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Updated November 2018

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Naughty America VR Review

1. Number of movies: 5/5 - 328 in October 2018, Naughty America VR offer a large VR porn collection.  This collection has been gated behind a loot crate type system at Naughty America from Spring to Fall of this year, so hopefully the October changes continue to grant full access for one price moving forward, as most of us expect from a VR porn sub.  

2. Sub pricing: 2/5 - October 2018: Naughty America finally dumps the loot crate system they have been running for the last 6 months, and have brought back "unlimited" monthly subs. Prices were initially $35.00 with no other tiers, but I noticed tonight they have dropped the price again down to $29.95 a month, and $179.40 a year.  That's this week at Naughty America, let's see if they can stick with that pricing from here out, it's been a crazy year at NAVR in terms of their sub model.  These prices are on the high end of VR, along with Virtual Taboo and Reality Lovers and 5 dollars higher than their old monthly rate, but good to see them at least drop it down from 35 and allow once again for all of the content to be available under a standard memby.  

3. Frequency of Updates: 5/5 - Mid February 2018: Naughty America VR jumps to 3x a week movie releases. However, Naughty America rolled out new sub changes in April 2018, and some of these new movies then became gated for certain subs (new subs, non-grandfathered subs).  These changes have been reversed as of October 2018 as near as I can tell. 

4. Variety of Pornstars: 5/5 - There is something for everyone at NaughtyAmericaVR. Overall, your classic pornstar look and more MILFs then you will likely find on other virtual reality sites atm such as Kendra Lust, Julia Ann and Nikki Benze. Fans of well known stars like Mia Malkova, Karla Kush, Sydney Cole, Megan Rain and Jillian Janson will be stoked with multiple vids that are some of my personal faves in VR so it's not all cougars. I would recommend just looking through the pornstar selection at Naughty America VR. If it looks like your thing, it is a great sub and an alternative to the younger WankzVR catalog.

5. Variety/Kinky/Niche content: 2.5/5 - Main niches at Naughty America VR currently would be MILFS, Big Titts, FMF, some Cumplay/ Cumswapping and some a some vids featuring Anal and Creampies. Pretty much right up the middle and vanilla at NaughtyAmerica VR, nothing too naughty and many of the scenes from late 16 and most of 2017 can feel somewhat formulaic. They also got our cookie cutter award in 2017 and have been super formulaic thus far in 2018.

6. Tech: 2.5/5 - Tech for the first year at Naughty America featured a rig that exhibited large world scale. For the 2nd year, since August 2016 or so, the scale issue has been resolved, and overall image quality on the rig can look very nice at times, in the top tier at times in 17'.  The narrower FoV on the newer rig though proves to be a challenge for the newer production teams Naughty America has employed in 2016-17, with heads being lost during cowgirl sections at time being the most common issue. Audio is generally pretty average quality at Naughty America.  There was a recent rig upgrade in December 2017 that they seem to still be working with adjusting in the new year. Tech seems to have jumped all over the place recently in 2018 with regard to scale and other issues. Recent movies I watched in May/June have been noticeably warped, distorted and elongated looking. Over the bulk of the catalog, about a 2.5, as you can barely choose a portion of it that has been stable for very long.  

7. VR Production: 2.5/5 - There are a couple of different flavors, or more, of Naughty America VR production, ranging from some of my absolute favorite, to some of my least favorite. Original Naughty America movies for the first year, were all done by one team if I am not mistaken, and all exhibit a similar flavor, that I for one loved, and would rate right up there with WankzVR.  In fact, I think if this crew was still shooting VR for Naughty America, they would be very competitive with WankzVR.  The problem for the original stuff was tech and scale, not production, which was adventurous and seemed to get VR and how it related to porn.

Since that original team departed, the flavor has changed quite a bit and there appeared to be at least one new director at work in Fall 2016, resulting in some really weird shoots in the Fall at Naughty America and Real Teens VR.  You can my review of some of these movies at both Naughty America and Real Teens VR in our Virtual Reality porn movie review section. 

Movies over the course of Fall 2016, through Winter and now into Winter 2017, have seemingly wandered all over the place on production style. Early 2018 hints at things finally moving in some new directions again but then got more unstable in Spring 18' along with the new sub model shenanigans. Over the bulk of the catalog, a 2.5/5.  *about the only positive Naughty America news I have heard this Summer, is that the original director whom had shot some of the best Naughty America scenes in the beginning, may once again be shooting some VR scenes for NA.

8. Searchability: 5/5 - Naughty America VR have reskinned their webby and Winter 2016 sees you being able to choose between classic and a new (more searchable, more usable) layout. 

9.  Extras/Networks: 5/5 - Naughty America's latest October pricing change now states access to their 2D content as well.

10.  Download Speed: 4/5 - Download speed for Naughty America VR videos is generally average to good for me in 2018 and I have not seen any recent complaints over speeds. I typically get most VR Porn Videos in 30-45 minutes from Naughty America VR in 2018 for the highest quality files for Oculus Rift. 

Scaling/ Distortion: Movies from the first year of Naughty America VR exhibit large world scale, and this was most pronounced for GearVR users.  There was also a common complain of keyhole distortion from some viewers.  It was not a deal breaker for me at the time of early VR on Oculus, but in 2017, the content looks quite large as we have settled into a fairly average scale at most of the main studios. 

*August 2016 found Naughty America VR moving forward with a new setup that eliminated scale issues. Movies I have viewed on the new setup from Real Teens VR via Oculus look great to my eyes and Real Teens VR shoots on the same rig being a Naughty America Satellite site. Movies viewed through Fall and Winter looked really nice on scale and most feedback has been positive on other platforms such as GearVR.

  • Late Winter 2016/Early Spring 2017 releases show a slight bowing in horizontal room lines that I started noticing around the release of Ass Zapped.
  • Many seem to feel that scale is once again off on many releases in 2018 from Naughty America VR and scenes from Spring 2018 are showing noticeable bowing and distortion in the image. 

Overall Immersion/ VR Sense: I love older VR Naughty America scenes for the most part, and find them to be quite immersive but there was either a change or addition of new production around the summer/fall of 2016, that brought in a new flavor that I DON'T find particularly immersive so it has been a mixed bag in 17 for me with girls getting their heads lopped off due to poor framing and nubby issues like that. Scenes got a bit stock at Naughty America for me in 2017 in terms of porn fuck formula and I am glad to see some new directions being explored in early 2018.  This all seemed to hit a brick wall though with the sub model shakeup in Spring 2018 and it feels more like 2 steps forward, 5 steps back at Naughty America VR in 2018 as we head into Winter. 

Naughty America VR Review Score

Quick Points/Update Timeline
  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Google Carboard and many other Virtual Reality headset formats supported.
  • Trial deals do NOT FULLY UNLOCK VR CONTENT! 
  • See my full review notes for information on Naughty America VR scale, that can be too large for some, mostly with GearVR on older movies. August 2016 update saw a new camera rig that has resolved scale across all devices. Bitrate was increased, which brought along a very nice bump to image. 
  • Naughty America went to 2 releases a week starting at the end of August 2016.
  • New Naughty America VR standalone content with Big Tits VR, 5 movie package for titty lovers released in December of 2016.  This has been revamped in 2018, and I am not sure how many more scenes are planned to be released but feedback has been good on the new ones. 
  • November 2017: Naughty America content has drifted around in the last 12 months, where it looks like there have been many production changes.  There have been some nice scenes and some crappy scenes on the technical side.  My favorite movies in the Naughty America VR catalog tend to be pre-summer 2016 in terms of flavor and production style but you will get larger scale on those movies as well.  NA ended up 2017 with a New Years special where the girls kept masks on for the whole movie, so...... ? :)
  • January 2018: It felt like perhaps the winds finally shifted some at Naughty America in January and I am hoping to see them get back on track in terms of production having some flava again in 2018. 
  • February 2018: Naughty America VR increases to 3x a week release schedule.
  • March 2018: Naughty America VR moves their PSE, FMA and T&A series of movies to their own paywalls and out of the main catalog.
  • April 2018:  Naughty America VR causes an uproar with their community with new pay gates on classic content as well as a new billing scheme that feels very much like a lootcrate system, rather than a porn sub. 
  • April 2018: Naughty America changes their sub model and is running a rather deceptive billing page that many are calling an outright scam.  I would define it as such, as there is no way you can tell what you are getting on the external Naughty America billing page and there is no other studio in VR resorting to such tactics.  They have been pressured to change the sign up page and are continuing to run it as is. 
  • Link to current Naughty America VR Terms of Service here.  I would advise reading this before signing up at Naughty America VR because you can read the whole thing, and still come out with NO IDEA what exactly it is you are signing up for. As well, it has been changed more than once this year, getting vaguer with each incarnation as to what content is included with a new subscription to Naughty America VR.
  • October 2018, sees Naughty America revert to unlimited access monthly subs, and after posting prices first at $35.00 a month, they have now lowered to $29.99 at the time of this update on October 7, 2018. 



* Nice range of top talent

* Some genre classics

* 3 Releases a week

* Inconsistent flavor over the catalog

* Cookie cutter scenes, series

* Scale issues with several portions of the catalog

* Poor PoV's and framing

* Trials unlock limited VR content

*NA has felt pretty unstable in 2018, changing pricing/access models multiple times

Naughty America VR WebSite Details

Naughty America!  One of the most well known and highly rated porn networks around and one of the only major American studios producing Virtual Reality content atm. 

When I heard they were getting into the VR game in 2015, I was stoked, as they are a large enough studio to finance some really high quality VR porn featuring high profile talent and they have released some great VR movies over the last few years now.

Fast forward to Spring 2018.....and I am no longer sure what to tell you about Naughty America VR. April was an enlightening month for many in the VR pornosphere. 

Nice Deal for the Amount of Content on Included Network

The Naughty America site deal is solid, with a HUGE network of Naughty America content and access to 4K movies if you have the tech. Virtual Porn shoppers BEWARE: The 3 and 7 day trials are VERY limited as to what VR content you can sample. 

Home for MILFs & and PSE's

I would say Naughty America VR caters well to lovers of: MILFS, Big/Fake Tits, as well as featuring some amazingly hot younger stars like Mia Malkova, Jo Jo KissSydney Cole, Kate England, Elsa Jean, Tali Dova and Jillian Janson.

August 2016 updates

August updates to the Naughty America rig have addressed problems with scale on GearVR and other platforms and the bitrate on files has also been increased, leading to a nicer looking image from what I have seen thus far.

Most seem to be pretty happy with the scale issue over all platforms at the beginning of October 2016 and most overall feedback seems positive on the tech changes to the rig. The rig operator(s) have been another story.

Production inconsistent over Winter 2016/17

Production on movies has wavered in Fall & Winter, possibly due to the inclusion of a 2nd director or production team with some heads being chopped off in framing, and other odd camera setup choices as well as some fairly predictable scenes.

Other movies have looked pretty great, so for me, the flavor has wondered quite a bit from early to late year at Naughty America in 2016 and for the bulk of 2017.

Naughty America VR wound up on a great note in 16' with the release of Fidelio on New Years Eve, winding up taking 2nd on our 3D Porn Review Best of 2016 VR porn video list, where they wound up on a turd with Fidelio 2 this year, which was fairly panned for the girls leaving their masks on for the duration, in yet another questionable production move for 2017.

2017: More inconsistent production

Looking back at 2017, Naughty America was all over the place this year, from downright terrible to downright decent. Much of this is due to rotating crews or new crews and I can only hope Naughty America tightens things up a bit in 2018 on the production front. The casting is always pretty great at Naughty America VR but 2017 was pretty bland for me, with very little in the way of standout scenes, or standing out, for all the wrong reasons. 

2018: Encouraging start and then.....

Naughty America seems to be starting off 2018 in better form, mixing things up some and sporting some new tech upgrades. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the Winters releases fair and hopefully NA can find some consistency with their crews this year. 

By Spring time 2018 though...... again.......I dunno. They jumped the shark. They shit the bed. Time will tell what other crazy ideas Naughty America VR roll out this year, but the last couple of months, have kind of felt like a trainwreck from the outside looking in for me and some of the moves feel almost shady/downright scammy in nature. 

Stuff to watch out for:

Be aware that the trial deals are very limited as to what VR content you can access and beware of potential single click instant unlocks on other offers listed on banners on the Naughty America website. I think this is better than it used to be, but I don't click around to find out! I haven't seen a complaint in some time now.

*April update:  Again, as you have seen above, not sure WHAT is going on at Naughty America at the moment in terms of what content you get for what sub and I would not be paying for a sub myself until this is completely divulged up front by Naughty America, which, despite being pressed for details by their community, have not been forthcoming on details.  See my post here for more information and current updates on what many in the community feel is an outright scam being offered up currently by Naughty America VR.   

October 2018

October finds Naughty America reversing direction on their double cash gated content idea that ran from Spring to Fall this year and returning to what appears to be a traditional unlimited subscription model, and a billing page that once again appears to tell you what you are actually getting at Naughty America for your sub dollar. It's unfortunate they did what they did this year, and that it took 6 months to reverse, but this is a win for VR porn consumers and good to see them respond to pressure to change their billing model. 

Naughty America VR Website Review

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