Multi Xbiz Award Winner Riley Reid Kicks Things Up a Notch at HoloGirlsVR in “Riley’n’You”!

riley n you cover

"Riley'n'You" featuring Riley Reid: A HologirlsVR Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 10/10

"Riley'n'You" from HoloGirls VR

I have been holding off for the last month on Hologirls since my previous sub lapsed a few weeks back, as there seemed to be some issues with quality control and technical flaws in some of the videos they released in the first quarter of 2016.  But some of these movies were also hot as fuck, so I check the site every day, as they continue to be one of the studios pushing VR porn forward that I am most interested in seeing come to full fruition and know it is just a matter of time before they are firing on all cylinders.

With a bunch of new content released over the last month that looks fairly consistent in the sample clips, a new 3 movie a week release schedule and a new look and feel to the webby, the bait was getting pretty strong to resub at HoloGirlsVR and the new trailer featuring sex kitten Riley Reid fingering her tight little ass proved to be to much for me so I'm in for another month and Riley'n'You was first on my list to download.  So let's take a look at a current release from HoloGirls and see if some of the issues of the past that detracted from otherwise awesome scenes have been remedied.

"So...Are You Ready for Some of This Naughty Pussy?"

Those are the first words you hear from Riley Reid as this 19 minute feature gets rolling and well, yes...yes you are.  The room you find yourself in as you look around, is a vast and striking setting in VR and you find Riley crawling up between your legs, talking dirty and flashing her trademark dimples.  30 seconds and zero bullshit in, Riley is licking your cock through your jeans.

riley reid

Riley says hello!

Riley is already buck naked besides stockings and a collar, and her cute little tits and bare ass sticking up in the back tease out from behind her hair.  Everything is pretty much dead on here.  Scale.  Lighting.  VR presence.  Riley.  The camera might be set back a smidge for my personal taste here, but it is fine and you can always pan forward if you want.

riley reid strokes

All hands on dick

Riley really gets to work on your cock with her mouth, accompanied by lots of sexy licking, stroking and she makes every attempt to devour your rod as far as she can while keeping things good n steamy with the dirty talk in between.

"Such Big Balls....Must Be So Much Cum Inside Them"

​Riley pulls your pants off and gets busy sucking on your balls and stroking your rod before going for some repeated deep throat attempts, generating plenty of spit for her to stroke your cock off with .

She then gets up and puts you inside her briefly due to a scene dissolve, before going back down to sample her pussy juices from your cock.  After a bit more dick sucking, Riley turns around and begins to tease your cock, rubbing it on her pussy lips and ass.

riley teases your cock

A little bit of teasing

"Let me Tease that Asshole While Your Dick Stretches Out that Pussy"

Riley places your cock inside her and begins to ride, and it is pretty hard to be disappointed with the view!  Holy god, Riley has a tight ass and when she begins to finger her sweet little bung in front of you, it certainly kicks up the sizzle.

riley fingers her ass for you

Fingering her ass while she rides

This section is pretty much all gold.  If you love Riley Reid's delicious ass, you won't be disappointed here and the way she is mounted between your legs really lets her arch her back and show off her tight lines while she puts in a full grind.

She climbs off to suck her cream off your cock again and makes another valiant effort to stuff every inch of your man meat down her throat, all the while giving you lots of sexy eye contact.

"You Want Some More of That Pussy, Huh?"

​Riley next mounts up forward cowgirl, and looks super cute leaning back with her stockings and collar on.  She puts on her serious face here and gets into a hard grind on your dick, before dismounting to play with your cock between her stocking'd feet.

riley reid cowgirl

Riley Reid looking cute as can be

More serious cocksucking, two handed stroking and ball licking follows and Riley is puttin in the work for your building load.

"You Going to Give Me all Your Fucking Cum?"

Riley starts a serious two fisted double pump on your Johnson and has you at full buildup within a couple of mins.  You end with blowing a HUGE load, that lands off to the side on the couch in a puddle, prompting Riley to state she is "going to have to lick the couch clean"...and she does so after sucking up every available drop of cum from your cock.

riley cleans up

Riley after licking your cum up from the couch

The scene ends with Riley asking you if you have any more cum, cause she would love to go for round 2 and of course you would.

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A Solid Step in the Right Direction from HoloGirlsVR

I feel like this release from HoloGirlsVR is a positive step in a fresh direction, and one that highlights some of the best qualities that their movies have to offer up so far: Top industry talent/ high production values on sets, and fantastic color tone and clarity that all combine to provide a top notch immersive experience in VR.  This video has a much improved feel to it from the early HoloGirlsVR efforts that felt a bit more experimental, and if this is the style they are shooting for, I am fully onboard.  

The only technical glitch I could spot in this video are the stitching lines that you can make out in some HoloGirlsVR movies if you look for them at about the 45 degree line of vision, but in this case, the talent remained centered in the shot and I only observed the tiniest bit of clipping when I was really watching the boundary line for it on the left side of the shot.  If you are watching Riley's hot little ass as you should be however and not her elbow, this will not be an issue for you.

All in all, Riley was awesome as usual.  Great scene, great ass fingering, nice cumshot/cleanup, and it was a sweet VR ride.  Looking forward to the rest of this month on my sub to see what else HoloGirls serves up.  Would recommend to any fan of Riley Reid or hot VR sex in general.  10/10.  Riley Reid plus HoloGirls = a clear winner here.  Check out our full HoloGirlsVR Review and Rating!

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"Riley'n'You" from HoloGirls VR

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