Nicole Aniston Returns to Naughty America VR with a Bang in Their BEST VR Release Yet, A Bangin 4th!

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A Bangin' 4th, Featuring Nicole Aniston: A Naughty America VR Review!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"A Bangin' 4th"

A Bangin' 4th is a special July 4th, 2106 bonus release from Naughty America VR featuring bangin Nicole Aniston, in what I will just say up front, is probably Naughty America VR's strongest VR Porn offering to date.  This 45 minute movie features many tweaks to Naughty America's otherwise winning formula and the results were pretty spectacular I thought.  It's cool to see Nicole Aniston back, as she was featured in one of Naughty America VR's very first attempts at VR porn — the creampie delight that was Be The Boss, a favorite early Naughty America VR title I recommend everyone that subs to NA grab at some point.

Poolside in the sun

The scene starts with the action outside by a pool on a bright blue sunny day, and in stark contrast to WankzVR outside shots, Naughty America VR knows how to balance levels on their shit to account for exposure, and the sunlight in this scene is a real positive, rather than a negative and in most sections, the shot looks good, with nice contrast when Nicole is up close.

Up close, right away

Nicole approaches, and looks awesome lit by the natural lighting in back, and hey now, what's this?!  She gets in really close right away and you can sense immediately, this is going to be a bit different presentation from Naughty America VR.

Nicole is intoxicatingly close to you in much of this movie, and the shots look superb on Oculus Rift and Whirligig, with zero distortion, and just a tad of that Naughty America larger scale, that is probably least evident on Rift.  I love it, and Nicole feels like a whole lotta fucking woman in my lap here.

Some really great kissing

Things are super close and intimate here, and when Nicole leans in for the first of many kisses, it is perfect.  Not too close, not to far, it is VERY believable distance on the kissing, and she is slow and sexy, no rushing , no pecking.  There is a fair amount of kissing here and this is every bit as strong as what WankzVR is shooting right now, if even more consistent and believable in this scene.

Things get dirty

Nicole gets in the pool for a minute before coming back to straddle you, dripping wet, and sexy as hell.  After a nice section with her there on your chest, Nicole heads inside, and after a scene cut, appears with 2 ice cream cones that are on their last legs with lit sparklers sticking out of them.  She then proceeds to make sticky mess all over the both of you with chocolate sauce and ice cream drippings.  If you have a food thing, you may love this.  However, if you are like me, and have an OCD about sticky shit?  Ha ha ha...I was fucking cringing here and by the time Nicole washed my chest off with some water I was sighing in relief!  It is fairly comical how shit like that can affect you in VR.

There is a bit of really nice ice cube play after this with Nicole sucking on them, rubbing them on you and herself, and due to the excellent audio, you can really sense their presence.  When she starts to suck on your cock after sucking on an ice cube, you almost expect it to be cold.  The ice worked really well on a number of levels in VR as did Nicole's super long hair that is often hanging forward onto you, and something many of us love in up close VR.

Nice sucking section

The scene is intimate, slow and playful and it is about 15 minutes in before Nicole bends over with her ass in your face for the most popular shot in VR right now, the bending over between the legs suck shot, and this one is really well balanced in terms of depth to dick.  It is not too far up or too far back, at least for me, and this was one of the better versions of this shot I have seen lately, that have been pretty well used now since roughly Latina Ass Shake, when studios such as WankzVR started doing it in every shoot.  It is clearly the FOTM shot for VR Porn, and when done right, looks great, adding a cool depth effect of both foreground and downstream action.  This one, the Sloppy with spit Katrina Jade version in Call Katrina and the awesome Alex Grey shot from You Can't Sit with Us, have been my favorite Naughty America takes on it so far.

There is a nice bit of suckin here, and at one point, Nicole is positioned to the side for a half profile shot, and I thought, the use of sunlight here was awesome, contributing to the depth and enhancing the shot greatly. It is a fine line with bright sun like that, and it really works in this scene as a strength in the HMD, adding more than it took away in my estimation.

Ice Cubes R good

A bit more ice cube play, and by the time Nicole teases your cock into her pussy, you are really ready for it.  Nicole is soft, sexy and present and this defines a nice close up cowgirl shot.  Overall, a really nice sequence here, and it show that when done right, cowgirl is anything but boring.  ATTN: BADOINKVR

Change to some shade

Lots of hanging hair, ice cubes, big ass titties in yo face and up close time with Nicole later, the scene changes to a nice shady location, and Nicole is before you again, at close range and it's breathtaking.

Satisfying doggie section

This section progresses into what may be the best standing doggie I can remember in some time from Naughty America, and the sense of plowing into Nicole from the back here is real.  Big shout out to Ryan Driller, who 1. COMPLETELY leaves his hands out of the frame, when he would CLEARLY have benefited from using them, and 2. Visibly had himself positioned to maximize the shot on camera, and you get a sense at how hard good doggy shots are to pull off right now. Seriously Ryan Driller, pro stunt cock work here, and it REALLY enhanced the immersion, never having the hands come up into the shot here and having him arched back the way he is.

Nicole's hair is a nonstop attraction, running the length of her back almost to her ass-crack and I was really pretty pleased as an assman with this part of the movie.


The next sequence of stand up missionary/butterfly was probably my least favorite, just in terms of intimacy, where things start to drift a bit far here, but much better than most Naughty America standing shots.  Nicole still looks fucking tasty as can be like this and there is certainly nothing wrong with this shot, I just found myself wishing she would raise up to me, the way Alex Grey did to great effect in the last Naughty America Offering, You Can't Sit with Us.

The cum-shot is also from this position, which feels very satisfying for me, I prefer that vantage point to laying on my back and cumming back onto myself.  Much more satisfying to drop it onto a willing target below I feel.  Nicole comes in for one more fantastic close up afterwords, and Bangin' 4th comes to an end.

Some explosive VR Porn for our 4th of July weekend!

I would have to say, for myself, based on VR factors, and how much stronger a close up focused presentation is, that I would have to call this my favorite Naughty America VR release since joining back when they only had like 3 movies available a year ago.  Bangin' 4th clearly shows that Naughty America VR is answering the consumer call for more intimate Virtual Reality presentations and combined with spectacular performances from girls such as Alex Grey and Nicole Aniston, they appear poised to be moving into even more compelling VR Porn territory this summer.

Nicole Aniston was awesome in Be the Boss, released almost one year ago today and only the 2nd of Naughty America VR's early  releases.  It is really fun to see her return a year later for kind of a full circle moment, and help Naughty America VR push their VR porn game to the next level!

I would recommend this movie to all fans of Nicole Aniston, those that love up close, intimate scenes, scenes with excellent kissing, and those that might be looking for more of a woman than a girl.  Nicole is all of that.  10/10.  I think it's not the best Naughty America VR movie so far, but I think it is the best Naughty America VR  focused movie so far.   A fantastic representation of cutting edge VR porn from Naughty America VR and Nicole Aniston! 

"A Bangin' 4th" from Naughty America VR!

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