Peyton Robbie is Going to Be Super Fucking Huge…at Least at Real Teens VR!

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Peyton Robbie from Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 1/10

"Peyton Robbie"

Going to give a quick review on the new Peyton Robbie flick from Real Teens VR today.  This 34 minute video was apparently posted this weekend at some point and then pulled down off the Real Teens VR website shortly there after, only to be reposted a few days later, which kind of begged the question, "wonder if something was wrong with it?".  And after a quick view this morning, I would have to say, "Fuck ya there is something wrong with it!" 🙂

HoloGirlsVR Cinematic view ain't got nothing on this one

So ya...pretty much, Peyton Robbie is fucking ridiculously scaled up to the size of Gigantor, and I mean she is fucking HUGE.  Worse than Reality Lovers, the only scale I can even compare this to is HoloGirlsVR's dreaded cinematic scale, it is seriously close to that in ridiculousness.

No where near the scale in have encountered in other RealTeensVR movies

So far, it would appear I have rolled lucky dice at Real Teens VR.  The Elsa Jean offering was a tad large for me, just normal Naughty America scale from my point of view, which is fine for me on Oculus.  Lucy doll was better than that and Jo Jo Kiss and Kylie Page were awesome scale for me, I wouldn't change a thing on those scale wise.  On GearVR, the Kylie movie did not look good as far as scale went and I would not watch that one on a GearVR setup.  I have not had time to sample the rest of the movies on GearVR for comparison.

2nd bad one for me on scale

The other day I rolled the Joseline Kelly offering from Real Teens VR and that one is also super sized, though not as bad as this Peyton Robbie flick.  Unfortunately,  I am batting 0/2 on Joseline, who I think is pretty sexy.  Once super mini at WankzVR and once now super sized at Real Teens VR!

No comments on action, just a skip vote here

So ya, no rundown here, unwatchable for me, I fast-forwarded the entire thing hoping for a better camera position or something, but it was over sized until there was cum on Peyton's tongue.  I love Naughty America scale on Oculus and generally never run into the gigantress issue on my setup that crops up when viewed on GearVR, so if I find this large, most will as well.  I would only recommend this if you really like that HoloGirls super sized effect, otherwise, you will just be like, wtf is this shit? 1/10.  I would not pay for this shit for long if this was a typical release.

So keeping score, 4 good to great offerings from Real Teens VR that I have watched thus far, and 2 turds, in terms of scale for my eyes, which are pretty forgiving on things being a touch larger.  Let's hope Naughty America gets it in gear over there, as long as they have been doing VR now and I hope this one was from an earlier shoot than the Kylie or Jo Jo scenes which looked fine for me.  You can view our full RealTeensVR Review here.

*No point cutting a trailer on this one*

"Peyton Robbie" from RealTeensVR

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