Anastasia Knight Rocks Yer Ballz in Pinball Wizard from WankzVR!

Pinball Wizard Featuring Anastasia Knight from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date: January 17, 2018
Running time: 56 minutes
Starring:  Anastasia Knight
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Pinball Wizard preview
Notables:  Anastasia Knight, Not porny feeling, PoV's, Nice scene flow, Goosebump kisses
Negatives: Blurry visuals
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less: Perfect...other than the visuals

Pinball Wizard

Yo, wussup bros! My dick finally made it all the way through Anastasia Knight's sizzling scene this week from WankzVR, Pinball Wizard and I wanted to write something up tonight, as this was probably my favorite scene of the new year thus far. I like to put WankzVR in cooldown every now and again, bein it's my main VR jam, so I had missed Anastasia's VR debut in Breaking Daddy's Rules last week and was looking forward to checking her out for a one-on-one here after seeing the stir she had caused with the bro's in the earlier scene.  Anastasia Knight certainly lived up to the hype for me here and I thought this scene was fire other than the poor looking visuals that have accompanied WankzVR's recent rig "upgrade". 


Setup finds you in Anastasia's daddy's gameroom, where you come over at his request to service the ole' Pinball Machine. Anastasia, on the phone and oblivious to your presence initially, strolls in to grab some booze from the bar for a party she is headed to, before turning around and noticing you standing behind her.

Pinball Wizard with Anastasia Knight Movie Review from WankzVR

The Pinball Wizard needs his glasses!

Image quality....oh dam!

So let's get to the initial elephant in the room, and that is the fact that the video is soo out of focus here, it is hard to even make out the graphics details on the pinball machine you are standing in front of, let alone the one off to your right side and I wuz like, oh dam.... this looks pretty awful. Keep in mind that the screenshots here look better than the footage does in the actual mask, where even the "Nip-it" machine graphics are pretty hard to make out clearly. 

Anastasia Knight in Pinball Wizard

Anastasia Knight!

Only in focus at very close range

In fact, during the opening setup, the only footage that appeared to really come into actual focus for me, were the kissing sections where Anastasia's head would be very close to your own PoV.  The overall image lacks in sharpness or fine definition, looking soft and blurry, but... the saving grace here is that pretty much everything else is fire about this movie.

Anastasia Knight in Virtual Reality

Other tech stuff

Focus aside, all the other technical qualities are quite solid for the movie, in terms of the PoV's and other particulars, and honestly, Anastasia is so strong here, I was soon near totally distracted from the lack of visual fidelity.  So let's get on to the good stuff!

Anastasia Knight in Virtual Reality

Have some teenage titty!

The Anastasia Knight show

Anastasia turns around to see you standing there, and thoughts of visual deficits soon seemed to fade from my mind as she takes over with a commanding performance that sucked me in right away. "Man.....she seems out of focu.....fuck it". Kisses are in the money zone and often gave me a chill type effect and I was immediately along for the ride with Anastasia's aggressive intro. 

Anastasia Knight VR porn

This whole hands down the pants section plays out really well

​Nice hands down her pants opening

The intro section all plays really well, and let's just say Anastasia isn't bashful, as she first has you grab her tit a few times before stuffing your hand down her pants for a particularly satisfying feeling VR shot.

Anastasia Knight at WankzVR

"Wut, you've never had this fresh, teenage pussy before, huh?" /grind grind.

Ya..... this pretty much worked for me and Anastasia's game is surprisingly strong. Next up...

Pinball Wizard from WankzVR movie

"Don't worry, this is how I make deals, I know about the barter system"

"C'mon, touch my fucking pussy....flick the bean is what I say"

Ya.... first rate dialog and if your dicks not stirring by now, it may be dead. Anastasia seals the deal with you next and it's then off to another room for the fuckin after a solid 9 minute opening warmup.

Anastasia Knight

"You know you want me dirty bastard, com'ere. /fingersnap."

Action resumes in another room on a couch from a seated PoV and Anastasia gets busy breakin' it down like a shotgun for you.

Anastasia Knight ass
Anastasia Knight

​Great oral action

Anastasia busts our your meat missile next and sets about givin it some prime time luvin with lots of tasty eye contact n nutt suckins.

Anastasia Knight VR blowjob
Anastasia Knight blowjob
Anastasia Knight licks balls
Anastasia Knight in Pinball Wizard movie review

"I'm going to fucking... touch myself, while I'm jerking you off....I wish my dad were here to see this" .../recordscratch!

Anastasia's definitely got some lines in this one and is an all pro cock tease on the opening action. Don't let her looks and braces fool you....Anastasia knows exactly what she wants and isn't shy about gettin it.

WankzVR Pinball Wizard movie

There's a great portion here where she is suckin yer shit and you can see her hand down her panties in the background that is rarely seen and plays hot as hell.

Anastasia Knight at WankzVR
Anastasia Knight pink panties
Anastasia Knight
Anastasia Knight's Ass

First class intro

Off come the panties next and there is a solid minute or so of up close eating action before Anastasia takes a seat in reverse to get things goin at around the 19 minute mark, and I would rate everything up to that point as first class in terms of flow, buildup, tension and Anastasia.

Anastasia Knight virtual pussy eating
Anastasia Knight insertion

​Reverse cowgirl

Things get started with some reverse cowgirl action that's nice and present, feeling mostly up in your virtual lap and more on the hot tip than porny feeling. 

Anastasia Knight virtual fuck
Anastasia Knight reverse cowgirl
Anastasia Knight VR fuck
Anastasia Knight cowgirl

​Close up forward cowgirl

Forward cowgirl is up next and should do quite nicely for fans of close up, intimate feeling cowgirl. I know when it gets hard to get a screenshot of it, the cowgirl is about where it should be in my book.

Anastasia Knight virtual missionary

"You know what....flip me over, let's do missionary"

Action switches to standing missionary at around 32 minutes in, for the first of kind of 3 different missionary perspectives, all of which I thought felt pretty good from a PoV standpoint.

Virtual Missionary with Anastasia Knight

​Awesome eye contact/expressions

The missionary section gives you lots of time to focus on Anastasia's eyes and facial expressions and she has about every hot fuck me face in the book, with a pretty strong lip game to boot.

Anastasia Knight VR mish
Anastasia Knight in VR

​Legs pressed to your body

There is a nice section featured here where Anastasia has her legs up against your body that I thought provided a nice VR effect and kind of anchored the shot somehow.

Anastasia Knight orgasm
Pinball Wizard scene review
Anastasia Knight in virtual reality at WankzVR
Virtual Missionary
Anastasia Knight close up missionary

​Close up missionary

The shot collapses down to close up missionary next and I say there are kind of 3 flavors here, as there is the initial standing position, the 2nd shot above, and then a portion where she kind of scrunches down a little more, which fell right into the virtual pocket for me.

Anastasia Knight virtual missionary fuck

This was about the money spot for me on proximity with the up close missionary

​The only forced feeling section

The mish action ends up with some hand-behind-her-head kissing attempts that kind of felt more dropped in than natural for me in the context of the final cut in what was an otherwise organic feeling scene.  Anastasia calls for doggie, and then it cuts to the missionary kissing stuff, which kind of winds up jarring up the rhythm for a minute.

Anastasia Knight doggie
Anastasia Knight virtual doggie style

​Doggy style

Doggy is up next at around the 45m minute mark for the last position change of the movie, and you get plenty tasty footage of Anastasia's beautiful bubble but in action here with some nice back arch shots as well as some twist-around, more upright doggie for increased presence and eye contact.

Anastasia Knight VR doggie

Anastasia even manages to come in for a kiss in this position, which might be the first time I have seen that pulled off and for the guys that have been asking for a peck or 2 during the fucking, this movie tries to deliver that for ya.

Anastasia Knight virtual reality porn

"C'mon mister....put it in there!"

"Cmon mister.....put it in there!"

You get a deluxe creampie finish here, and Anastasia gives you some steamy audibles with a well timed "oh, squirt it inside me please" making for a fantastic finish, only marred slightly by stuntcock strokin himself off for a second before getting the muted ixnay from production and retreating his hand from the shot. 

Anastasia Knight virtual creampie
Anastasia Knight creampie
Anastasia Knight cum on fingers
Anastasia Knight licking cum
Anastasia Knight in Pinball Wizard from WankzVR

​Creampie cleanup

A few minutes of creampie cleanup and some inappropriate dialog from Anastasia about how she is now goin to the party and having her boy Billy eat her out, with a pussyful of your cum, lol, and Pinball Wizard is in the books!

Anastasia Knight
Anastasia Knight in VR

Anastasia's HAF, just wish this was more in focus


Wrapping up Pinball Wizard, I thought it was a great scene in the end despite the visual flaws and Anastasia steals the show pretty easily here, making for my favorite scene of this new year so far.  I felt like she gave a really natural performance, not porny feeling at all but full of fire on the fucking.  She has a ton of expression and is able to drive a VR scene easily and I thought this was a great hour in virtual reality with Anastasia Knight. 

On the upstrokes, I thought all the PoV setups rang true and the action was stellar. Favorite elements included the hands down the pants section at the start, her own hands down her pants later, as well as the visceral feeling kisses​ along with awesome eye contact and focus from Anastasia.  The scenes pacing and flow felt perfect and the opening 20 minutes of teasing/warm up worked really well to set up the action. The intimacy factor was there and there is plenty of close feeling footage utilized, with a really nice feeling close up missionary section at one point. 

On the downstroke, the visual quality was the only real flaw here for me.  While WankzVR has never been known for rocking crystal clear visuals in VR, this scene does look pretty poor on the balance of the catalog  and the recent rig "upgrade" kind of feels like a bit of a sidegrade in use up to now.  Hoping this gets tweaked up soon, as I think I would take the old rig at this point, but growing pains like this are to be expected when VR studios have to build these rigs themselves, you cannot just go purchase a tested and proven sbs 180 pro unit that shoots at 60fps yet.  Other than the blurry image, the only other thing I would point to as a negative is the continued use of black cuts by WanzkVR post production in lieu of transparent edits when cutting in the same position, and I personally can't wait till they burn those in a fire, lol. 

Overall, I thought Pinball Wizard was a really hot scene givin it took me like 3 times to get through it all the way, and Anastasia is a treat in VR. 9/10 on image quality, with a nuclear performance from Anastasia Knight, that shit's a 10/10 all day.

Pinball Wizard from WankzVR!

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