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My Girlfriend Featuring Nicole Aniston from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  3/5/18
Running time: 38:00
Starring:  Nicole Aniston
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort reasons) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: My Girlfriend: Nicole Aniston Preview
Notables:  Nicole Aniston, Solid Standing PoV's
Negatives:  Noise in image, Background noise/rumble, Missionary still gettin there
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  A solid return to form

My Girlfriend: Nicole Aniston

     Wasssup bitches! Well... Naughty America's Gold Medal girl Nicole Aniston returned for new My Girlfriend scene Monday and given that it's been.........oh....... like 4 months or something since I last felt compelled to review a Naughty America movie, I figured this was good as time as any to check up on the current production pulse at NAVR. I just pretty much got burnt out on getting trolled by production at Naughty America VR in 2017, as you can reference in the details of my reviews from last year, and decided to give them a good break, hoping problems that had been recurrent for well over a year or more would finally be solved at some point.  Such as just pointing the damned camera in the right direction!  They seem to be doubling down their efforts on their VR program thus far in 2018, so I decided to re-pop my annual sub and roll the dice at NA with Nicole Aniston this week. 

Nicole is an instant win in my book for VR, I like to watch her scenes in particular as a gauge as she is pretty much point and shoot and it is almost entirely on production and how they present her for her vids.  For instance, the last time I caught her at VRBangers in Your Personal Trainer, it was pretty much a production fail in my eyes.  Nicole's starred in a few high water mark scenes at Naughty America, from her first glorious original over-scaled VR creampie to what would previously have been one of my top pics at Naughty America technically speaking, A Bangin 4th and I'm happy to say it's another one here with My Girlfriend, which I feel like was the most technically sound scene I have watched at Naughty America in perhaps a year or more.


Setup for My Girlfriend finds you out house shopping with our well familiar Naughty America VR bro, ginger P-Diddy playing the role of your real estate agent for the day. I can't say the sum effect of this guys appearances in Naughty America movies has ever outweighed the sum effect of this guy appearing in so many Naughty America movies for me...but here we are with another cameo to start the show, which thankfully moves on quickly from sameoleshitsville!

Nice digs!

The house you are peepin is quite luxurious and the several locations that wind up being utilized in it provide some pleasant variation and progression to the scene.

Noisy image quality

Video quality is OK for Naughty America I thought but I did note quite a bit of noise in the image, especially when screen shoting the movie where it is really sticking out at me. I was happy to find the rig aligned sensibly to start the scene, with no needless tilts being applied to it for standing dead-on footage. The one tech hiccup I did have to tweak was a noticeable low end rumble, possibly from the central air. If you have a graphic EQ you can pull up, rolling everything off at around 60hz will eliminate the background rumble nicely.

Taking a look around

The real estate agent bails to the next room leaving you to explore the house with lovely Nicole who soon decides she wouldn't mind a quick test fuck in the living room and breaks out with the ta ta's.

Back n' forth eye contact

There are some nice close up sections focused in these first several minutes which serve to establish some intimacy with Nicole and the only nitpick I would have here would be really shifty eye contact, to where you will notice her rapidly switching from cam to cam at times, diminishing the focused power of her gaze quite a bit. 

Accurate feeling standing PoV's

Nicole drops to her knees and things get going with a little suckie suckie, and in terms of the opening standing PoV's here, I felt like they were pretty damned accurate feeling.

I want to thank NA for not doing this as they have done quite a bit in the past: That is Ryan at BaDoink/VRCosplayX, with a tilted rig, in front of his mouth, not his eyes and Missy standing higher than the rig. The sight lines are totally wrong and they feel like that in the mask as opposed to this scene, that feels right when shot vertically. 

Ryan's height feels right

Ryan Driller is a common stuntcock who's space I have sat in quite a bit at this point and this was one of the first scenes where I felt I was the proper height in a standing position. Nicole is shorter by a good bit as you can well see in the movie poster and has to lean up a bit to get to your "face" and it feels like it should when you look down to observe her or your stunt body. There is no ridiculous tilt on the rig, and it is uncomfortable to look down at Nicole for long when she is sucking your it should be. Unless you want a cam view and not an honest feeling virtual 1st person PoV.

Nice oral section, not too long

The opening oral section is quite nice with slow, loving attention paid to your schmenghee by Nicole and it ends up with her removing her shorts around 8 minutes in and giving you a "c'mon....lets fuck" pep talk.

"Do you wanna fuck me?"

The scene transitions to a standing from behind fuck shot to get things started and the shorts-down action is a nice touch for the quickie fuck setup here, Nicole's ass looking as amazing as ever framed above them.


The standing PoV here is really quite good I thought and standing doggie shots are hard to dial in. There is a slight tilt down on the rig and chair in front gives Nicole something solid to anchor onto.

Odd sense of virtual chest

One of the things I found myself tripping on in this PoV was that I kind of had a sense of my virtual chest being in the right place below my PoV more than usual and it kind of served to bring the shot to life one extra tick I thought.  When the cam is lower, say around the chin like we see it frequently, this sense of virtual chest, is robbed from the shot essentially. This view feels like a realistic head view and when you grab Nicole's ass with your virtual arms, everything feels like it should be before you in virtual space. 

Goldilocks PoV

Ryan is in the right vertical stance, to where he can reach up and grab Nicole's hips, as opposed to the lean back on a stool shots that we have been seeing for the last year or so from many VR studios, and overall, I thought this was a Goldilocks standing VR setup, and one of the best feeling standing PoV's I have seen in 4 years really.

Jarring transitions

Transitions/edits can be blunt in this movie and the first jolting one comes around 12 minutes in as you sharply transition to the next setup without any telegraphing from Nicole, like...."come fuck me over here", and the speed of the edit is really snappy as well as opposed to a slower, smoother transitional effect.

Seated action

New view has you seated in a solid feeling PoV for some bootylicious lap riding and there is none of the past tilt-the-world Naughty America camera setups here that are going to lop off Nicole's head once she gets rollin' on yer shit.

Dat ass

A solid seated PoV and Nicole's world class ass make up the next few minutes along with some pussy to mouth breaks and there's also a bit of sidesaddle type variation thrown in as well that looks great.

Tit time

Big tits n' hair in your face action follows as Nicole switches to forward facing lap riding at around the 19 minute mark. Overall, the seated action is present and solid, with the only detraction being a few more off screen looks at production than I am used to seeing from Nicole.

"C'mon...let's go finish"

Nicole ushers in a transition next by walking off down the hallway to one of the bedrooms, where you then find yourself seated at the foot of the bed with her raised ass in your hands and pussy in front of your face.

Hands in the honey jar

Pros: Nicole's pussy. Cons: up close bro hands, depending what camp you sit in.  I prefer the ladies to do the honors meself.

Kneeling missionary

Fucking resumes in kneeling missionary and it's another decent feeling shot in the PoV department.

Nice face to face positioning

Nicole starts out flat here, and then raises herself up on her arms, so the overall balance of this section is more close up and present in flava. Nice feeling shot overall, but the one eye back and forth rapid fire switching is at it's most pronounced in the scene as well here.

Fluid edit

The last transition edit flows really nicely as Nicole lays back on the bed and the shot naturally collapses to a mid torso Missionary view.

Ehh.... it's an improvement for Naughty

The closer mish PoV is not as choice as the edit leading into it imo, trying to get the cake and eat it too by keeping the dick and hole show in frame, compromising for a midway up the chest view that stops short of the gold zone.  But, I will say, that the overall framing here feels MUCH better than the 17' "insert missionary element here" NA mish shots that felt terrible to me by comparison as well as saying I think this rig looks/performs much better on tilt. 

It's just one of those missionary shots where some will wish the cam was up by Nicole's face more, since that is kind of the money shot from this perspective.  You use the shot before it for the penetration view in my mind, and then cut to a couple minutes of face effect time.  

"Cum on me baby.....cum on me..."

We are about to the pop at this point and yes Nicole Aniston fans.... she said cum ON me not IN me, so there will be no pie for dessert here 🙂 Pretty male breathy down the stretch which could have been cleaned up in post some, but the audio capture is nice in terms of detail.

Hands on finish

Self jerk finish to close, which always plays better for me when the ladies end up with the virtual baton crossing the finish line and the scene winds down from there with a minute or so of natural dialog from Nicole.

The best thing I've seen from NA in a long time


So wrappin up the fap, Nicole Aniston was gold as always and I gotta say... I was impressed for the first time in a long time with the production on this scene from Naughty America VR.  I honestly got so burnt out on nubby production at Naughty America last year, I just gave it a break for the last several months and it's kind of a sigh of relief to see them put out a scene like this that is more representative of where I feel like they should be after 3 years in the game.  

On the positives, just, right off the bat, other than the opening 2 minutes, the scene didn't feel as recycled from previous movies and beyond some jarring transitional edits, had a nice flow and progression from start to finish, from one location to the next.  Nicole is always money, and other than the close up missionary PoV at the end, most of the other setups felt good to me in the PoV sense and I thought the standing fuck in particular was gold zone. 

On the negatives, the image seemed a little noisy at times, as did the air conditioning and the side to side rapid eye movement was more distracting than immersive/connecting.  The Naughty America close up mish shot still needs some polish in approach in my view​ but I felt like this rig handled the angle much better then last years, and would just like to see them commit to the face only shot here and not sweat the penetration as much, as that's pretty much the prize on the close up shot for many.  The upright missionary section previous to it felt better to me, in terms of the face to face connection vibe. 

Overall, I thought the scene was hot in the fuck department, featured a nice amount of positional variety and solid progression/flow over the 40 minutes.  My Girlfriend: Nicole Aniston is another spotlight example of why Nicole is an OG VR performer who can be counted on to deliver a natural and sexy performance every time that lends itself naturally and easily to the adult VR experience.  10/10. ​

My Girlfriend: Nicole Aniston from Naughty America VR!

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