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Naughty Yoga cover from Reality Lovers

Naughty Yoga with Alexis Crystal from Reality Lovers!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift Dk2 w MaxVR Dome 180 SBS

Review Score 8/10

"Naughty Yoga with Alexis"

The 3rd new movie I have watched now and the second to be reviewed by us today from new VR Porn studio Reality Lovers is Naughty Yoga with Alexis Crystal.   Alexis is really, really cute and she is one of those girls that you absolutely love to watch pleasure themselves.  This is no casual bean-flicker guys, Alexis gets in there and gets to work and I quite enjoyed watching her here!

Alexis Crystal Reality Lovers

Alexis shows off 2 award winning smiles!

Best Player for me for scale on Oculus Rift DK2 = MaxVR

I tried 3 players with this movie: the one recommended by Reality Lovers, MaxVR, as well as AutoplayVR and Whirligig.  Contrary to my first experience with Reality Lovers in VR Anal Fantasy, I found the best results here to be on MaxVR with recommended settings, SBS, 180 Dome.  There is a slight fish-eye type effect, but the scale was best for me here, where both the other players were fairly large in scale by contrast.  

Reality Lovers Alexis Crystal

If Alexis just came up to the edge of the mat,...perfect.

The set here is pretty awesome, with a large spiral staircase and high ceilings, and the floor perspective of the shot gives you a pretty cool view of the space in VR.  The 16 minute scene is basically some light stretching followed by some nice fingering in many positions on a yoga mat in front of your perspective. 

Naughty Yoga With Alexis Crystal one

Alexis hits the spot

Bit too far back, as many studios tend to do at first

The action all takes place too far back from the camera, but the scene is still pretty awesome, if you can live with the distance, and just want to watch a really hot girl finger herself in earnest.  Alexis is relaxed and casual, yet passionate in her delivery, and she has a fantastic sparkle in her eyes, and killer smile.  The stand up section at the end gets a bit closer, and was my favorite of the movie.  By the time the scene is over, Alexis looks quite satisfied with herself and a bit aglow and it never got boring to watch, at least for me.  I just reeeeaaaally wanted her to come closer!

Naughty Yoga Reality Lovers

The stand up section towards the end here is my favorite, as Alexis comes a bit closer here, and it is a great angle.

Distance from Camera My Only Real Complaint

The distance is really the only critique I have here, the scene was one of the hotter solo's I have seen in VR, especially dildo-less.  If this same scene was shot 4 feet closer, it could have been really really strong.  As it is, it is still a good performance, and I don't care what distance it is at, Alexis Crystal is fun to watch here!

Reality Lovers Virtual Porn

Alexis Crystal.....super cute! 

Audio, as in the first 2 movies I watched was excellent and captured many of the details of Alexis working her pussy, and this lends to the overall detail of the scene.  I like the near floor perspective here, not many others are using this, and if shot a bit closer, can be a really nice vantage point for a solo.  There also, is really no talking here, but Alexis sounds pretty great just doing her thing!

Overall, I definitely liked this scene, other than the distance, which is a common thing it seems as studios start to shoot VR and then receive feedback to "get closer, get closer".  WankzVR for instance, will shoot farther out than this at much less image clarity right now in some sections of their movies.  Alexis was really sexy, production values overall in set, etc were high, as in the other 2 movies I have sampled thus far, and I would look forward to seeing more of this content shot closer up in the future.  8/10, just for distance.  Otherwise this would be a 9 or 10 for me, as it is always a pleasure to watch a woman like this masturbate!

"Naughty Yoga with Alexis" from Reality Lovers!

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