Brown Nosing to Save Your Job! My Anal Boss with Natalia Starr from BaDoinkVR!

Natalia Starr is Featured in My Anal Boss from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  May 25, 2017
Running time: 33:00
Starring:  Natalia Starr
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or My Anal Boss Preview
Notables:  Natalia Starr, nice anal scene
Negatives:  Some off center action
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Hot buttsex with Natalia Starr!

My Anal Boss

     Writing up a quick movie review tonight for My Anal Boss featuring Natalia Starr from BaDoinkVR. I like me some Natalia Starr and I like me some anal so I wasn't about to miss this offering from Badoink and I would have to say that other than some off center shots, this was one of the better anal scenes I have watched this year, and one of the better movies I have viewed lately at BadoinkVR.

natalia starr

Natalia Starr!


Setup for My Anal Boss finds you on a familiar BaDoinkVR stage/set that I recall seeing most recently in Poison Ivy and in this case, they have the room set up like an office, with Natalia playing your none-to-pleased-at-the-moment boss who has summoned you for some proper ass chewing.  Or.... assfucking.  

Image and audio are both average for BaDoinkVR, with neither the enhanced clarity on the video end that can be seen in some of their past movies, or the above average audio capture that may also at times be found on BaDoinkVR productions.  Natalia looks great and while I can't say I was particularly buying the opening dialog much as she was chewing my ass, she soon settles into a full on sexy groove as she loosens up later on during the scene.

1 natalia starr vr

Transparent transitions keep the hard edits soft

​Transparent cuts

One of the things I was digging on as the first edits came up to ease the transitions on the dialog, was the fact they choose to use transparent blends between the edit segments in post production, which results in a more fluid edit, as opposed to say the black quick cut edits that have been riddling WankzVR and Naughty America VR productions as of late. With the transparent edits, the only thing that appears to change in the scene is the girl ghosting in between the edit points, while the rest of the room and background image appears to remain static.  I think this style of transition is much cleaner for quick dialog cuts or same position edits, while the harder, black cuts can be useful for implying the passage of time or transitioning between positions and it would be nice to see more studios using them.

2 natalia starr vr porn

​Nasty Natalia

Things pick up steam after a couple of minutes as Natalia assumes a spread leg position on the desk and starts droppin hints of needing a proper assfucking.  Her dialog here is quite a bit more compelling when she is just talking dirty and my only critique would be that she is perhaps a bit far back on the desk, and it would have been nice to have been located a bit closer to her for the opening action here.

3 my anal boss

"I need you to give me your hard cock...... and fuck my tight asshole....and fill it with your fucking cum......"

Natalia cuts right to the chase pretty much! (false creampie advertising) and I was groovin on the dirty, no bullshit vibe right away here with plenty talk from her about you stretching out that tight little hole.

4 my anal boss badoinkvr

Natalia goes into a great pussy fingering warmup on the desk, that's good shit other than the distance.

5 my anal boss natalia starr
6 natalia starr virtual reality

"Ohhhhh, my fucking waiting for that hard cock"

Natalia turns around on the desk next for some sweet asshole fingering, eventually ending up with her finger in her mouth, all in all making for a nice n dirty warm up section and leaving little doubt Natalia is down for getting her ass fucked. 

7 natalia starr ass to mouth
9 natalia starr oral

​Some slightly off center shots

Oral action starts at around 9 minutes in, from a fairly decent feeling seated PoV, other than the fact things feeling shifted off center a tad here and for much of the rest of the scene.

10 natalia starr handjob

​Some awesome commentary from Natalia

I was feeling a little undersized here, but the oral section is quite decent, accompanied by some jerking and kissing as well as some first class I-want-you-to-fuck-me dialog from Natalia.

11 natalia starr virtual fuck

Most of the shots in the movie are slightly off center


Fucking starts off in cowgirl, with Natalia supporting herself from behind for the first couple of minutes, before leaning in close for likely the most present feeling section of the movie, where I was welcoming a nice dose of closeness at that point.

12 natalia starr virtual cowgirl

​Most intimate feeling section

Things are a little off center and tight on the upper and side borders here as there is no up tilt on the rig, but the effect of having Natalia in your lap is pronounced and this would be the most intimate and present feeling section of the movie. 

13 natalia starr anal

"Are you ready to stretch my tiny little ass out baby?"

Backdoor action starts around 19 minutes into the scene, with a great standing/seated doggy section that is only marred once again, by being sloppily off center.  Otherwise a really nice shot, that could have bordered amazing with a bit more care on the cam setup and Natalia looks awesome slipping your cock in her ass from this vantage.

14 natalia starr virtual anal

The seated action runs for a few with both standing inside your legs and straddling your legs positioning from Natalia, the latter of which offering some especially tasty views of her delicious ass in motion and I personally love seated standing doggy for VR and this rare use of it coupled with anal. 

"Make me cum on that cock....give me an anal orgasm!"

Slightly off center lean back on the desk anal cowgirl is next, with more sexy time from Natalia who keeps things nice n spicy. 

15 my anal boss badoinkvr

"That's your tight little asshole"

There is a cool section with Natalia laying fully back onto the desk here yielding some unique positioning on an anal shot, as well as some smegma that appears to perhaps muck up the lens for a bit yielding a blurry spot close to her face.

16 natalia starr virtual badoinkvr
17 natalia starr anal sex

​Standing missionary

Natalia transitions you up onto the desk for standing missionary at around the 24 minute mark and this is quite a nice feeling PoV, with the rig tilt centered smartly on Natalia and not too much bro encroaching into the shot from below.

18 natalia starr anal porn
19 natalia starr my anal boss

"Be gentle with my tight little hole"

This standing section runs for a good stretch and Natalia vacillates between "just-the tip" to "give-me-every-inch in my ass" keeping the verbal intensity steady through the whole scene and making for some really hot fucking.

20 anal natalia

"Stretch my tight hole out baby!"

The last position transition finds you in standing doggy, with Natalia bent forward onto the desk for one of my favorite VR positions. The PoV feels pretty solid here, it's like the angles make sense with the girl bent over 90 degrees or something, where other doggy shots beg for the cam to be advanced more over her ass to feel natural. Like the cam still needs to come forward here, but it feels OK or better for some reason in this bent over position which always seems to work out pretty well in VR.  Like, the ass winds up feeling in the right place in virtual space somehow it seems like or maybe it just feels more "anchored?"

21 natalia starr vr porn
22 anal sex natalia starr

So, tasty ass fucking down the home stretch and all in all, as an anal fan, this one delivered for me bigtime as did Natalia.

23 my anal boss movie review

​Noisy popshot

The scene ends up with the otherwise silent stuntbro losin his shit for a second, gettin all emotive whilst throwing some rope on Natalia's backside, and the movie pretty much comes to a fairly abrupt end right after that with little in the way of cooldown.  

24 natalia starr bts

Quick after scene commentary

​Comment clip at end

Natalia does pop up once again after the fade out, in a VRCosplayX style end-of-scene tag where she just introduces herself and asks for comments on the movie if you enjoyed it, and I kind of dig these as end of movie mechanics to help bring you out of the experience a bit and offer a little personal flavor from the girls at the end.

​Solid scene for Natalia Starr and anal fans


Wrapping up My Anal Boss, I totally enjoyed this scene with Natalia Star, and I think it wound up being one of my favorite anal scenes this year along with movies like Teachers Pet from MilfVR.  I had no problem takin care of bidness multiple times here and would give the scene a top nod as an anal fan.  Despite a fairly unconvincing startup, Natalia settled into a really natural delivery during the fucking and I would say her dialog in the end would up being a high point for me, with the near steady begging for me to ream out her tight little hole doing the trick nicely for this viewer.   

​Good Stuff

On the positives, the PoV's all felt pretty decent in terms of distance and that kind of thing and I enjoyed all of the positions as an anal fan, such as standing doggy, and the bent over the desk buttfuckin.  The overall pacing of the scene felt good, without sticking on any one position or element too long, and for a 33 minute runtime things felt just about right, other than a fairly abrupt end to the scene, somewhat mitigated by the BTS type tag at the end with Natalia.

​Meh stuff

On the negatives, the main one here for me was the fact that many of the shots felt just frustratingly off center enough to detract from the action a bit, and that was unfortunate, as the PoV's were otherwise pretty solid in this scene.  As well, video clarity seems to have taken a step back in recent releases such as Cumming Home where I did a screenshot comparison and it would appear that this is possibly a new rig build from what we have seen from BaDoinkVR in the past.  ​The video is by no means bad looking, it just does not have that industry leading crispness that some of the older BaDoinkVR movies exhibit. 

Overall, I was stoked I hit the download button on My Anal Boss and felt like this was a really nice VR anal scene with Natalia Starr.  While I would not necessarily praise it for it's intimacy other than a few minutes of close up cowgirl, the scene does deliver well on mid distance anal action and in that sense it was a winner for me.  It would have been nice to have perhaps been a bit closer to her during the opening desk fingering section, but otherwise, the distance was about appropriate for the shots and positions used here and the movie for me was one of the more enjoyable releases from BaDoinkVR that I have watched in recent memory.  I can't see a Natalia Starr or anal fan being too let down with My Anal Boss and would give it a 9/10, mainly just for the off center stuff, this would have been a 10 all day for me otherwise. 

My Anal Boss from BaDoinkVR!

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