Marta La Croft Wants to Give You a Spanish Tour! VirtualRealPorn!

Marta La Croft Featured in Spanish Tour from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn Review
Release date:  11/15/2016
Running time: 24:20
Starring:  Marta La Croft
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Spanish Tour Preview
Notables:  Seated action, close and intimate, Marta
Negatives:  Poor image quality, washed out colors
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Intimate scene with Marta La Croft

"Spanish Tour"

Taking a look at the new Marta La Croft release from VirtualRealPorn tonight, Spanish Tour.  Marta has been a fan favorite at VirtualRealPorn since her original classic appearances in After Party and Hot Bath and it has been since those early days at VirtualRealPorn since I have last seen Marta, having missed Good Morning 4 some weeks back. It was cool to see Miss La Croft in VR again after a year or more, and she really turns in an intimate performance in Spanish tour that left me glad I had downloaded this one.

spanish tour virtualrealporn movie review

Meet your tour guide!

Meet your guide to Barcelona

Spanish tour finds you in a rather bleached out looking all white room with wood floors with Marta entering the scene as your guide to Barcelona for the day. It soon becomes clear however that there may be a communication gap with you not speaking Spanish and Marta confessing to know only dirty terms in English.

Close from the start

The setup is fun, and Marta is immediately engaging with her natural way and camera presence. She comes right up and and closes the gap between the two of you and this intimacy remains for the rest of the scene.

1 spanish tour virtualrealporn

The universal sign

No English necessary

Marta resorts to sign language with the ole' finger in hole gesture and leans in to speak into your ear "what is the name....fuck?" There is some crotch grabbing and reference to your "burrito" and it is soon clear, the language barrier is not going to be a problem at all.

2 marta la croft

Lots of kissing in Spanish Tour

Marta gets down between your legs, and there is some sexy chest stroking and licking featured here, as well as the first of many kisses in the movie, all to varying degrees of accuracy and effect.  This is the super up close type of kissing that may occasionally land on the eyes instead of the lips but the kisses play out pretty well in the effect of Marta's proximity to you.

3 spanish tour

All seated action

It is time to break out your tool for some oral next and the action for Spanish Tour is shot from a seated perspective exclusively with a decent feeling PoV on the camera placement.

4 spanish tour marta la croft

Marta slowly eases out of her top while sucking your cock for a bit and stands up next to lose the panties, giving you a great look at her luscious booty before hopping on for some tits-in-yo-face cowgirl action.

5 spanish tour marta virtualrealporn

Close, sweaty cowgirl

The seated cowgirl is close and sweaty with Marta leaning up to speak in your ear occasionally and her giant titties pretty much taking up your main field of view.

6 marta la croft virtualrealporn

Nice reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is next and Marta sure knows how to work that ass, putting in a nice grind on your cock while keeping things connected by twisting to face you occasionally.

7 marta la croft tittyfuck

Titty fuckin

Some titty fucking and kissing follows before Marta mounts back up for another round of forward cowgirl.  While this scene is relatively simple being just a seated fuck for the duration, it makes up for lack of positional variety with the intimacy and presence of Marta which is one thing seated positioning is great for delivering in VR.

8 virtualrealporn spanish tour

Fucking ends up with some inside and outside leg straddle reverse cowgirl before Marta drops to her knees to provide the predicable target for your load, them big ole titties.

9 spanish tour marta la croft virtual reality
10 marta la croft vr porn

Jerk onto tits

Covered in sweat, Marta jerks you off nicely onto her tits and gives em the lotion treatment before standing up to give you one last look while telling you how wet her pussy is. The scene winds down slowly over the last couple of minutes and Spanish Tour comes to a close.

11 spanish tour

One of the more intimate scenes I have seen recently: 10/10

Wrapping up, Spanish tour turned out to be one of the more intimate VR scenes I have seen recently and Marta La Croft was pretty awesome in this movie I thought, offering up a really natural and unforced performance. The first person PoV was pretty decent feeling and I really like seated positioning in VR for the sense of presence it provides. You get a good sense of Marta here and she makes sure to keep things connected with the camera throughout, moving to speak into your ear, kissing you and offering up some fantastic eye contact. On the negative tip, the image here is not great. Colors are faded and washed out, and the all white room does little to enhance this shortcoming.  This has been indicative of many VirtualRealPorn shoots over the last few months and I can't help but feel like the image before recent tweaks, looked better in earlier VRP productions.  Other than the image clarity/color though, I thought this was a really solid scene and loved Marta's performance here in particular. 10/10.

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