Mia Malkova Returns to Naughty America VR in Naughty Office and Loses Her Head!

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Mia Malkova Featured in Naughty Office from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 5/10

"Naughty Office"

Naughty Office is an October 5th release from Naughty America VR featuring one of my favorite women on earth, Mia Malkova in her first scene back at Naughty America since her awesome early VR scenes for NA one year ago.  For me, Mia is perfection, I wouldn't change a thing, and that ass....  So I am always stoked for a new Mia Malkova scene in VR, and it's been since Wankz delivered the amazing Happy Ending to us since we have had a good look at her. (VR Bangers Riley and Mia scene left a lot to be desired for me, I don't really count it).  Mia Malkova is a dream as always in Naughty Office, but the camera work in this movie is kind of a nightmare.

Not the crispest image NA has produced

Naughty Office is set in just that, an office space and immediately, the image does not look great here. There is a rather bright light in the foreground that may be dicking with the auto-exposure or something, I am not sure, but the image here is not say, Naughty and Nice crisp and clean.

Mia wants you to stay

Setup has you leaving your position at the office and after giving your coworker an extended lunch break, Mia comes over and has a seat on your desk and lets you know how sorry she is to hear you are moving on.  She wants to see if there is anything she might do to change your mind.

​Dat ASS!

Mia looks ravishing and is soon removing her skirt to show off that world class ass a bit before walking over to lock the office door.

Tilt cam down for seated cowgirl/lap cozy?  You be the judge

Mia returns to get in your lap and, well...here is where things start to fall apart a bit unfortunately. You will have noticed by now in the scene when watching in the headset, that the cam has started off in a tilted down position. The type of position you might use to shoot doggy in, in order to gain a bit more room on the lower border.


In this case, Mia comes in for a seated shot, and the dam cam is pointed down, so Mia's beautiful face? Say adios, as it will be in and out of the frame for the next few minutes.  It is REALLY unfortunate, as this woman is an absolute goddess, and being up close to her in VR....well, that's the only hope us mortal men have here 🙂

Adios, bonéros

Unfortunately, this kills what should otherwise be a really intimate moment with Mia, and the shooter deserves a cockpunch for allowing this to happen 🙂 The image here also deteriorates around the borders, adding a bit of distortion, and I mean c'mon....its Mia fucking Malkova, not some butterface!

Mia, is the shit, regardless of the shit-shot

Mia gives an awesome pussy rub on your leg which puts her mercifully back in frame for a bit before placing her ass in you lap for a nice stripper grind. Make no mistake, Mia is amazing the whole way through here, it was not documented well.

Give a girl some room to work

The next bit has Mia down on her knee's so she can bust your cock out, and they wedge the poor girl in between your desk here so tight, she must bump herself on it a half dozen times with her bootyliciousness.

Who set this rig up?

Seated cowgirl follows and the cam setup just blows here. You are facing down, but Mia is up and I wound up panning my Whiligig up just to level out the fucking view, and again, a really poor decision to do a seated cowgirl shot with a tilted rig.

Some nice oral follows that finally favors the ridiculous tilt on the rig, but perspective is noticeably off, as you see yourself reclining well back of where the cam is set.  Mia puts in a hell of an effort though.

No real steam

So things are going along, you got fuckin Mia Malkova in front of you, but there is really no presence here, the angle sucks and it just pulls all the air out of the balloon quickly.  You wanna fuddle with your dick about now, not your xbox controller/tilt functions, ya know?

Time on that ass

And that goes on a solid 5 minutes or so, till Mia backs up that ass for some reverse, which, normally, give me about 2 mins with Mia in that position and I'm ready for a smoke and a nap, but here... not so much.  I mean, it's that beautiful fucking ass up close, but the perspective is just not great here.

Some, like sidesaddle reverse cowgirl action follows from the same perspective, followed up by some kissing, that does not work particularly well, probably due in part to the tilt on the camera again.

Needs moar tilt

Doggie is next, and the tilt on the camera is INCREASED, leading to one of the oddest doggie shots I have seen in VR, and leading me to once again pivot my player angle back up, as the tilt is soo severe, it feels, well, a bit offputting in the HMD.  Mia, again, looks good while getting fucked from behind with a finger in her ass, but the perspective just killed it for me here. Next.

Probably the best section

...is missionary, which I guess feels about the best of all the shots; the extreme tilt is still there but you can focus Mia alright, and this goes on for a good 6 minutes till bro wankz himself off— party foul— and Mia leans in for one last close look while she cleans up a bit.  A touch of initial story continuation at the ending and Naughty Office is a wrap.

Wha whaaaaa 5/10

So fuck, I was stoked for this movie when I saw Mia Malkova back at Naughty America, but much like Megan Sage the other day, this one left me rockin zero wood on the spank-o-meter.  Perspectives are everything in 1st person VR and they were just pretty much absent here.  Panning a cam down and then shooting a head on seated shot, is just mindblowingly...ya.....and the further pan down on the doggie felt unnecessary and in fact uncomfortable to view.  Mia; there is nothing to say about Mia other than she is gorgeous and did great here.  Total production flub.  I would wholeheartedly recommend both previous Naughty America VR Mia Malkova scenes (if you are OK with old NA scale) but would only recommend this one to the most die-hard fans, of which I would count myself, and I would flat out not ever roll this one again, it is a poor VR experience by most standards.  5/10, I guess half of the movie, the oral and mish are serviceable.  Mia's a fucking 10.  See our full Naughty America Review here.

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"Naughty Office" from Naughty America VR!

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