Facesitting and Moving Cams! Payback in the Day with Aidra Fox from WankzVR!

Payback in the Day Featuring Aidra Fox from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/17/2017
Running time: 48:00
Starring:  Aidra Fox
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer following review or: Payback in the Day Preview
Notables: Aidra Fox, Experimental handheld shot, Facesitting 
Negatives: Not much, meh audio
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Get some closure bro

Payback in the Day

     Wutup horndogs!  Checkin out the new Aidra Fox feature today from WankzVR, Payback in the Day.  Back in the Day with Aidra Fox and Chloe Scott was a fan favorite among the WankzVR faithful, and this movie picks up on that previous story line, this time you getting sexy Aidra all to yourself.  Aidra looks smokin hot here and does a great job with the scene, so if you have been jonesin since Harley's Fun House or She Cums with the House for a VR one on one with Aidra Fox, this one should ring the bell nicely for you.

Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox!


Setup has you showin up to the pad to try to win back your gal Chloe, who has kicked you to the proverbial curb. You're packin some plastic fantastic take-me-back flowers and Aidra is packin a take-me-in-the-back pink vibrator as she greets you at the door.

Aidra Fox

​Doorway greeting

Doorway greetings are something WankzVR smartly incorporates from time to time and they serve to both open the scene in a way that is logical and gives us some immediate face to face time with the ladies. It's a simple mechanic that helps alleviate the "annnnnnd, action!" type jump starts we frequently get from some of the other studios while giving you a nice sense of the girls vibes up front.

Aidra Fox


Audio and video quality are right up the middle for WankzVR, with the image looking average outside, while improving later in the house, and audio pretty much standard WankzVR fare. You get the opening credits "Waaaaaaaankzzzzzz" and then 2 seconds later the familiar background waterfall "hissssssssssssssssssssssssss" so it pretty much sounds like normal at WankzVR!  As an audio aside, Aidra is fairly soft spoken and it was hard for me to make out her dialog at times in this feature.

Aidra Fox

"You're pathetic... trying to get Chloe back"

Aidra thinks you're pretty lame for wanting Chloe back and is soon tossing your plastic flowers to the ground and making the pre-dickt-able advances on you.

Aidra Fox

"Chloe's not even here.....she's probably out,... fucking somebody else"

Aidra browbeats you with the fact you are a pathetic excuse for a man, and tells you that there is no way that ho Chloe is going to take you back. But...she thinks she might be able to make use of you for a bit.

Aidra Fox

"You seem like you're in shock"

After trying to get you to come inside the house, Aidra thinks better and takes you out to the yard so she can.........

Aidra Fox

....sit on your face!

A scene cut has you staring straight up at the pie in the sky, making for a new WankzVR setup and an....interesting point of view, as Aidra is kind of upside down as well initially. 

Aidra Fox
Aidra Fox
Aidra Fox

​VR facesitting

Aidra walks up and cops a squat on your face next, which I think would mark the first proper facesitting for WankzVR that I can recall.  It's pretty funky feeling to find yourself with that PoV all of a sudden, but once she drops down on you things feel more natural and overall the shot works out pretty good for a facesitting sequece. 

Dat azzzzz!

​Dat ass!

This setup never really triggered the full on airlingus effect for me but I loved the view of Aidra's naughty bits just the same and her cute little ass looks quite tasty from down below here.

"Wasn't that fun....garblehissbirdtweet.....aving your face right by my pussy?"

Facesitting runs around 5 minutes, followed by a scene cut that has you now reclining poolside in a lawn chair for a nicely inclined seated PoV where the action gets started with some smootchin and chest kissing before Aidra pulls off your pants for you.


Oral runs around 4 minutes before Aidra eases you inside her fun tunnel for a nice feeling VR cowgirl ride, punctuated by her long hair dangling into your face and some great views of Aidra's perfect teardrop titties.

Aidra's super sexy here and I enjoyed all of this footage quite a bit

"Want me to turn aroun....hisssairplanesecadabug.....atch my ass bounce on it?"

Reverse action follows offering up some great views of Aidra's ass as well as a nice lean-back section where her hair kind of messes with the light sensor or something on the camera a bit causing the scene to white out some for a second or 2 when she gets really close.

The colors wash out sometimes momentarily with the hair on the camera

"Do you think you trust me enough to go inside now?"

Action moves inside at around the 27 minute mark and hold onto your VR cookies fappers cause we are going experimental handheld action for the next few, and I had to bail out and watch this on my monitor, as it was fuckin with me right away.

The effect here is nice in terms of goin in on Aidra's pussy, but otherwise for me, the handheld footage is both too jerky and at times, rapid in movement, which is a bit beyond my personal tolerance level in terms of motion sickness in the mask.

"Eat that ass you dirty boy"

I am a big fan of these type of moving shots, but more when mounted on a steady setup that is capable of soaking up shocks and movement, like the rig Czech VR has used over the last year or so. All the same, it is good to see things mixed up, and I am all for experimental shots to try out new ideas and this may not even bother some folks at all, depending upon your motion sickness threshold.  I am pretty much a pussy in this regard, and can be easily nauseated by jerky, non linear sudden movements that are hard to anticipate and predict.  This section is only a few minutes long, so it's easily bailed on if it bothers you.

​Doggie style

Standing doggie is next and the PoV here is not too bad, a bit leaned back to make room for the "shot" from the guy for my tastes but otherwise decent feeling, if not a bit distant when Aidra is not leaning upright to hold onto you, which makes up about half of the footage.

​Close up missionary 

The scene transitions to close up missionary next, with just a touch of penetration visible if you crane your neck below. I love the facial close ups and could pretty much just do without the penetration being shown for this type of shot, as it sits in a hard spot to look at in the mask, and you can clearly see that the stuntdick is upright in the back of the shot nowhere near your current vantage point, thus betraying the illusion here some.  Where as if you just focus her face, the positioning of the male then becomes inconsequential.

You can easily just focus Aidra's face at the top of the shot here, but it feels as if the cam has been held back just a bit to keep the penetration in view, instead of getting a more face to face alignment with her.  

​Upright missionary

The scene ends up in standing missionary, thus giving you the dick and hole show the previous shot was trying to squeeze in, so I feel like the first setup could have been all facial with the 2nd setup providing the perspective shot here.

​Nice ending

Aidra, who has been fairly quiet in terms of chat turns it up a notch here as the scene heads for the finish line, and she looks pretty amazing below, askin you to fill er' up.

"Yes, fucking empty it in there!"

And fill er' up you do with a nice creampie ending, but if you are edgin for the finish here, you are going to have to share time with stuntdick, who finishes himself off with a quick wank inside the sperm bank, which is kind of an instant party foul for me in VR, lol. 

"How's that for closure?"

You get an elevated view of your handiwork as Aidra raises her ass up into your hands while she fingers her freshly fucked hole for you and the scene winds up from there with a quick standup shot and some talk of "closure" with Chloe before fading out.

A solid 1 on 1 scene with Aidra Fox


Summing it up, I really enjoyed Payback in the Day and would rate this as my favorite VR scene with Aidra Fox so far.  Harley I didn't quite get into at the time, and Comes with the House had some crazy PoV's so this one hit the goldilocks zone for me and offered up a nice virtual experience with Aidra.  The runtime and pacing all felt about right, and Aidra was super sexy throughout, and just fun to hang out with in the sense that the sparkle in her eyes and smile just lights things up. 

On the good notes, it was cool to see some new ideas with the facesitting and handheld shots mixed in with the bread n' butter and it would be really great if WVR hooked the crew up with a steady mount to fuck around with, as there is a fair difference in authenticity and effect when you can approach the pussy as in real life, instead of the girl doing some sort of contortion to try to get her goodies either raised or backed up to the rig.  The shake n' back handheld action here is too zippy for my tolerance, but I'm excited to see production try even a ghetto moving presentation, as they are lagging behind their main competitor by a solid year now in this regard. 

On the negatives, nothing really stuck out for me, audio as always at WankzVR could use some help and it would be nice to see them graduate to a quieter/crisper mic setup than what they have been using.  As well on the editing side, WankzVR are still clinging to black edits when other studios are using transparent transitions that make same position edits feel near seamless in the mask, vs. the hard blink effect that the black edits have.  It's a wart on the ass of many WVR scenes for me, but thankfully, there are really very few edits as compared to some WVR movies in Payback in the Day, so it wasn't grabbing my attention here.   Still, it would be nice to see them get with the times and polish this element up some generally speaking and leave the black edits just for the time lapse transitions.   

Overall, I think most fans of Aidra Fox would be pretty stoked on this scene.  There's a lot to like, Aidra rocks it and it was awesome to see her back for a 1 on 1 at WankzVR.  10/10

Payback in the Day from WankzVR!

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