On-The-Job Penetrating with Alexa Tomas from BaDoinkVR!

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On-The-Job Penetrating With Alexa Tomas: A BaDoinkVR Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 5/10

"On-The-Job Penetrating" From BaDoinkVR

​On the job penetrating is a new March 2016 release from BaDoinkVR.  This 14 minute movie with Alexa Tomas features a 3rd person camera angle rather than a 1st person male POV, so this will cater more to the voyeur crowd, than the hardcore 1st person enthusiats.  BaDoinkVR have experimented with voyeur shots like this one in their awesome Jacuzzi Fun video, so I am curious up front to see how this movie compares.

The scene is set in a large commercial kitchen (uhhhh, health code violations?) , so it is not the most romantic setting for a romp to be sure, but will suffice.  We find ourselves seated in front of an attractive couple who proceed to pretty much get right into it.  

Skip the Chit Chat

You know those porn scenes that open up with 5 minutes of bad dialog that you have to fast forward through or endure?  Ya, this is not one of them!  Within the space of 2 minutes, our couple has disrobed and Alexa is on her knees with a cock in her mouth. Alexa can suck a dick and displays excellent technique here along with many nice looks over into the camera.

Alexa Tomas virtual blowjob

Alexa gets to work!

​We get some gagging and hard face fucking and overall the oral segment is hot to watch, as she obviously enjoys a good blow job. Audio is also excellent here, with lots of wet sucking sounds and adds greatly to the scene.

​Unbelievable Eyes

Next, we get a bit of role reversal  and a great look directly into Alexa's face while she is being eaten out from behind, and it is here that you realize how amazing this girls eyes are. This is one of the best segments of the movie for me and I could literally watch her like this for a couple more minutes, she looks really sexy here, but this position gets cut short pretty quickly.

Alexa Tomas eyes

Alexa's eyes are just....sploog!

​Getting to Work

They start off with some hard standing fucking with the couple facing us, so Alexa is right in your face as she is being fucked from behind. She looks hot, but you can't really see any actual penetration during this section, due to the camera angle so the scene kind of loses some steam here for me and I found myself drifting to things like how awesome her hair looked in VR.

​Dude lifts her up into the air and we can finally see his cock working in and out of her for a bit here before he lays her down on the table. Alexa looks great from this angle and you can see how tight and perky her body is.

Alexa Tomas table

Alexa gets penetrated!

​More Great Cocksucking

The scene winds down with some more amazing cock sucking on Alexa's part, and these oral sections are probably my favorite parts of the video. She winds up taking his cum on her tongue and plays with a for a second before dribbling it out of her mouth and on the job penetrating is a wrap.

Alexa Tomas cum shot

Nice cumshot here

All in all, this one failed to impress in the way that Jacuzzi Fun previously had with an effective use of 3rd person camera setup and was kind of meh. The fucking was fast and furious style and the hottest section for me was watching Alexa's face as her pussy was being eaten rather than much of the actual fucking bits.

I would recommend the download for those that enjoy 3rd person scenes or like Alexa Tomas in particular, as she does look great in many sections of this movie, otherwise I would give this one a pass probably.  5/10.  Find our full BaDoinkVR Review here.

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