Grab Your Lube….and Bend the Fuck Over Bruh! It’s Customer Appreciation Month at Naughty America! An NAVR PSA!

Naughty America VR missing content

4/27/18: Sorry for the missing images/vids yall! After 2 years of supporting Naughty America VR as a studio,  reviewing their scenes and hosting their trailers, I have been dismissed as an affiliate this week and was asked to remove all NA trademarks, images and videos from my website.  Kind of a funny prelude to this piece now! lmao.

Was it worth it? Yes. Cheers guys. 

Naughty America Fucks Your Ass!

Wuttup party people! lol

Wanted to stop and take a moment today to simply acknowledge the single most idiotic thing I have seen happen in the last 4 years of VR porn now, namely: Naughty America VR's recent April Fools restructuring of their VR division and subscription rates.

April truly was the month to roll out this horseshit, as what Naughty America has done feels pretty much like an April fools joke gone bad. 

This is hands down, the scummiest shitbag move I can recently recall from ANY studio who's content I consume, be it porno or video games. I can certainly think of some pretty scummy video game company moves, but on sheer dollars and idiocy, this one might just take the cake.

Earlier this year: 3x a Week Updates!!!

So a few months back, Naughty America VR makes news by jumping to 3 releases a week, which for the $24.94 monthly sub rate at the time, was an extremely competitive price point in the space.  What they didn't tell us at the time however, was that some of these movies would now become gated to new subscribers under their new model. 

This change to 3x a week releases along with recent shake ups in content at Naughty America, was enough to peak my interest in picking up an annual sub myself in March,  as I am sure others did as well.

Then Comes a New Announcement

Then, Naughty America announce around a month back, that for new subs, they will be splitting the old content up into new gated sub-categories and state that those with running subs that do not let them expire, will be grandfathered into this content.

New subs now? Get fucked in the ass.....raw.

Let's take a little peek at what a new sub can now expect to encounter behind the brown door at Naughty America VR. 

Naughty America VR missing content

*Membership includes VR videos and Movies with the ability to purchase channels

Current Billing Page is Deceptive as Fuck

If we look at the current billing page at Naughty America VR, you can't tell FUCK ALL about what you are about to dip your dick into.

Naughty America VR missing content

You are only told that "Membership includes VR Videos and Movies with the ability to purchase channels" and that Membership "Upgrades" are available inside. It does not say shit all about how many movies you can expect or at what price point. It does not show you that in fact, the movies are all locked behind pay gates and you will HAVE TO spend more money, on top of the money you just spent, to get at them. 

Naughty America Slow/Reluctant to Divulge Details

After a week of badgering from folks like myself on reddit, a random NA rep posted the following explanation..(shown below)..which is still not fucking linked on the actual billing page! 

Naughty America VR missing content
  • Active memberships prior to March 2nd are considered grandfathered and their access to all content at that time has not changed.
  • For new memberships after March 2nd please read the info provided here

  • Currently, all new memberships get access to a selection of roughly 100 videos, with and average of a dozen or more being VR, currently 17 VR videos are available in the general membership.
  • Videos will rotate in weekly to the base memberships. Yes, this means even the $1.95 trial gives you access to this much content, which        was previously 15 scenes, with 1 being VR for the same price of $1.95.
  • Channel unlocks are available in the members area for a variety of 2D and VR content for a extra cost per channel.

So, if you have an active memby prior to March 2nd, nothing changes. You continue to get access to everything you did before as long as you do not let your sub lapse. This is either costing you $24.95 a month or a fully reasonable annual of 70 bucks.

Now, let's talk about what happens if you let your sub lapse or are an unfortunate new prospect at Naughty America VR.

Simmering Out the Bullshit

First, you pay $24.95 to gain access to..... get ready..... "all new memberships get access to a selection of roughly 100 videos, with an average of a dozen or more being VR, currently 17 VR videos are available in the general membership."

So, ya "average of a dozen or more" or there abouts.....or some shit.

So, you want some VR porno to whack off to, and Naughty is going to give you a sub....with 100 random movies, around which, oh....10% of them will actually be a VR title....never mind a VR title YOU actually give a shit about paying for.

"If you signed up after April 2nd, you have a general membership that gives you access to a variety of 2D & VR content that will have content cycled in on a weekly basis. This will include Porn Star Experience, Super Sluts and many others. When? At random. Additional content is at an added cost. We will be updating you on our featured content every week."

Well THAT sounds like a pretty shitty dick to me, I dunno bout you broseph. But wait.....there's more!

So, what happened to all the fucking NAVR content? 200 movies???

Bros.......shit starts to get so complicated here, I cannot even believe we are talking about porn site subs and not a loot crate system for some failing video game.

Naughty America VR missing content

1st, Ya Got Yer Gate Fee

Sooooo, you pay your gate fee of $24.95 to get in the door at Naughty America VR to find a dozen or so, random ass VR scenes. The rest, sit behind new pay gates, some 15 of them.

Then, Ya Gots Yer Pay Walls

Things get a little blurry on early reports of what lies behind the pay gates, but it sounds as if the cost to unlock is from 25-35 dollars, or a triple that, 70 dollar "lifetime access fee", that lasts only as long as you hold an active membership. This, is to gain access to what one user described, as "a section containing 20 VR scenes".  You stoked yet bro!?

Naughty America upsell

A BIG ASS for signing up is what you will be feeling like about now! (image blacked out now, showed the Big Ass category unlock prices)

If you think about something like the 'After School' section ..... well, there have only been a handful of those scenes even produced to this point!  There can't be 20 movies waiting behind THAT gate

Napkin Math, Because They Will Not Give Us Full Details on Costs

Some quick napkin math has the current estimate, to unlock all the Naughty America VR content.....that used to run you 25 bucks a month, at somewhere around 500 - 1000 actual motherfucking dollars to unlock.  And if you drop you sub, you lose access again. 

AND MOST OF THAT CONTENT...... KIND OF SUCKS!!!! hahahaha.  If it was shot prior to Summer 16, it has large scale. If it was shot in likely just flat out sucked due to the crew turnovers if nothing else.

Ya Know When You Go to fart and shit instead?  Ya. NA Walk of shame

So if you didn't know about this shit, now ya do and how fuckin stoked are you to join up at Naughty America VR anytime soon???  

The cost of the content, is flatly fucking absurd. You could literally carry subs to every other VR studio and download a couple THOUSAND movies, lol.  Go sub to Czech VR and get over 400 titles for $25 bucks a month. Go sub to WankzVR and get over 200 titles, some running over an hour in length, for $20.00 a month.  Of top quality CONTENT.  Right there, a CVR and WVR memby combined, is what one of these fucking Naughty America unlocks will grant you 5, 10, 20 titles??? for.  And much of that content, is not all that great on tech and/or production.   

Won't even get into the other shit blowin in the wind

I am not even going to touch on the ongoing reports over the last year of Naughty America owing vast amounts of outstanding payouts to their affiliates, but if one digs around, there are not just one or 2 complaints about this issue, there are guys that are allegedly out 50k, 100k or more in outstanding commissions, possibly pointing the way to much deeper troubles at Naughty America.  

*Naughty America did settle up their outstanding balance with me this month, before then also terminating my affiliate account and requesting their content be removed from my website.  So ......what the's the threads.  GFY Thread,  Xbiz Thread - you will need an account,  reddit thread

Add it all up, things look pretty bad at Naughty America right now

You put it all together, and it is kind of hard to envision a scenario where they can even recover from this shit.  If they made the move because they were desperate for cash to begin with, it has totally backfired by any gauge I can see and there will be even less cash coming in the door by next month, with droves of people dropping their subs, or reversing charges on their shit once they get behind the first paywall.  

Totally regret my own recent annual sub to NA

I recently purchased an annual sub to NA, just before some of the deadlines as you can see in my "locked/unlocked" screenshots here, and I really wish I had held off another month at this point.  I will be suspending all Naughty America VR trailer hosting as well as movie reviews, so it's looking like a wasted 70 bucks for me if things don't change.  And honestly, I dunno how you put this cat back in the bag.  Naughty America have absolutely destroyed 3 years of work on their reddit community, and that is the most honest feedback they are going to get. If they are not going to listen there, they are not going to listen.  And they will fail at this.  Who on the earth of fuck would KNOWNINGLY sign up for it?

*End of April Post Update*

just one assholes opinion here, find many more on oculusnsfw

Many more posts regarding Naughty America VR can be found on reddit oculusnsfw, that's enough linked below for you to get the general flavor in April from other people besides myself.  I am in no way trying to drag Naughty America through the mud on some personal beef, I don't really tick like that.  For me, it's a write off.  Next.  Plenty of other reasonably priced content to spotlight for you guys and little time to spend badmouthing Naughty America on my website. 

I am however trying to make sure that no one that comes to my website for info on VR porn, gets burned on the current Naughty America sub model.  Because I feel like it is flatly designed to burn you. There is no other VR porn studio I feel such a warning is warranted right now, and if Naughty America had just launched in 2018 with the current April subscription model they just rolled out, I would never have hosted their content on this website to begin with or reviewed a single movie.  

I want this to be a site you can come to, and feel like you are getting a decent heads up from me about what you can expect in terms of VR porn movie content or subscriptions., and I want to feel good on a personal level about the studios I spotlight on my website.  If that means I need to bring to an end an affiliate account and remove 2 years of content then so be it. At that point, I am obviously uncomfortable linking it for you guys.

You can find VR Pimp's Naughty America VR podcast with Scott Man here to hear a bit of their perspective, right before these changes were rolled out, starting right before the 30 minute mark.  Scott, has now been missing in action on reddit, since the shit hit the fan, lol.  You can also hear Scott talk about me at the 43:30 mark regarding this scene.  

My own get fucked moment: I'm TheActionIsGo posting there. I own that, and can hardly blame NA for their subsequent actions in shutting down my affiliate account and asking their content be removed from my site here. I was pissed as both a consumer and as an affiliate at being put in a position of running links all of a sudden to what I felt to be a highly deceptive sign up page, them remaining totally silent on questions for more information regarding the new sub details on reddit,  as well as frankly being tired of waiting for payouts over the last 1.5 years and hearing the same stories from my peers that own other VR websites or reading about the same things posted on other industry forums.  I'm not particularly shy about my opinions.  One might pause to consider what would drive someone like me (as well as many of the folks in the linked posts above, I'm not the only guy saying get fucked) to say something like that about a brand I have supported in earnest for the last 2 years.  

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