Onix Babe and Proxy Paige Take Things to a Hole New Level at Virtual Taboo in Modern Love!

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Modern Love from Virtual Taboo with Onix Babe and Proxy Paige!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

Modern Love is a new September 2nd release from Virtual Taboo featuring Proxy Paige, Onix Babe and Juan Lucho in an 80s themed VR porn fuckfest full of bright colors and hot, steamy sex.   After an amazing Proxy Paige VR JOI movie last week for Virtual Taboo, Proxy is back, joined this time by spectacular Onix Babe and pro VR porn-cock Juan Lucho for a torrid threesome that sees Virtual Taboo break some new ground with their first foray into anal & anal fisting as well as shooting Onix Babe's first Boy/Girl scene here, so this 36 minute movie has plenty to offer and easily made for one of Virtual Taboo's best scenes to date I thought.

Modern Love Virtual Taboo

Straight to it

Straight to business

Modern Love pretty much just gets right to it...there is perhaps some hint that it is the 80's time frame looking around at the posters on the wall and the dayglow outfits both women have on, but the stronger hint is it time for some fucking as Proxy and Onix take about 1 second to start kissing passionately and it's pretty much on for the next 36 minutes.  It is quite clear these 3 are happy to get together and this scene goes on to feature some genuinly hot fucking.

2 Proxy Paige Virtual Taboo

Really like the head in lap action

Head in lap blowjobs are nice

Some nice kissing in front of you by the girls while getting jerked off and soon both are taking turns sucking you off from below in the rarely seen in VR uhh...suck from below position!  I really dig this effect of having the girls lay their heads back in my lap, you  don't get to see this much, more often  you find yourself on your back, getting blown downrange so this was a nice change of pace, and took advantage of the full space available, with Onix chowing down on Proxy'd pussy further away in the shot giving things some added depth.

3 Proxy Paige Onix Babe Virtual Taboo

Lots of double dildo action in this one

A lot of hot, intense fucking and moving around

Much of the remainder of the movie is kind of too chaotic in terms of just good, hot, raw fucking, so I will just hit some highlights as there is more action here than I could hope to adequately describe to you and the shots are rarely stagnant for long in Modern Love.

Double Dildo

Around 7 minutes in, Onix produces a long, flexible, purple double dildo and some lube and goes about getting busy fucking Proxy as you continue to be sucked off from below and this is all pretty hard to get in frame for a screenshot for you, but the action is good and hot to be sure.

4 Modern Love Virtual Taboo

Proxy's turn to fuck Onix from behind

Onix begins sucking your cock next while Proxy eats her from behind before grabbing the purple dildo and giving Onix a good hard fuck from a couple of angles.  

5 Onix Babe Virtual Taboo

Breaking up the normal VR shots we usually get

More hot double dildo action follows with Onix on her back and I loved all the various angles the girls put themselves in,  it really broke up the typically symmetrical shots we generally get in VR porn right now, with everything centered evenly , etc.  The whole frame gets filled with action here and the angles felt fresh for much of it.

7 Virtual Taboo Modern Love

Just about every angle possible

8 Proxy Paige Virtual Fisting Taboo

Fisting Proxy Paige

Virtual fisting

At 17 minutes into the movie or so, Proxy makes the universal sign to Onix for "It's time to fist my ass"  and Proxy assumes the position while Onix grabs the lube and for the next couple minutes, Proxy shows you why she is an anal legend, as Onix's small sized hand is accommodated easily by her asshole.  And really, I would say, besides the Ella Nova scene at Kink.com, this is the best fisting you are going to find right now in VR, hands down.  Rimshot.. 🙂

9 Virtual Fisting Proxy Onix Taboo

Onix Babe's first B/G on cam

22 minutes in you switch to your back with both girls giving some great profile oral attention below, and I loved this shot of two women in profile working the dick.  A couple minutes later and Onix hops on for her first on camera fuck and looks amazing riding your cock while leaning in quite close for much of the cowgirl.

10 Onix Babe Modern Love Virtual Taboo

Onix's first Boy/Girl on cam

Virtual Taboo finally films some Anal! With a dick! /golfclap

Both girls take turns cleaning Onix's pussy juice from your cock before Proxy gets up and places your dick in her ass in lay-back cowgirl while Onix works her pussy from the side.  A bit later Onix adds the vibrator and sets about sending Proxy off to what looks like more than one healthy orgasm.

11 Modern Love Virtual Taboo Anal

Proxy achieves liftoff

Not a bad way to blow your load!

Back to some stereo sucking for the fairly epic cumshot and both girls take some time after to kiss and cool off and if I had to describe the look in both of their eyes, it would be quite satisfied!

12 Modern Love Proxy Onix

Not a bad way to bust yer nutt

3rd 10/10 in a row for Virtual Taboo

Overall, I thought it was some pretty epic fucking by all involved and I lost track of how many times the girls seemed to cum.  This was some of the rawest sex I have seen in VR all year long and provided some never before seen shots for me with all of the different positions the girls arranged themselves in.  In a sea of more Vanilla offerings, this one stands out a bit for sure.  The only negatives for me were a bit more hands than usual from Juan Lucho, but it played to the scene well and were not a major distraction for me and shouldn't be too much of a distraction for those that care about male hands, as most of it is pretty low profile other than a couple of sections such as the ending shot above.  Otherwise, whats not to like pretty much; Onix Babes first B/G scene, Proxy Paige doing anal and fisting, multiple orgasms by both women and lots of hot sweaty action to fill your HMD!  I think this makes our 3rd 10 in a row for Virtual Taboo, following up Proxy's awesome JOI and Julia Roca in the latex themed Catex  so it makes the news today that Virtual Taboo's main dev has possibly left the company sad news indeed.  We will keep you up to date on Virtual Taboo going forward.  10/10.  View our full Virtual Taboo Review.

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"Modern Love" from Virtual Taboo!

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