Misha Cross Does it Again with a Little Help from Lilyan Red in “How I Met Misha Ep. 2” A VRP Movie Review

how i met misha 2

"How I met Misha - Ep. 2" Starring Misha Cross & Lilyan Red!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with VRP player.

Review Score 10/10

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How I met Misha - Ep. 2

How I met Misha - Ep. 2 is the second installment of VirtualRealPorn's new How I Met Misha series, and this installment finds her paired with Lilyan Red for a killer combination.  For me anyway, I find Misha Cross to be perhaps the best "actress" in VR right now, and she consistently kills it time and time again in VRP's vids, where she comes across as natural, sexy, innocent and dirty all in one amazing lithe package, so I always look forward to seeing a new VRP vid with Misha in it.

Down n Dirty on the Floor

The scene finds you standing with Misha in an empty bar with Lilyan shortly joining and Misha quickly coming up with the suggestion for having a threesome.  In a flash, you are comically laying down on the floor of this bar, and after laughing about it for a second, you just go with it.

misha cross lilyan red

Misha and Lilyan join you on the bar floor

The girls approach and get nice and close, and the scale of everything is excellent, with both ladies looking amazing.  They join in some really nice kissing and Misha helps to remove Lilyan's heels, revealing her stockinged feet which Lilyan begins to rub your cock with through your pants.

misha cross lilyan red virtualrealporn

The girls get busy

Some more sexy kissing, even closer to you this time, and the girls are busting out your cock, which they take turns licking long and slow...its good.  Misha pulls up her top and Lilyan leans over to lick her perky nipples before having Misha unzip her from behind.  Both ladies have great, natural breasts, and look awesome topless.  Lilyan strips down to garter and stockings and climbs onto you placing her ass right in your face where Misha pulls her panties aside and begins to spit on Lilyan's naughty bits.

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​"You Wanna Fuck This Little Pussy?"

Misha leans in close, asking you if you want to fuck Lilyan's little pussy and after a bit of sucking, helps guide you inside her friend. Misha stands up beside you and goes into some hot upskirt action, doing some sexy squatting and the effect of both ladies here is really good.

lilyan and misha virtualrealporn

Super sexy scene here!

Lilyan hops off after a couple mins and both girls take turns tasting her juices from your cock before Lilyan gets back on again, forward cowgirl, really close to you.  Misha is slapping her friends tits and rubbing her clit while looking into your eyes, and this scene is good VR fucking.

lilyan red virtual cowgirl

Lilyan rides cowgirl

Misha climbs on next, reverse cowgirl, and shows off her amazing ass while taking your cock and Lilyan is right there spitting on it and rubbing Misha's asshole.  After a couple mins, Lilyan too, straddles both you and Misha from above and you get a glorious stereo ass presentation that will have you not knowing which one to focus on, the first of 2 really good shots in this section.

misha and lilyan stereo asses

VR asses in stereo!

Golden VR Moment

After the stereo ass action winds up, the ladies come in for some awesome close up kissing and this is the kind of thing we all love, very close and personal.  And then things get ridiculous....strap in bro.

Misha Cross up close

Misha buries her pussy on your mouth!

In one of the coolest VR shots I have seen to date, Misha plants her pussy right on your nose while Lilyan frigs it from the side noisily and holy god....at one point I was laughing like a little kid, the effect here.....you have to see it...rather feel it to believe it.  There is no distortion, no bad scale up close, it is just literally Misha's pussy in your mouth while Lilyan fingers it.  It is NUTS!  You know when shit crosses that VR line?  Ya....all that and a bag of chips.  VR effect off the scale.  Seriously sooo good.

After this, Misha places you inside her cowgirl while Lilyan kisses her from the side and rubs her own pussy as Misha grinds you hard. You next get a bit of leaning back cowgirl while Lilyan licks and spits on Misha's pussy as it rides on your dick.

lilyan red gives back


The scene winds up with Lilyan and Misha both taking turns deep throating you as far as they can before jerking you off and sharing your load.  Both girls come in close and show you your cum in their mouths, and Lilyan drools your load onto your chest, before Misha leans in and tell you she thinks she would like to see you again, pretty soon.  The cumshot is not rushed like many other movies, and the scene is allowed to wind down a bit before going to black.

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Super Solid

Overall, if you like Misha Cross and Lilyan Red, there is pretty much no way you are going to be let down by this one.  The girls are both amazing here, and the scene suffers from no noticeable technical flaws, and offers 2 really great shots for me: the stereo ass shot, and the fucking unbelievable up close, pussy in your mouth fingering sequence.  That fucker makes my list of awesome VR shots of the year so far.  Would recommend to those that like Lilyan Red and Misha Cross, fans of up close action, and those that love those crazy moments that transcend normal video like the pussy in your face shot! 10/10, no issues with this one, nothing but win.

"How I met Misha - Ep. 2" Starring Misha Cross & Lilyan Red!

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