Jack and Poke & A Shot of Bailey’s with Piper Perri at BaDoinkVR!

Piper Perri Featured in Jack and Poke from BadoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  11/16/2017
Running time: 37 minutes
Starring:  Piper Perri
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Jack and Poke Preview
Notables:  Piper Perri, Decent PoV's, Upright Doggy
Negatives:  No treble on audio, Ceiling lights on 
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Nice one for Piper fans

Jack and Poke

     Writing up a scene review tonight for the new Piper Perri feature from BaDoinkVR, Jack and Poke. I'm a Piper Perri fan so always happy to check out a new VR vid with her and was interested to see what BaDoinkVR came up with for this scene. While there is not much in the way of setup or plot mechanics to Jack and Poke, I thought it was one of the better virtual reality scenes to feature Piper thus far and one that should likely please her fans nicely.

Piper Perri

Piper Perri!


Setup—all 60 seconds of it— has a tipsy Piper stumbling into the bar where she finds you passed out/petered out on the floor.

Piper Perri Jack and Poke

Straight to it

Piper joins you down on the floor and pretty much breaks it straight down like a shotgun, getting undressed and jumping on top of your shit in less than 60 seconds, so not much in the way of foreplay in this one.

Piper Perri movie review

​Where's da treble?

The audio, as in most recent BaDoinkVR releases, is dreadful, with a lot of the high end rolled off and very little in the way of air or detail, sounding muffled and making it hard to distinguish what Piper is saying for the entire scene.

Piper Perri virtual

Border angle at the side illustrates the amount of upward tilt on the rig

​Decent sight lines

The flat on your back PoV at least has an upward tilt on it, so while this won't help you with the feeling that the stunt cock is planking slightly above you in virtual space, this yields much more honest sight lines from this position, where we are typically shown a view shot flat down the males chest. 

Piper Perri virtual reality

​Close up booty

Piper gets up and pounds the rest of her drink down, before removing her panties and its off to the races by minute 2 as she backs up the minicoop to give you a close up view of her naughty bits.

Piper Perri ass
Piper Perri BaDoinkVR

​Simulated pussy eating

Simulated pussy eating is next, but Piper's pussy might as well be located in Timbuktu in terms of being quite a bit off the mark distancewise in triggering that don't-mind-if-I-do virtual airlingus effect, but a nice view regardless.

Piper Perri 3D

"Rub my little pussy against your hard bulge"

Piper does just that for a few seconds and then it's off with your pants for a few minutes of profile dick sucking.

Piper Perri oral sex

"Do you like it when I suck your cock like that?"

Piper leans up for the first of a few whispers here, and they'd work pretty well if there was any semblance of treble present on the audio.

Piper Perri virtual blowjob

​Little long on the oral action

Oral finishes up with some bend n suck around 10 minutes in, which was feeling a little long winded on the opening blowjob length for me, but Piper puts in the hard work down below the whole time.

Piper Perri handjob
Piper Perri virtual fuck

"I don't think I can take it any more, I neeeed to sit on it"

A quick tug and Piper hops on for a cowgirl ride, and I thought all the following fucking in the movie felt pretty good in the virtual sense. You get a really nice feel for Piper's size and mass or lack there of, and things feel like they are about where they should be in virtual space.

Piper Perri cowgirl
Piper Perri Jack and Poke review

Not the best lighting conditions for a screenshot, sorry Piper!

​Nice cowgirl section

There are some nice overhanging bits featured here where Piper is closer up, as well as more leaned back action.  But not leaned back like most action we see, as Piper is so compact she can kind of just support herself with her arms on your legs pretty much, making for kind of a mid ground distance, that works well for her size being able to fit into the frame.

Piper Perri virtual sex

​Love watching Piper fuck

All the action's great here, half pogo, half grind, and I personally love watching Piper work a cock, as she just milks every inch of dick from base to tip, no matter how big, it would seem.

Piper Perri reverse cowgirl
Piper Perri at BaDoinkVR

​Reverse view

Piper spins around next and gets her leg workout for the day with some reverse cowgirl action that shows off her tight little butt and asshole nicely.

Piper Perri BaDoinkVR Jack and Poke

​Tucked legs reverse

Reverse action continues with a her legs under your legs spin and again, I thought all of this felt quite nice in the virtual sense.

Piper Perri VR porno

​My armchair director would shoot this with the male inclined

I mean...I would shoot this with the guy on an incline an pick up some distance and presence, but for a flat on your back shot.....which is what we mostly get, this one feels pretty good.

Piper Perri Jack and Poke scene

​Overhanging cowgirl

Back to forward cowgirl around 20 minutes in, and this is of the more in your face variety, taking advantage of the tilted camera angle to the fullest and Piper goes off and gets hers here.

Piper cowgirl

Ceiling lights on, probably a bad idea

​Ceiling lights don't help much in VR atm

I will add here, that ceiling lights are seldom a good idea with current VR cams, and they often serve to diminish rather than enhance the image in most cases, while well meaning production often leaves them on to....light up the room!

Piper Perri Doggy

​Doggy time

An abrupt edit switches the action over to doggie at the 24 minute mark of the movie and the PoV feels pretty solid here for a kneeling doggy shot, with a bit of a tilt on the rig and a nice amount of frame fill with Piper in front of you.

Piper Perri vitual doggy

Torso vibe

Perhaps the only real awkward feeling thing about this shot is just the total lack of grip hands from bro, which lends the dead torso kind of vibe to things or at least the double amputee vibe.

Piper Perri finger in ass

Nice fuckins, and Piper slips a finger in her backdoor here which I appreciated greatly.

Piper Perri from behind

​Upright doggy

Some upright doggie is featured and this is always one of my personal favorite VR positions, having a shit ton of presence, and, well....I'm an ass man! It's essentially a standing fuck from behind shot, that we only get to see in this incarnation right now in VR, because no one has the nuts to shoot a standing from behind VR fuck barely, lol.

Piper Perri standing missionary

"In order for this night to be complete...I need your cum in my pussy"

Piper flips over for the upright missionary finish, making it clear you are clear to make a deposit, and the final 5 minutes of fucking are quite nice with Piper piping in hard with the verbal encouragement.

Piper Perri cumshot

​Off cam eye contact

The only negative here is it appears as if Piper is making eye contact with the actual dude as her gaze shifts up some working him up to the nutshot.

Piper Perri creampie

​Pump n run

You fill up Piper's eclair and the last couple minutes of the scene feature her gobbling up the filling before a cut to some VRCosplayX trailers and the final end tag with Piper addressing the viewer for a quick "rate my scene" comment.

Piper Perri cum
Piper Perri scene tag

One of the better Piper Perri VR movies


So, cleanin up the cum on this one, I really enjoyed Jack n Poke and thought it was perhaps the best Piper Perri movie shot for VR yet, with a few of her other scenes having suffered some from technical setbacks on the production side of things.  Piper always seems to bring her A game to the table, and I enjoy watching and spending time with her virtually, she has a fun personality and always puts in a hot fuck.

On the positives: PoV's which can often be BaDoinkVR's Achilles, were pretty solid in this one, with the standard flat on back shot at least having a nice tilt on it, and a decent feeling doggie section later on, other than the armless approach from the male.  Piper did a great job carrying the scene, as well as providing some escalation to the action as it headed for the final creampie.  I thought all the action was hot and paced well, other than the oral perhaps running a little long up front. 

On the negatives, there is not much in the way of scene setup here, which some may find a pro, but it is pretty much right into it, and it often feels nice to have just a few minutes to forget you just strapped your mask on and climbed into the Holodeck.  Audio continues to be a challenge this year at BadoinkVR and it would be nice to see them make some improvements here, as elements like the whispering sections in this scene really lose oooomph when there is little air in the signal.  

Overall, I think most Piper Perri fans would be pretty pleased with this one, and I would probably give Jack and Poke my top recommendation for a Piper Perri VR scene atm. While I wouldn't quite call this scene "intimate" feeling necessarily, it does feature some close up sections like the cowgirl and upright doggy that helped improve proximity quite a bit.  It didn't feel super porny either and in the end, I thought this was a nice VR scene from BaDoinkVR and Piper Perri.  9/10

Jack and Poke from BaDoinkVR!

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