Getting Nailed in Jail with Angela White! Big Tits at BaDoinkVR!

Angela White Featured in Nailed in Jail from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  8/7/2017
Running time: 44 minutes
Starring:  Angela White
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Nailed in Jail Preview
Notables:  Angela White, decent VR titty time, nice fingering section
Negatives:  Lighting, PoV's
Review Score: 8/10 tech
5 words or less:  Sexy cellie

Nailed in Jail

Checking out the new Angela White virtual reality scene tonight, Nailed in Jail from BaDoinkVR. I'm a big Angela White VR fan in general: she does the VR porn thing quite well and has a really chill and honest way about her that makes for great scenes in terms of her presence on camera and believability. I think she's super sexy and always seems to bring her A game, so the real question mark here for me was how were the PoV's and other technical merits of the movie going to be, Angela White being largely a given.

angela white badoinkvr

Angela White!


Setup for Nailed in Jail has you standing in an opposing holding cell across from freshly incarcerated Angela White, who is in the tank for the night for a little drive n drank.

1 angela white vr

​Pink,  not drink

Angela fesses it was in fact masturbating that caused her to swerve on the curves, and since she is still feeling horned up, she's soon retrieving a set of keys from below her pillow that she lifted off of the guard in order to join you over in your cell.

2 nailed in jail

​If you are in the over 6' club, this one is for you!

The first PoV is pretty weird unless you are somewhere well over 6' tall, and the stuntdick in this scene much be one tall motherfucker, as Angela, rocking heels no less, appears an easy full head below your slightly down-tilted PoV to start with.

3 nailed in jail badoinkvr

The universal sign for "I have a file hidden in my bum"

​Drab looking set

Audio is pretty poor at the start and lighting conditions on the bland side, which has been a common theme in some BaDoinkVR U.S. scenes of late like Private Eye with Natasha Nice. It's just a fairly dark jail set, with deluxe Grey jail beds that perhaps could have used a burst of color on the sheets instead of having them the same tone as the floor and bars.

4 nailed in jail angela white

Angela is actually in heels here, lol

​Even Angela's Red dress is muted

Angela is rocking a slightly darker look with hair and lipstick and the whitewash brick set with Grey floor and bed just really didn't help her pop much in the visual sense, with even her red dress as really the only color appearing fairly muted, but she does look great as always.

5 angela white virtual reality

Better audio in your cell

Audio improves as Angela joins you in your cell and makes with the suckin followed up by some basketball player style titty fuckins.

6 angela white titty fuck
7 nailed in jail movie review
8 badoinkvr angela white vr porn
9 virtual tit fuck

​Way up there boob fuckin

Angela prompts you to lay down at around the 10 minute mark of the movie for some more titty fuckin which is much in the odd style that was presented with Cassidy Banks in The Rubdown, where the male raises his ass up onto Angela's knees. You get some nice tit sandwich visuals, but good luck aligning your body with the stunt cock on the virtual front, who is hovering mid-frame in the air. If you do manage it, for fucks sake don't get caught! lol

10 nailed in jail badoinkvr angela white

​Well... it's lighting

Lighting gets both brighter and worse in this section, with a bright spotlight or two casting shadows as well as an unflattering glare on Angela, and an overhead room light that appears to be causing a flare ghost on one of the lenses.

11 angela white fingering

​Sexy clit rubbing/fingering section 

Titty job goes for around 3 minutes followed by some brief sucking before Angela has a seat on your chest for several minutes of tasty finger fucking n clit rubbin.

12 angela white virtual

​Kisses fall just a bit high

Some VR smootching follows in here, mostly of the on your nose type variety, and Angela does a nice job with them in terms of style, BaDoinkVR just does not have their kissing coaching as dialed in as say WankzVR I don't think. As well, BaDoinkVR's current rig does not fare as well as some of the others at this distance it seems like. 

13 angela white cowgirl

​Lean-back for a few, and then the good VR stuff

Fucking gets going around 19 minutes into the scene with a few minutes of the type of cowgirl most of us hate to see in VR....lean-back, followed up by several minutes of the kind of cowgirl most of us love to see in VR, especially those that came for the tittays.

14 angela white tits

Pure natural physics at work!

​Ride the snake

Stuntcock is a mover and a groover so you get a bit more undulation on the male body here for a flat on back shot than usual.

15 angela white virtual fuck

​Like boob?

So the 2nd half of the cowgirl section is likely what many Angela White fans came for, and other than the glaring light above her on the ceiling, you get some amazing titty time here, where you get a great sense of presence and mass moving in front of you and a much closer feeling experience with Angela. 

16 angela white ass
17 angela white vr sex

Angela flashes her Tori Black look

​Sexy girl

Action swaps to reverse cowgirl next for some lovely views of Angela's delicious ass and just-the-tip dick teasing followed up by another dose of full frontal tit assault.

18 angela white titties
19 nailed in jail

​Meh Mish Angle

Fucking ends up in an OK feeling kneeling missionary shot in terms of PoV, with Angela up on pillows n bro in what looks like a really uncomfy folded leg tuck. 

20 nailed in jail badoinkvr

​Bit far: nice visuals, meh PoV

The PoV has the lean-back kind of thing happening, and Angela is a bit further back then what many would likely prefer, though they do attempt to improve this with the pillows below her here, as well as Angela holding herself up more.  

21 angela white

​Angela's a pleasure to watch here

Not the greatest not the worst PoV,  but Angela brings it home nonetheless with a hard fuck and a convincing looking nut or 2. The fuck footage itself is great and Angela rocks it. 

22 angela

​Cum on tum tum yum yum

Cumshot winds up with a pull out n dump on Angela's stomach, which she samples from her fingers before deciding she is going to make a jail break after all,  prompting the end of Nailed in Jail.

23 angela white cum
24 angela white after

Short clip at end with just Angela talking

​Quick clip with Angela talking at end

A quick scene tag with Angela at the end is also featured like BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX has been doing lately and these clips work out nicely to bring you out of the scene at the end of the movie.

​Great scene from  Angela White, needs better light!  


All in all, it was a solid scene with Angela White, hampered by some so-so PoV's and some less than ideal lighting conditions. Angela has killed all her VR scenes that I have watched thus far, and I always enjoy catching a new movie with her, Nailed in Jail being no exception. She has a great personality and always brings the heat with the fuckins so Angela White fans should be happy here. There is quite a bit of titty time, from titty fuckin, to funbags swingin in your face, so those that love big naturals should also be quite pleased.

PoV sticklers may find most of these off a bit, and I kind of struggled to feel very natural with any of them really, other than the up tilted cowgirl with Angela above you, where the camera angle/PoV feels pretty solid. Some of this may have had to do with the height of the guy, such as the opening standing PoV.

​BaDoinkVR feels like they have some momentum and steam building at the moment, having jumped to 2 releases a week finally, and offering the best of both America and European VR talent, which is a mix others cannot match.  If they can tighten up the PoV's that have always been a weaker link at BaDoinkVR, they feel like they could be one of the strongest VR porn studios in 2017.  Great scene from Angela White. 8/10 for tech.  

Nailed in Jail from BaDoinkVR!

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