Holly Hendrix as D.Va in Overwhore: DiVa from HoloGirlsVR!

Overwhore: DiVa Featuring Holly Hendrix from HoloGirlsVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  HoloGirlsVR
Release date:  March 31, 2017
Running time: 34:00
Starring:  Holly Hendrix
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or Overwhore: DiVa Preview
Notables:  Holly's Hips
Negatives:  Dry scene, "cosplay" is a stretch, bro hands constantly up in your shit.
Review Score: 7/10
5 words or less:  meh

"Overwhore: DiVa"

Checking out the hyped up new Holly Hendrix feature from HoloGirlsVR tonight, Overwhore: DiVa! which finds Holly starring in a "cosplay" roll as D.Va from Overwatch. This latest HoloGirlsVR release is boasting " ... with our newest camera system we've improved on the rendering process and increased the resolution to 4320x2160!!! That's the highest pixel density ever for any VR scene! It's more than a 10% increase in pixel density from the previous record, and you will see the results in the clearest image quality you've ever seen at true 4k!" ....which translated to yawn for me in the end, as the image looks decent up close but not "record breaking" to my eyes, and looks pretty bad at range as always, with other studios like BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX ahead imo in terms of crisper depth in image, at least in this example.  It does look better than what HoloGirlsVR have been shooting with lately though as you can see in an example below and this is a welcome visual upgrade.  So, not sure about all the visual hype, but it's Holly Hendrix, and I do love me some Holly Hendrix and was ultimately looking forward to checking this one out. 

overwhore diva

Holly Hendrix!


Setup for Overwhore finds you in....a bedroom? Da fuq? And a pretty crappy lookin bedroom at that, with a mustard yellow Egyptian motif sectional curtain for a backdrop and a messed up bed with some random dildos laying on it.  And I gotta say, after seeing the twitter promo barrage for this one over the last week, this setting was a bit....that's it? Meh. 

scarlett moore hologirlsvr

Previous image quality

1 overwhore diva hologirlsvr

On the cosplay tip

Well, Holly is in an outfit, there's that. You, are rocking HoloGirlsVR sweat pants, there's that. She is talking about losing her match and her mech so there's that, along with some sound effects being piped in from the exterior. And there is a proximity bar style overlay in the upper corner, as well as occasional level up type messages flashed in the upper right hand corner.  That's pretty much the cosplay. And Holly says mech alot 🙂

Where by contrast VRCosplayX has been doing some great work with cheap set design lately on the cosplay tip with just like....you know....a gallon of paint and a roller... there is pretty much zero effort made to alter what is otherwise a really kind of craptacular looking bedroom set here to provide any kind of support for Holly's character. It just winds up being a chick talking about a mech in blue tights in a bedroom, lol. 

2 overwhore diva holly hendrix

​PoV and lighting

You find yourself in a seated PoV which feels pretty decent for HoloGirlsVR in terms of the perspective and you remain positioned here in this single PoV for the remainder of the scene. The lighting, is brighter than usual for a HoloGirlsVR set, without any hard shadows anywhere in the room and this is definitely a welcome improvement in that department.

3 holly hendrix

Lazy on the Cosplay, on to the foreplay

Holly decides on giving you a show instead of her mech,  and as she hops into your lap there is the whole look-to-one-side thing going on here with eye contact with Holly looking predominantly into one side of the rig, unfortunately leaving the impression for much of the movie that she is looking only at your right eye. 

4 holly hendrix hologirlsvr

​Zippered crotch

The fairly ghetto looking costume Holly is rocking does have a saving grace in its zippered crotch, which she promptly opens up to grant a glimpse of the goods below in a sexy frontal shot before maneuvering herself around to bend over in front of you.

5 diva holly hendrix

​Bro hands abound

Holly spins around next to place her exposed pussy up close to your face, and here begins the constant theme of the male having his hands in the middle of every shot, which Holly bats away the first few times, saying "no touching", but they remain a nonstop element competing for focus for the next 30 minutes and wound up being a huge detraction for me.  In fact, if I hadn't been watching this for the purposes of a review, I would have just turned it off and skipped it, as this kind of shit gets on my nerves.  I don't mind hands in VR, I just mind hands that are constantly competing for attention in the frame, or disembodied hands right in front of my face and there is plenty of that in this scene.  

6 holly hendrix virtual


Some nice forward crotchless camel grinding is up next before Holly stands up and has you unzip her outfit from the back, removing only the top section and leaving the rest of it on for the duration of the scene. 

7 holly hendrix vr porn

​Look into my eye

Holly retrieves a pink dildo from the bed next for some up close sucking and single eye staring before getting up onto the chair again in front of you for some in your face dildoing.

8 holly hendrix diva

The close up dildoing is OK, but the rear view portion of it is obscured by shadows, and Holly winds up having kind of a woodpecker effect against your face as she works the dildo at close proximity.

9 holly hendrix dildo

​Rinse and repeat

A bit more dildo sucking, lap grinding and reverse dildoing under a little better lighting essentially repeats the same pattern you were previously treated to next, while what sounds like a bird chirps away loudly in the background.

10 holly hendrix hologirlsvr
11 holly dildo

"I want you to sit back and give me your fucking dick"

Holly breaks out the Jimmy around 11 minutes into the scene and there is a blended edit where the PoV is adjusted to a more reclined position that winds up feeling a little bit more false than the initial PoV.

12 hologirlsvr holly hendrix

​Hands, hands and more hands

Holly gets going with some oral servicing and stunt cock Shreddz is near constantly caressing her gently, holding her hair and doing otherwise distracting shit in the shot, so if you have a thing about active hands, this scene will drive you nuts.

13 overwhore
14 overwhore hologirlsvr

A bit of the ole bend n suck is next, with complimentary bro hand spread action and fingerbanging.

15 holly hendrix cosplay

"I wanna ride your cock like I ride my mech"

Holly dips into a tub-o-lube and thoroughly jerks and oils up your shaft before mounting up for some forward, lean back cowgirl action at just about the halfway point in the movie and by far the best part of the movie for me was watching the Holly Hendrix hip show as she gets busy with some prime grind time from here out. 

16 hologirlsvr cosplay
17 holly

​Level up

Holly proceeds to "level up" on your cock for the next 10 minutes in forward cowgirl, putting in a nice fuck before yet another round of bend n suck n spread.

18 hologirlsvr holly hendrix movie
19 holly hendrix overwhore diva

​Reverse action

Reverse cowgirl starts around 26 minutes in, accompanied by plenty of ass smacking and squeezing by homebro, and again, the focus beyond the hands, is Holly's amazing hip technique.

20 holly hendrix virtual reality

​Nice sidesaddle portion

Holly finishes up the last few minutes with a  spinner routine that has her at one point cocked off the side for some sweet sidesaddle action, that was by far my favorite portion of the movie.

21 holly hendrix vr porn movie
22 holly hendrix cum

"Nerf this, Pew Pew"

An explosive dick overlay graphic is added during the last minute of the scene which ends in a rather anticlimactic slip-out self wank, mixed with a side of cum sampling at the end and Overwhore DiVa is game over.

​Pretty dry for this guy


Summing Overwhore: DiVa up, there really wasn't a lot to get excited about with this scene for me, and despite being a Holly Hendrix fan, this one failed to ignite any semblance of a fire in ma pants at any point in the movie.  After seeing all the still shots splashed over a 48 hour twitter blast last weekend, the final look of the scene and set here left a lot to be desired, in terms of hyping this up as a cosplay scene, and then ultimately setting it in a dumpy looking bedroom.  It seems like there was more effort put into the still photos for promotional reasons than the actual scene design here, and I am not even a cosplay guy.  I know the guys that are, are not going to accept this as even a half assed attempt at it, so in terms of the whole Overwatch element, having Holly in a ripped up costume referencing mechs was not enough to warrant borrowing from the name in my estimation.  Great for getting a bunch of Twitter shares on images and drumming up hype, but not for much else in the finished product where it just comes off as half baked window dressing for me.

On the negatives beyond a thin cosplay premise, this was a single PoV scene for 35 minutes which is pretty dry in terms of any type of scene progression or movement and it would have been nice to see Holly bent over the bed or something to add some additional positional variety to the scene.  As well, the amount of active hands from Shreddz would have been an auto skip for me if I were not writing the scene up for review, and given that a good many bro's hate that shit, this would be a scene killer for a fair few as they are your constant companion for the duration of the movie.

On the positives, there were no real noticeable visual anomalies that I could discern in the image other than some distortion towards the top of the frame on Holly's head when she was standing up for the close up pussy shots, and the close up clarity looked pretty clean on this new image they are pimping with this release.  On the PoV tip, I am glad to see anything but flat on your back shots at this point from HoloGirlsVR, so recent scenes incorporating seated PoV's are much appreciated after a year of largely flat on back single shot shoots, and it is also good to see them utilizing some close ups now that their new rig is not cutting up the image with visible seam defects anymore.  Lighting for this scene was much better than what we typically see from HoloGirlsVR, with a lack of hard shadows and a much more even looking distribution of light spread in the room rendering a rarely balanced scene for Holo in terms of lighting conditions. 

​Holly Hendrix with the carry

Holly Hendrix herself was by far the carrying element here, and despite weak scene construction and a lack of support for her character, she puts in a nice performance in terms of the fuck factor and the lap grind time was a pleasure to watch with regard to the sex.  The rest of the scene was pretty mechanical in feel with the bend over, suck, fuck, bend over, suck, fuck basic scene flow being both repetitive and uninspiring in subsequent dosages and there just being a general lack of passion, presence, fire or intimacy to it.  I felt very little connection with Holly here in the end and if I was looking for a great virtual experience with Holly Hendrix right now,  The Repairman from WankzVR, which I threw in for a second after this scene ended.... just the opening door segment alone, had more presence, more visual polish and more Holly essence to it than the entire 35 minute scene here by contrast for me.  I was turned on with just her answering the door at Wankz where Overwhore: DiVa just never really got it lit for me.  It's not a bad scene, it's just a mediocre VR scene in my book, with no real pizzazz other than Holly herself.  7/10. 

Overwhore: DiVa from HoloGirlsVR!

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