WankzVR and Megan Rain Bring You Breakfast in Bed!

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Megan Rain VR Breakfast in Bed From WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Breakfast in Bed"

Breakfast in Bed is a 6/24, 2016 release from WankzVR featuring littlesexbuddha Megan Rain.  Miss Megan Rain is sexy as fuck and WankzVR have been on a roll lately with releases such as On Set with Riley Reid and Fuck Me, I'm Famous, so I was definitely stoked to get a first look at Megan Rain VR, and she certainly did not disappoint.

Megan Rain VR porn

Megan Rain, looking stunning

Breakfast of Champions

​The scene starts off in a large kitchen with Megan starting  to cook some breakfast for you, before you walk in and she decides to feed you her pussy instead.  Setup is only a few minutes, Megan looks spectacular in a pink bra and panties set with black stockings, and it's soon off to the bedroom.

Megan Rain Breakfast in Bed

Megan just gets closer from here, with some really nice kissing

Straight to Some Really Good Kissing

Megan climbs up on your chest, and there are immediately some really nice kissing sequences that play out very well and are quite  effective in VR.  Megan's talking to you the whole time, and has an easy natural quality in the delivery of her lines, where she comes across really confident and sexual.

Breakfast in Bed Megan Rain Review

A Marvelous View

Nice Close Ups on Pussy and Ass

You get to know Megan's asshole and pussy really well in the next section, where she buries them in your face for a good 5 minutes solid. You get to finger her a bit, and watch her bend over and spread the goodies for you and there are sections here where your face is literally  buried in sweet Megan's delicious ass.

Megan Rain WankzVR Virtual Reality

Another stellar view of Megan's assets

Bend Over and Suck

She next turns around and gives you a great show from the front, before bending over with her ass in your face again, this time to suck your dick and the view here is pretty fucking righteous my friend.

WankzVR Review Megan Rain Breakfast in Bed

Nice, lean in cowgirl keeps Megan close

Hair in Face Cowgirl

This is followed up by some pretty great cowgirl, the bulk of it being good and close and Megan is really a hot fuck here.  The position switch to a couple variations of reverse cowgirl is also tasty and gives you a nice downrange look of Megan's rocking body.

Doggie Time

The scene next switches to doggie, and your range in the HMD gets really tight up on the borders, but if you hold your head just right, you can keep Megan in the sweet spot, and other than the camera feeling a touch high here, and image quality kind of meh in this shot....holeee fuck does Megan look hot taking the dick.

Breakfast in Bed WankzVR Movie Review

Image quality fades a bit during the doggie section, and borders are very close


To wrap up the scene, the stunt cock here commits a cardinal VR sin, and jerks himself off to completion, but other than that, the cum-shot is nice, and Megan is sexy to the last minute.

The Megan Rain VR Breakfast Experience


Negatives: The image clarity is not great in this one, and kind of falls apart in doggie.  Some WankzVR scenes look crisp and clean, this is not one of them in the beginning or ending sequences I didn't feel like.  However,  Megan is close enough for the rest of the scene to make up for the difference, and the image looks better up close.  Other than a bit high feeling in doggie, not really any other gripes for me.

What else is there to say really on the positive side...it's another fucking home run from Wankz VR, which makes for a Grand Slam this month by my count. WankzVR is on a roll, you can get on the train now, or let it pass you by. There is no doubt, WankzVR are filming some of the most compelling, visceral VR Porn in the month of June 2016 and this movie is one of these examples. 10/10.  If Megan Rain VR is your flavor, just fucking download it  🙂 

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Breakfast in Bed from Wankz VR

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