Dani Jensen as Poison Ivy at VRCosplayX!

Dani Jensen Featured in Poison Ivy: Hot & Thorny from VRCosplayX!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRCosplayX
Release date:  April 7, 2017
Running time: 41:00
Starring:  Dani Jensen
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or Poison Ivy Preview
Notables:  Dani Jensen, Nice looking set/theme, slow and sexy scene
Negatives:  Flat audio image, low missionary PoV, 
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Get with the Green!
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poison ivy hot thorny

"Poison Ivy: Hot & Thorny"

     Wanted to double back and get a review up for Dani Jensen's Poison Ivy scene from VRCosplayX before too many more days go by, as it was one of my favorite releases this month in April so far and I have not yet had a chance to write it up.  Dani just came off another great VR scene at MilfVR a couple weeks back and with the costuming and everything looking on point for her in the preview images as Poison Ivy here,  I was excited to take a look at this scene when it came out.  I have been digging on a fair few of the movies from VRCosplayX so far, and Poison Ivy: Hot n' Thorny proved to be one of the stronger scenes in the current catalog for me, both in terms of visuals and a strong performance from Dani Jensen.

3 dani jensen poison ivy

Dani Jensen!

​Outdoor opening

The movie starts off with a couple of slick intro graphics after which you find yourself outside in a brightly lit kind of tiny gazebo viney trellisy type enclosure in a bodyless PoV with beautiful Dani Jensen approaching to have a seat by your location.

2 dani jensen vrcosplayx

​Bright sunny lighting kind of suits the vibe

Normally, I would complain that the bright sunlight is washing out the shot here, but given the pretense that Dani is Supervillain Poison Ivy, the background music is pumping away, and the fact that this is a cosplay scene, the bright look and greens kind of serve to make things look a bit more visually striking and fitting in that sense for a fantasy type setting.

1 dani jensen

​Dani looks spectacular

Dani looks amazing in her Poison Ivy getup, consisting of a textured Green leaf onesi and heels accentuated by bright red/pink gloves and lipstick that play off her ginger features well and she is seated in a shaded section bordered nicely by glowing sunlight and greenery. 

4 poison ivy dani jensen

"It has been awhile since my garden has been tended"

The opening clip fades to an interior shot after about a minute and you find yourself laying back on a bed with Dani approaching you, adorned in a leaf crown and her textured body costume rustling as she moves in to sit on top of you.

5 vrcosplayx poison ivy

​Lush set backdrop

The set is inside a warehouse, but they have done a great job at building a nice bedroom backdrop, featuring lots of foliage to provide interesting textures to look at in 3D and there are some colored gels at work on some of the lighting as well, lending the set a blueish/greenish hue.  Some simple touches like this go a long way for providing an interesting location visually speaking for the base of a cosplay scene and this is one of the production elements I am enjoying with some of the VRCosplayX scenes.

6 poison ivy vrcosplayx xxx parody

​Decent PoV

The opening PoV is pretty decent for a laying on your back shot and the cam has been pitched up some 20, 30 degrees as VRCosplay has been doing in some of their scenes, helping to mitigate that 90 degrees straight down the chest shot that never feels quite right from a first person PoV. As well, Dani plays well to the rig placement here, keeping appropriate distance and leaning in to approach you quite a bit.

7 dani jensen vr porn
8 dani jensen virtual reality

"I'm going to need you to water my bush"

Dani breaks out her ginger snap and gets cozy on your chest, settling into a nice little pussy rub and asking you if you are going to be a good little fuckboy for her. 

9 dani jensen vr

Green bush

She spins around next for a tasty rear view and the green set lights reflect highlights off her bush, giving it that authentic Poison Ivy tint for realz.

10 vrcosplayx poison ivy movie

​Sexy suckin

Some sexy rear fingering from Dani follows before she breaks out your cock around 9 minutes into the scene for some slow and sexy oral action.

11 vrcosplayx dani jensen whisper

This whispering winds up feeling quite a ways away from your "head"

Careless whispers

A nice attempt at some positional ear whispering is next, but the audio image is pretty blunted and when Dani approaches off to your left side to whisper sweet nothings, it feels like she is a good foot or more from your head with a fairly muted voice to boot.  This kind of winds up falling flat in terms of the audio effect of a woman whispering in your ear, but the shit coming out of Dani's mouth is hot all the same and it is nice to see them trying to incorporate this otherwise effective and often neglected production element. 

12 dani jensen virtual reality


Some kissing is next, and while there is a bit of the cyclops eye thing happening, the distance and positioning is pretty solid overall.  

13 dani jensen virtual fuck

"That's a good little fuckboy"

Fuckboy duty starts with some super tasty reverse cowgirl action and you get some marvelous looks at Dani Jensen's amazing ass here as she slowly milks every inch of your dick.

14 dani jensen titty fuck

​Cockeyed tittyfuck

A couple of solid minutes of titty fucking comes in at around the 20 minute mark and this is all nice footage other than the stunt cock being cocked off to the side a bit, lending that off center feeling to the shot.

15 dani vrcosplayx
16 dani jensen tits

"Are you ready to slide into my little ginger snap again?"

A bit more attempted whispering in your ear and Dani mounts up for a forward cowgirl ride next that is roughly split between lean-back and tits-up-in-your-face action with a nice bit of dirty talk from Dani thrown in to keep things spicy. 

17 vrcosplayx dani jensen movie review

PoV is a bit close to the dick for missionary

​Little close to the dick

Action switches to a kneeling missionary shot at around the 27 minute mark, and things kind of went of the track for me here in the PoV sense with a down on the dick perspective that has you feeling a bit too close to the action, but if you are gazing at Dani, she looks pretty awesome here with both laying back and raised up on her arms views during missionary. 

18 dani jensen virtual
19 dani jensen doggy
20 dani jensen ass

​Quivering legs

Fucking moves to standing doggie at the edge of the bed around 30 minutes in and this features a much improved PoV from the preceding missionary stance, for a nice bit of doggy time with Dani where she gets all leg shaky n shit and even reaches back to finger her asshole some for you. 

21 dani jensen footjob

​Foot fawk

A solid little footjob sequence is next for those that appreciate that type of thing, as well as some sexy jerking as Dani preps you for upcoming nectar extraction.

22 dani jensen vrcosplayx

"I need that sweet nectar"

Another bit of kissing and whispering comes before Dani gets onto her knees to work up a serving of nectar, ending with a very nice sideways laying jerking presentation below you as you dump your sweet essence into her waiting open mouth.

23 dani jensen cumshot
25 dani jensen vrcosplayx

Cumplay and bonus clip

The scene finishes up with some nice cumplay in front of you and you get a last minute or so to gaze at lovely Dani before she blows you a kiss and the scene comes to a close...only to pop up again with a cool little clip of Dani sitting low pro in the opening outdoor setting, talking in everyday manner, and asking you to leave a comment or thumbs up if you liked her scene, and I thought this was a really great way to wrap up the movie with a bit of out of character commentary from Dani.

26 vrcosplayx poison ivy hot thorny

Bonus clip at end

​One of the best at VRCosplayX


Wrapping Poison Ivy: Hot n' Thorny up, this was yet another enjoyable feature from VRCosplayX for me, and I am diggin on the extra attention to set pieces and costuming, providing a bit of a change of pace from normal everyday porno sets and locations, and providing a little touch of something extra to look at in the headset, as simple as some of the details are. Dani Jensen is pretty spectacular here and I am likewise enjoying watching her early scenes in VR.

On the positive end, I enjoyed the Poison Ivy costuming and theme, and the combination of outside intro and interior set later made for a nice backdrop for Dani to be featured against, looking quite striking in both settings. The various plants and items arranged across the back of the room gave plenty of interesting textures to look at in VR as things shifted and swayed with motion and the first person points of view offered up were not bad at all, with the exception of the bit too low missionary setup I thought.

On the negatives, it was cool to see production trying some in ear whispering but most of this fell pretty flat due to the largely lackluster audio.  This is generally not a problem on BaDoinkVR shoots, that many times feature some of the best positional audio in VR porn, so a little disappointing on the audio image and clarity front but not a major distraction outside of the deliberate whispering sections.  As well the lighting on the interior set could be a little funky looking, depending upon the angle, as it looked like there were several lights of different color tone being employed but it also served to bathe everything in an appropriate Green glow for a Poison Ivy themed set so worth it in the end for the extra vibe effect for me as did the opening outdoor shot in bright sunlight.  

Other than those small technical nitpicks I thought Poison Ivy: Hot n' Thorny was a great VR feature for Dani Jensen fans, and another cool scene from VRCosplayX that combined well paced fucking with well placed scenery. 9/10, mainly for the substandard audio, which is typically pretty great at BaDoinkVR and could have really kicked the scene up a notch with the whispering bits.

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"Poison Ivy: Hot & Thorny" from VRCosplayX!

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