Natasha Nice Needs a Favor, Partner! In This Weeks Episode of NYPD Blew from WankzVR!

Natasha Nice Featured in NYPD Blew from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/25/2016
Running time: 56 minutes
Starring:  Natasha Nice
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or here
Notables:   Great pacing, intimate beginning, natural/unforced performance, lots of tit time, nightstick
Negatives:  A lot of edits, bit of position shifting due to angles or good, hard fucking.
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  More hot shit from WankzVR

"NYPD Blew"

Well, its Wankz Tuesday, and today's release features Natasha Nice in another epic 1 hour presentation from WankzVR.  And I say epic in the best sense as I was not once bored with the action or pacing in NYPD Blew. From an excellent opening 1/4 nailed by Natasha to the strong fucking sections, this movie largely delivered the goods in the VR sense of things and is yet another excellent showing from Wankz in a month that has seen Asian Persuasion, Double Trouble, and the Repairman as top notch VR movies from October.

natasha nice wankz cop costume

Sup partner?

Must suck down here

Setup finds you playing officer on shitstick duty down in the evidence room and your partner Natasha pops in to say how much they miss you upstairs and rub in how much it must suck being stuck down here.

1 natasha nice

Some nice up close time early

Your partner needs a solid

Turns out Natasha—initially rockin the dumpy cop outfit—well....her boyfriend got into some shit, and now some shit has got into the evidence room that Natasha needs to well,.... move it around a bit.  Sweet talk ensues and Natasha pretty much slays the one sided dialog as well as you could ask for, and after working on you for a bit to no avail, she has an idea, retreating to the other room for a moment.  I was already feelin Natasha here, as it was an effortless sell to this point.

2 wankzvr natasha nice

Hey now!

Sexy cop outfit

Natasha returns and PAPOW, is rocking the sexy cop outfit, complete with nightstick, conveniently ribbed for her pleasure. You got a desk in the shot and a nightstick. If you are a Wankz fan, you do the math.

4 nypd blew

Natural presence

She goes into the nightstick workout and the thing I love about Natasha is she is one of those girls that can connect with the camera more like it is a person, in a fairly genuine manner, she is not having to stretch to far to get into it, she is just losing herself to it so when she goes in for kisses, etc, it all plays out really easy.

3 natasha nice virtual reality

Fuck yes

5 nypd blew wankzvr

This gets right up to your nose here

Great action up front

The action alternates nicely between perspective shots back on the desk, and awesome close ups, with kissing, nightstick licking and in a ballsy move on Natasha's part, she even puts her feet onto the arms of your lightweight office chair and uses the desks behind for support as she puts her shit up in your face.

6 wankzvr natasha nice vr porn

Fuck YES!

That's one use for a nightstick

Natasha leans back on the desk next to take on the nightstick and this is some really sweet action here with Natasha working the ribbed handle of the stick into her pussy and a great VR effect as she extends the shaft back towards you.

7 nypd blew natasha nice

Handling the handle

Great prop

When you think its hot enough, Natasha repositions right in your face and "you" man the long end of the shaft as you hammer her pussy before giving it back to Natasha for her to suck her juices from the grooves, where there is even a bit of cheek stretching before Natasha offers it up for both of you to lick at the same time.

8 natasha wankzvr
9 wankzvr nypd blew

Licking the nightstick with officer Nice

10 wankzvr natasha nice nypd blew

Big uns

Titty Time

Some nice titty time is up next, with a slow show that should make the boob crew happy. I'm not even in the boob crew and I was happy with these natural wonders as Natasha spends the next several minutes offering them up for you to suck, lick and otherwise google over. I thought overall, NYPD Blew is a really great scene for titty lovers, with a lot of focus on them, and plenty of titty fucking through the course of the movie.

11 natasha

Ass too

When you think it's all tit show, Natasha turns around and gives some nice ass time nice, with some sexy and present feeling lap grinding and bent over the desk action.

12 natasha nice blowjob

Getting crazy in the impound yard

Around 19 minutes in, it sounds like the garbage truck comes to pick up the trash or something, and it gets hilariously loud for a bit, with Natasha throwing out a funny ad-lib and settling in between your legs in order to bust your cock out.  And up until this point, 1/3 into the movie, there has been no sex, and I was totally entertained. Other studios are mopping up the cum about now.

13 natasha nice titty fuck

Nice titty fucking time in NYPD Blew

Energetic oral

Dick pops out, and it looks like Damon Dice to me, which is nice to see some dick rotated in at Wankz, and Dice seems to do pretty solid stuckcock work in titles like Busting a Nun.  Natasha goes to work below and she don't fuck around, with plenty of spit (she can spit like a dude), two hand pumping and all around enthusiasm to suck some dick.

This is combined with some nice titty fuckin as well after a few minutes, and possibly the best titty fucking I have seen myself in VR.

14 nypd blew wankz

Desk show

Little pink show on the desk follows and Natasha backs up that ass finally for some fuckin around 27 minutes into the movie, which felt fine pacing wise.  Some nice action here combined with some P2M and Natasha turns around to face you for a really great seated cowgirl next.

15 natasha nice virtual fuck

Getting yer partners back

Love seated setups

I was loving all the perspectives here shot from the office chair, and the forward cowgirl feels nice and intimate, with Natasha feeling quite present.  Everything was working for me here, distance, outfit, and Natasha.  And Natasha goes the extra mile on putting the pussy in the right spot here, working her feet up on the arms of the chair and really goin for it.

16 natasha wankz vr nypd

Nice n close

There is also some close up face time fucking here where you can just watch Natasha and enjoy the sense of her right in front of you.

17 natasha nice cowgirl

Close up, titty cowgirl

Intimate feeling

Some more P2M and Natasha mounts up in a straddle for a super close titty type cowgirl ride, and this is a really intimate feeling section as well.

18 natasha nice missionary

Desk missionary is solid

Nice desk missionary

Around 40 minutes in, Natasha leans back on the desk for a switch to standing missionary, and this action all looks pretty great.  The couple really get to fucking in the last 1/3 of the movie here, and there are some position drifts, as well as comfort issues for Natasha, but the fucking stays hot.

19 wankzvr natasha nice nypd blew

Bit of hard fucking from behind

48 minutes sees a shift to bent over, hard fucking doggie and you get to slam it to Natasha here a good bit harder than most VR porn scenes.

20 nypd blew natasha

Ready to blow

After pounding Natasha bent over the desk for a couple of minutes, she drops to her knees to start milking your cock between her tits, while she talks up your impending cum dump.

21 virtual reality wankzvr natasha nice

Glazed please

A couple mins of titty loving and you glaze Natasha up like a Krispy Kreme OG, and there is a slow cooldown after where Natasha removes her clothing fully and I went FUCK!  Why didn't we get to do missionary like THAT!  She looks good there, lol.

22 wankzvr natasha nice

Was kind of wishing Natasha had broke it down a bit earlier after seeing her at the end without the outfit

Wut evidence?

Scene ends with Natasha grabbing the box of evidence and walking out of the room, and NYPD Blew fades to black.

23 natasha nice nypd

Another great scene from WankzVR in October. 10/10

So, overall, really, really enjoyed NYPD Blew, from the production to the performance.  Natasha was pretty awesome in VR I thought in terms of connecting with the camera as well as bringing a hot fuck to the table, and it felt like a fun hour with her in the basement somewhere.  Absolutely loved the first opening 20 minutes or so before the fucking even started, with the whole nightstick workout and just slow and even pacing that allowed for a bit of tension to develop.  On the negative side, this scenes has A LOT of edits.  Both audio dropouts and outright scene cuts, and at some points, they are in fairly rapid succession, stealing away from rhythm, momentum and continuity a bit.  The only other real negatives for me, were side effects of adventurous positioning, where both performers had to really stretch to make a connection, as well as some outright good ole' hard fucking that had some natural shifting happening.  Other than that, Dice was awesome in using just enough hands to keep a hard fuck on and otherwise rocked a solid porncock performance, and Natasha was standout to me , as one of the better performers to work with Wankz this year, in terms of the connection with the camera as if a person kind of metric.  Lots of nice little details here, plenty of titty love for the tit guys, a natural scene flow with some sexy attire and a fairly effortless run at one-sided dialog from Natasha Nice all summed up to make this one a winner for me. 10/10. Can't wait to see what the Halloween update will bring this Friday!  Read our full WankzVR review.

"NYPD Blew" from WankzVR!

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