing...he got me to fast-forward and then stop a ANAL scene.  You would normally just about have to beat my dick down with a stick to get me to leave a VR anal scene.  Marley looked awesome.  Everything else about the scene is really fine, no complaints.  If you can deal with hands, full time, as a feature, then you should have no issues with this.  But this movie, should literally rock the tags "anal" and "male hands".

Part of the issue here, is WankzVR is listening and moving the shot distance up, putting the pussy in our face, and keeping things closer....but that also means guys hands like this...are right in your face as well, amplifying the intrusiveness of them.  When the hands are say, at your waist, and the perspective matches fairly closely, you can almost go with it.  You mind is not wrestling to reconcile the image as much.  But when they are right in front of your face, they become completely disconnected entities and for some of us, a complete immersion blower.

I am going to give this one two scores.  If you can deal with REALLY close male hands in VR, I would give this an 8/10.  It is a solid scene, with some nice shots of Marley.  However, if hands give you heartburn in your VR Porn, you will want to avoid this one like the fucking plague, as it has the most offensive use of male hands that I can personally recall in any VR Porn movie.  1/10 for the hands guys, it will flat ruin it for you.

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