Karla Kush Brings the Naughty, Harley Jade Brings the Nice in Naughty & Nice from Naughty America VR!

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Karla Kush and Harley Jade in 'Naughty & Nice' from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Naughty & Nice"

Naughty & Nice is a 35 minute long September 23rd release from Naugthy America VR featuring Harley Jade, whom I have not seen before, and Karla Kush, who's first Naughty America Movie Neighbor Affair I have probably revisited more than any other VR clip in my collection over the last 2 years.  I keep meaning to do a retro review on that one, as it was one of NA's great early efforts in VR Porn and if you have a NA sub, be sure to go back and check that one out.  Karla just has a really transparent way about connecting with the camera in VR to me and she's naturally hot as fuck to boot, so she is easily in my top 5 I enjoy getting a chance to see in Virtual Reality right now where performance/ cam presence really shines.  

Kush Bush

Plus, Miss Kush reps the bush...both kinds, and I am a lover of both, as you can see by the wallpaper I been rocking for months now 🙂  I had been hoping perhaps WankzVR would book her or something, as it had been a year now for a VR scene, so I was pretty excited to see the poster go up for this movie, and Naughty & Nice turned out to be a good one.

Cool intro

Naughty and Nice starts off with both Karla and Harley laying down on a bed facing the camera and Karla is telling Harley about the hot guy she just hooked up with, who among other dreamy qualities, had cum that tasted like fruit, leading to a "wuuuuuuuuut? from Harley.

Not much experience with the dick

Turns out, Harley has only had it vanilla style before and has never sucked a dick or taken it doggie.  Karla, being the solid friend she is, feels like its her duty to show Harley what she is missing out on, and this leads to some hot girl on girl followed up by some oh so 2016 lets-fuck-my-stepbrother action, lol.

I pretty much love this opening section as it puts both womens faces right in front of you from jump, and allows Karla to really carry the scene with her easy natural dialog as she goes through describing the virtues of several sexual positions to Harley.

"You've never had your pussy eaten??? omg."

The inevitable unfolds, and soon Karla has her friend talked into some 69 action, and in contrast to some other Naughty America girl/girl shots in the past such as Sydney Cole and JoJo Kiss in Cyber Sleepover, the action is kept right in front of the camera, making for a much better view in VR.

A little bit off center

Karla lays her head right under the rig as Harley hops up and Karla is one of those women you can watch eat pussy all day. Unfortunately, the 2 are cocked off center just a tad, which for me resulted in a slight doubling of vision if attempting to face Karla directly.  I was able to get around this by looking ahead along the rigs center axis, which cleaned up the image, but left me looking like, down and to the right out of corner of eye kind of feeling.  Other than that, the first shot is a really nice one.

Nice job NA!

Harley lays back and eats Karla from below in the next shot and this section overall felt like a nice change of pace for NA girl/girl action.

Let's go see if my step-bro wants in

The first 10 minutes consist of the girls chatting and chowing box, and then Karla suggests that they go see if step-bro wants in on the action which serves to bring your stunt cock into the scene after the cut.

Karla sets about showing Harley wuts up with sucking some cock and the perspective feels really nice here, and I love that both girls are sitting sideways in profile, putting more body up close in the shot.

Harely gets busy sucking your cock and Karla comes over on the right side to show off her pussy a bit for you.  She winds up a bit far to the right but in general, I like this kind of thing in a 2 girl scene with lots of up close action filling the HMD, and plenty to look at.

Cowgirl with both ladies

Karla is first to get on reverse cowgirl putting in a nice ride, with Harley following up with some forward cowgirl of her own while Karla helps out from the side and again the scale and perspective is solid here.

"Lick her perfect little hole"

Harley puts her pussy in your face next while Karla coaches you to lick her prefect little hole and this section comes off well in the same type of way you may be used to Wankz doing by now with nice placement and great encouragement from Karla.

3 way kissing

This is followed up by some crazy only-in-vr stereo kissing with the girls, some of it feeling pretty good, some being a bit far out in terms of placement.  You know the drill with kissing right now if you have been watching VR porn this summer but these 2 girl kissing sequences are always fun feeling if nothing else when talking about placement, etc.

Some wet missionary from Karla

Next was my favorite, and thats Karla in missionary from a really nice perspective, and she is hot as fuck to watch here, with Harley eventually having a seat on her face while Karla licks her pussy.  Karla eventually winds up squirting all over and soaking the pillow that is beneath her ass here as well.

"Clean my cum off his cock"

Harley samples Karla's squirt from your cock and Karla is pretty heated up after that fuck as she tells Harley what to do and how to do it.

Perhaps the best Naughty America doggie shot up till now?

Doggie with Harley is up next, and for me, this may be the best doggie shot NA has ever filmed.  Typically, most NA doggie shots wind up feeling much too high and feel almost as if the rig is on the males head in some cases.  This one, is dialed in, and the perspective feels much better than most doggie shots currently, with Harley's robust ass feeling to scale in front of you.

Cumshot is nice with both girls side to side on your cock and finishing up with some sexy kissing afterward.

Felt like a fresh Naughty America offering. 10/10

Wrapping this one up, it felt pretty fresh from Naughty America for me.  From the face to face with the girls up front, the close up pussy licking sections to the really nice doggie perspective in the end, it just had a bit of a different feel to it.   Both girls played the parts of naughty and nice equally well, and Karla was exceptional at guiding the scene with her dialog the entire time.  Not really any major technical gripes, other then the slightly off center POV's in the opening pussy eating segments, and otherwise, everything looked quite good, in terms of scale and image quality.  If you have been waiting like I had for the return of Karla Kush to VR you won't be let down by this one, and if you are looking to get to know Harley Jade you should be happy here too! 10/10.  View our full Naughty America VR Review here.

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