Ringing in the New Year with Angela White and Riley Reid! New Years Lay!

Angela White and Riley Reid featured in New Year's Lay from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  January 1, 2018
Running time: 43:15
Starring:  Angela White, Riley Reid
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or: New Years Lay Preview
Notables:  Angela White, Riley Reid, clean audio
Negatives:  Left or right eye focus, some hard tilted PoV's
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Nice scene for 18'

New Years Lay

     Wuttup yall! Happy New Years and I hope the Holidays treated you right! I'm getting back to some scene reviews today and taking a look at New Years Lay featuring Riley Reid and Angela White from BaDoinkVR.  This one looked pretty hot on paper and I'm a big fan of watching both girls in VR, so I was looking forward to it.  

Riley Reid at BaDoinkVR

Riley Reid!


Setup for New Years Lay finds you hangin' out with your girl Riley on a bed.  It seems you've got a tendency to be a little quick on the trigger, so she has a test for you today, where you will have to withstand both Riley and her friend Angela without spillin' yer man sauce prematurely. 

Riley Reid and Angela White

and Angela White!

Left or right, take your pick

Angela is brought in rocking a sexy top that shows off her massive assets, and the initial action with both ladies is nice and close up to the cam while both ladies get comfy and Riley strokes your cock through your pants.  Eye contact you will notice is pretty awful however, in that both girls are looking at one camera or the other so you will often feel like they are staring at your ear or beyond the range of your eye travel on either side.

Check out the video above for an explanation at around 2:20

Someone just posted this comical BTS video from BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX to reddit the other day, and the guy here literally states that they tell the performers to look at one side! Most of us that have been watching VR porn for any length of time know this rarely, if ever works, and that centered eye contact brings the strongest results in the mask.  If you ever wondered why eye contact is off at BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX....now ya know! SMH.

Riley Reid and Angela White

Back to the ladies

Other than off center eye contact, this scene is pretty solid otherwise, and it was nice to hear a noticeable uptick in audio quality in comparison to most recent BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX scenes as the girls begin talking and "whispering" sweet nothings in your ear.  I "" whispering, because it is kind of a loud whispering, and not really the almost-hot-breath-in-the-ear type effect that you might get at say VirtualRealPorn or CzechVR. But at this point, I am stoked for any and all audio improvements at BaDoinkVR and it is good to see them playing with both audio and proximity here.  

New Years Lay

Titty time!

You get some decent time up close with Angela's big ole titties and there is some nice nipple suckin' featured from both the ladies here. 

New Years Lay from BaDoinkVR movie

Lots of stereo profile suckins

Was digging the stereo attention

The oral action is pretty hot, with several sections featuring both ladies hittin yer shit from either side, and both look sexy as hell lickin on yer ding ding. 

Angela and Riley jerk

This section with both girls jerking while riding your thighs was a highlight setup

One of my favorite moments

There's a nice bit next where both gals grind themselves on your thighs whilst kissing and giving you the 2 handed treatment below and this made for one of my favorite setups of the movie.

Angela White and Riley Reid New Years Lay
Riley Reid Angel White at BaDoinkVR
Angela White titty fuck VR

Titty Fuck with lube n' suck

You get some time between Angela's big ole titties next as Riley applies some lube and then goes in for some super sexy suckin of the tip of your shit while Angela works it between her massive fun bags.   

Angela White Riley

Awesome shot

Odd PoV angle

The PoV is kind of wonky here, and you may have seen this shot before at BaDoinkVR where they have the guy lay up in the girls lap and there is no way in hell you are ever going to get that to line up convincingly in the virtual sense.  But, the action looks quite nice with Riley suckin away from the top, that shits great.

Angela eats Riley Reid

A brief close up here that lands at a nice distance

Riley Reid puffy pussy

Playing with Riley's puffy pussy

Some nice close up pussy play

Riley takes a seat on your chest next while Angela licks and plays with her puffy pussy, and this comes together quite nicely in terms of distance and action.

Riley Reid VR cowgirl

Overhanging Cowgirl action


The fucking gets going proper at about 18 minutes into the scene with Riley hopping on first in forward cowgirl. The action is mixed between some nice overhanging moments, and more midrange action where Riley proceeds to get her squirt on in no time flat. 

Angela White licks Riley's squirt up

Lapping up Riley's squirt

Angela White VR cowgirl

Angela's a beautiful study of mass in motion here!

Big tits in VR

Angela hops on next and if you love big beautiful breastesess a swingin in VR, you got em bouncin in yer face here!

Riley Reid reverse VR cowgirl

Reverse ride

Reverse cowgirl with both girls follows and I should point out that the initial PoV setup here on the bed is pretty decent, being tilted up some for a more natural looking sight line as BaDoinkVR is prone to doing the last year.  

Riley Reid licks Angela White's asshole

Some asshole lickin'...

Riley rubs Angela's asshole

Some asshole rubbin'

A little assplay

You get a little bit of assplay thrown in here from Riley also as she licks and rubs on Angela's 2 hole for a couple of minutes. 

Angela White eats Riley Reid out

Nice positioning here by the ladies, but too much cam tilt for me

Angela White standing missionary

Lower view of the shot

Standing Missionary

Action transitions to a standing missionary PoV next and I was feeling like the tilt angle was a bit steep here, with too much bro below, and the image looking somewhat askew with Riley so close to the tilted cam up top.  I loved the positioning though in the sense of Angela eating Riley out from below with Riley right up in front of your face.  

Riley Reid VR missionary
Riley Reid VR sex

More squirting from Riley

Standing missionary with Riley follows as she lets loose with another round of squirting, soaking a puddle into the bedspread below her.

Riley Reid squirt puddle

Riley soaks the bed

Riley Reid Angela White virtual reality porn

Permission to nutt granted

Your time has cum

After Riley gets hers, the girls decide that you have done a great job holding off and give you the green light go as the scene transitions to the final setup of the movie with both girls kneeling below you.

New Years Lay cumshot

Low pro popshot

Popshot is kind of stealth in terms of visuals and you get one final close up with ladies afterwards before they take hands and run out the door, presumably to go fuck Angela's boyfriend.

Riley Reid and Angela White VR porno
New Years Lay from BaDoinkVR scene review

Out the door! Time to go fuck Angela's BF!

Riley and Angela at BaDoinkVR

Scene tag, and another good example of the all over the place eye focus

After scene commentary

A final scene tag is featured after a brief VRCosplayX ad with both the girls addressing the cam as you are likely used to at BaDoinkVR by now, and this provides one last example of all over the place eye focus as the girls sign off. 

A solid vid for Riley and Angela fans


Wrapping up New Years Lay, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a nice way to start of the year from BaDoinkVR as well as a solid choice for fans of either gal.  Angela and Riley make for a sweet pairing and look great together here, offering up a nice contrast in body types and their personalities seemed to click well making for an easy feeling scene. 

New Years Lay from BaDoinkVR

On the positive stuff beyond the casting: it's good to hear some clear audio for a change at BadoinkVR over a few of the most recent releases, and hopefully the dodgy audio that was present for much of 2017 will become a thing of the past this year, as it was really sucking some of the life out of some of the movies in terms of detail.  Audio was crisp and clear here, and while the image wasn't amazing or the up close effect spectacular, there was some high end detail present that has been sorely lacking recently.   "Whispering" is nice to see played with, but perhaps took on a little of an insert-element type feel here as well as some of the "grab her" prompts to telegraph action from the male. 

New Years Lay photos

On the negatives, mainly just the one sided eye focus and lack of that looking right at you effect that can really take a VR scene to another level.  When you have 2 girls, both looking at individual cams, the effect can get pretty crazy, with either one looking off over your shoulder at times and neither really locking in with you.  Why on earth production is telling them to look at one side or the other, is a mystery to me as a VR porn viewer and BaDoinkVR, after some 3 years now, should honestly have this dialed, in terms of how to coach the performers.  

New Years Lay movie

Hard tilted PoV's are another typical issue I have with BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX and I can't say that I was a fan of the standing tilts used in this scene. There was also a bit of a cockeyed effect present for some of the setups, where the guy is ever so slightly off center in orientation.  When I was taking screens of this movie, I perpetually had to keep the mask angled to the right slightly, to get a somewhat centered image capture.  As well, there are some brief sections that start to get into that self-suck kind of PoV, where you are getting closer to the dick, such as when bro would stand up fully during the missionary section. 

New Years Lay from BaDoinkVR

Overall, it was a hot scene and I think Angela White and Riley Reid are both top notch performers.  I'm always stoked to see a movie with either one of them, so to see them pair up here was pretty cool and I liked that there seemed to be some focus from production on keeping things closer to the camera for some of the sections.  Would recommend for fans of either gal.  9/10.  Eye contact is important in the holodeck. 

New Years Lay from BaDoinkVR!

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