Maya Bijou Steams Things Up at Real Teens VR!

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Maya Bijou Featured at Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Maya Bijou"

This weeks 33 minute Real Teens VR release features sexy nymph Maya Bijou in her debut VR scene that left her Tweeting "Virtual reality shoots ain't no joke I realized I was out of shape when I did mine" and Maya indeed gets a sweaty workout here!  This was my first time seeing Maya Bijou and hopefully not the last in VR as she was pretty awesome, and this wound up being one of the stronger scenes I have viewed over at Real Teens VR up till now I thought.

Bust out the teenage pussy

As with all Real Teens VR features, this one starts out with a solo strip and Maya wastes no time in showing off her teenage pussy for you.  As opposed to earlier Real Teens VR movies that were pretty silent, the intro here features quite a bit of talking from Maya, and she does an amazing job with talking it up in this movie.

Maya looks fantastic, has plenty of hot shit to spit at you while she gives you a show and she gets her serious fuck-face on pretty quick the moment she starts rubbing her pussy for you.  There is no shy girl routine here,  and Maya pretty much looks dtf.  Eye contact is largely focused on the right eye in the opening, kind of the only tech thing here but Maya gets nice and close in several sections and overall the intro is a solid one.

Pull your cock out and fuck me

After about 7 minutes, Maya tells you to pull our your cock and fuck her, and you find yourself transitioned into the scene with Maya fully clothed again and where say in the Lily Jordan scene, the addition of having the clothes put back on worked with the schoolgirl outfit, I had watched Maya pull up and down her white stretch pants enough at this point during teasing that I was wishing it had just been a fully naked to fucking transition.  Totally minor, just, I don't think we need to have them dress all the way back up in every scene as it does kind of take away from the opening momentum if the outfit is not going to stay on for the fuckin.

Lap time works for me

So a bit more on again off again with the clothes, and Maya finally breaks it down like a shotgun and has a seat on your lap while she strokes your cock and tells you how much she wants it inside of her.  I am a big fan of these type of shots in VR and wish the other guys besides Naughty America  would shoot more of them and take advantage of this proximity.  

What I like about shots at this distance, is it gives the viewer the ability to pan the shot, how they want to see it, and it plays more natural than just focusing everything in a sweet spot 3 feet in front of you.  If you just want to look up, it is one view.  If you want to look down, it is another view, and actually serves to give you options and control over what YOU want to focus on at any given minute.

While there is no kissing in this movie,  Maya does get very close to that border in several shots and I didn't particularly miss it here.

Soft n sexy talk

The following dialog is suuuuuper sexy, and it is a detail that is so often missed and is sooooo fucking effective.  Maya starts telling you how much she wants to taste you and have you in her pussy and this and that, but she is nearly whispering it.  It is super soft, and seductive, and she maintains that tone for the next couple minutes before she starts sucking your cock, and by that time, she had me pretty well heated up.  It came across really strong, and natural, and whether it was production calling for this via script or Maya did this on her own, the effect was outstanding.  I kind of get the impression this is just how Maya gets down 🙂

Look ma, no arms!

This is as good as time as any to point out that if you look down at your body model, you cannot even see arms at all, they are completely absent from the shot, and for the next 20 mins, you will have zero concerns with hands crowding your shot.  Hands in this movie, and many other scenes from Naughty America with Ryan Driller, are pretty much non existent, so those that care, there ya go. Don't get any better than this for man hands.

The dick sucking section felt great on distance and by the time Maya leaned up and told me she wanted me to fuck her for the last time, I was good n ready, and it served as a really good warm up to the fucking portion.

Little low on the floor shot for me

You shift to laying on your back on the floor for cowgirl, and I was not feeling this particular shot, that seemed to me too low to the chest, and slightly more beneath Maya than I felt I should have been.  As well, Maya's head breaks the border a bit in this section if you look up at it, but the fucking is definitely hot.

Nice bend over shots

Maya likes to hop off and taste your cock a couple times here with the bend over in your face shot, and these play especially well as she struggles to choke your cock down below and is overall really enthusiastic about it.  It doesn't play like "OK, time for the bend over shot" as much and I liked that as it can often feel forced.  Each time Maya went for it in this movie, I felt like she wanted to suck her pussy off my cock.  There are also some really fine views of Maya's goods here, right up to the point of contact in places and you can literally watch her asshole pucker as she gags on your cock down below.

Fantastic dialog by Maya

It is pretty much 30 minutes of Maya telling you how hard your cock is and how much she wants it inside her and at no point does it feel fake porno, it feels pretty damned genuine the whole time, and in fact, more believable as the scene progresses.

Doggie style is awesomesauce

Some nice reverse cow follows interspersed with cock sucking from various positions and then it is off the floor to standing doggie, and this shot, compared to the floor perspective felt fuckin great.

Favorite portion of the movie

The doggie was hands down my favorite perspective in this movie, and not only was height of camera right on for me, but Maya spent the entire time either half turned to face me and make eye contact, or fully arching up in front of me to where I could again, see her eyes, and I literally got the VR goosebumps a couple times during the doggie section.  Real Teens VR are really the only ones doing this shit right now, and you can see another example of this in the amazing scene they shot with Kylie Page.  It is something that is so simple to do, and yet no one does it.

Ending in stand up missionary

The final few minutes feature some really nice stand up missionary with Maya getting her fuck on below you and other than being a bit leaned back in perspective, it was a decent final view while Maya begs for your load, which you dump on her chest and she scoops up to show the camera before licking it from her fingers for you and finally blowing you a kiss goodbye before the scene ends.

Another really enjoyable scene from Real Teens VR

Overall, I dug it.  Good scene and Maya was quite hot to watch, and I would love to see some more scenes with her featured in them in VR.  I don't think I liked the camera perspectives as much as in the Lily Jordan video from last week, but the doggie shot made up for the floor one for me here, and was a standout section of the movie.  Nice, hands free action from stunt cock will be appreciated by many and I think they only enter frame to assist with penetration on doggie shot and then gone again.  I don't know if Real Teens VR turns up the heat in their rooms or what, but every girl winds up sweaty as fuck and I love that about Real Teens VR movies, it just adds to the vibe.  Maya's nonstop dirty talk was another highlight for me, as well as the softened dialog delivery leading up to fucking, and I thought all of that added greatly to this scene.  It never felt fake, or like bad porno lines, it felt like genuine color commentary from her on the state of her pussy and your cock and that really ads to fleshing things out in VR.  More Real Teens VR Movie Reviews.

Liking the style 9/10

So other than the scale issues in some of the early movies, I am pretty much loving scenes like this and in particular the Kylie Page and Lily Jordan scenes at Real Teens VR and have to say, I really enjoy the mix of solo up front content, fresh teens, pro stunt cocks, and some great VR fucking like the doggie section in this one.  I am also glad not to see forced kissing introduced, just for the sake of checking that box, and I appreciated how natural the rhythm of this scene felt overall. 9/10.  Didn't care for the floor shot,  and redressing for transition, not too sure on that one as a full time pattern.  Other than that, happy fapper.  Check out our full Real Teens VR Review.

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Maya Bijou from Real Teens VR!

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