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You Can't Sit with Us Featuring Alex Grey from Naughty America VR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"You Can't Sit with Us"

Today's Naughty America VR review is for the July 1st release, You Can't Sit With Us featuring Alex Grey.  This movie marks Alex's second appearance in VR, the first being in My Best Friends Girl from WankzVR, with that scene offering a really strong experience with Alex, complete with a great VR kiss.  Being a fan of Naughty America's style at its core and Alex Grey, I was stoked to find out they would be shooting her and was pretty excited to view the results.

Lunchroom drama

Alex Grey plays the new girl in You Can't Sit with Us, and the scene starts out in a lunchroom with 6 other people in it, which feels strangely populated for a VR Porn scene, kind of serving to open up the shot up a bit in terms of focus.  The setup is just long enough and reasonably delivered, finding Alex plotting for a way to get back at one of the the girls in the room that denied her a seat, and she is soon headed downstairs to find the bitchy girls boyfriend.

Alone with Alex

The scene transition finds you seated in a small room and Alex enters, dressed in a trench-coat and has a seat next to you, looking truly stunning up close.  I think Alex is one of the most beautiful new starlets out there, and I found her presence to be a bit more impressive here than in the WankzVR offering.  Also less teen vibe here and more woman.

Behind door number 1

After talking you up for a minute, Alex gets up and removes her trench-coat, revealing a rocking black lace ensemble, that contrasts her blond hair perfectly, and she is pretty much a vision of beauty standing in front of you here.

Alex Grey is unbelievably photogenic

Let me just stop a second  to say this about Alex Grey:  I cut screens while I write my reviews, and it strikes me again today, that much the same as when working on my WankzVR review, no matter where you stop to snap a screen-shot, Alex pretty much looks AMAZING.  She is incredibly photogenic.  Some scenes, I try to hunt a bit for screen-shots.  With Alex, it is pretty much snap 30, and try to pick 10, because they are all knockouts.  You get to stare at that beauty for the next 30 minutes here in VR and it's simply awesome.

"You wouldn't mind if I played with you a little bit.....would you?"

FUCK NO you don't mind and in no time flat, beautiful Alex has your pants off and your big cock in her mouth. The oral section is really nice, and Alex comes up to the side for a Naughty America VR style profile sucking shot, that I absolutely love and no one else really seems to take advantage of like Naughty America.  It has the advantage of both bringing the girls body closer to you on the side, diminishing a bit of the hyper-symmetry involved with POV shots, and, women look amazing sucking cock from profile, in my humble opinion.

Close-up Cowgirl

After telling you her "pussy is already soaking wet for your dick" Alex hops on cowgirl, and she just looks spectuacular, with her long torso and lean build in your lap.  Alex is really up front here, with her tits pressed up against your face and it is fairly easy to lose yourself to the VR, other than the black boarders high above your head if you look up at Alex when she is super close.  The effect is immediate, intimate and present and even when Alex leans back, she does not lose the closeness.  And the looks in her eyes....

Sounds wet down there

Alex turns around and grabs your cock, rubbing it on her pussy before placing it inside and the audio is excellent here, you clearly can hear how wet she is below.  This section is great with Alex leaning back and her long hair hanging in front of you while you watch her ass bounce up and down on your cock below.

All killer, no filler so-far

The fucking is hot and Alex always has something dirty to say about the condition of her pussy and things are pretty top notch in this scene at the halfway mark here.

You get a bend-over-in-your-face-and-suck-below section, followed by more amazing reverse doggie with Alex looking back at you, before she dismounts to suck her pussy juice from your cock.

"Come here.....fuck me over here"

The next section finds you across the room fucking Alex missionary on a table, and for a Naughty America stand up sequence, I didn't mind this one too much.  It is still a tad high on camera for me, as is typical with Naughty America VR standing shots, but Alex did not feel disconnected from me as in some other NAVR standing sections, and overall I liked this missionary inclusion here.  Alex continues to look sexy as hell below you, audibly rubbing her wet pussy and keeping things steamy with lots of dirty commentary.

The fucking here is hot and sweaty and Alex definitely gets into it.  At one point she raises off the table to come in closer kicking the intimacy up a notch, and it's amazing staring into her striking blue eyes here.

Taking Alex from Behind

Alex next turns over for some doggie and her back is red and sweaty from being fucked on the table, and for the most part, this is a pretty decent doggie shot from Naughty America on height, my only issue would be the guy gets pretty hands on in this section grabbing hips and ass so he can plow Alex harder.

"I want your cum all over my fuckin ass"

You slam Alex for a couple minutes more before obliging her request, dumping a huge load on her ass and back, which she then scoops up and places in her mouth in front of you, playing with it for a second before swallowing it down like a good girl.  "I dare your girlfriend to be mean to me anymore" are the last words from Alex's mouth and You Can't Sit with Us winds to a close.

Amazing movie for Alex Grey fans

Wrapping this one up, You Can't Sit with Us was probably my favorite offering from Naughty America lately, with a stronger finishing sequence than the last Naughty America VR standout to me, Call Katrina, and and fiery performance from Alex Grey that felt present and personal.  The scene never ran out of steam or fell off pacing wise and I wound up being into this one a bit more on the level of an Alex Grey EXPERIENCE than the WankzVR offering from a few weeks back.

If you are a fan of Alex, this is a no brainier, you have to have this clip and I sincerely doubt you will have any issues with it.  As long as one is fine with Naughty America scale on their individual devices (LOVE it on Oculus) and find Alex Grey to be interesting, there is no reason not to grab this one, it is a fantastic offering from Naughty America and Alex Grey! 10/10

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"You Can't Sit with Us" from Naughty America VR!

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