10 Star VR! Live Chat Girl Caught with Jolee Love from Czech VR!

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Jolee Love Featured in Live Chat Girl Caught from Czech VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  4/20/18
Running time: 39:00
Starring:  Jolee Love
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: ​Live Chat Girl  Caught Preview
Notables:  Moving camera intro, tilted up cowgirl, kisses & pussy eating distance on point
Negatives:  Kneelback doggy
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less: That's how it's done son!
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Live Chat Girl Caught

     Wassup guys. After a couple days of Naughty America VR drama and content cleanup, I'm getting back to some reviews this evening with Live Chat Girl Caught from Czech VR. This scene was released last Friday and I had intended to write it up earlier in the week, so wanted to get to it tonight before too much more time goes by, as I thought the opening section/first half, was pretty much a VR porn production masterclass.

Jolee Love at Czech VR


Setup has you starting out in a pervy peeper type setup, where you are standing just outside the room that Jolee is currently doing a cam show in, watching her reflection caught in the large mirrored closet doors.

The entire intro is shot from a bodyless PoV with a steady moving rig, and was just pretty much badass if you ask me. This seemed to be the older style smooth n' steady setup vs. the bro-mounted moving cam Czech VR have been experimenting with in the last few months and this would be my hands down favorite rig in VR. They flat out pull shit with this setup, that no one else can do right now.

Live Chat Girl Caught movie review

All German

After peepin Jolee out for a min, she notices your presence and goes into the oh-shit-you-caught-me cover up routine as you fully enter the doorway. The entire scene dialog is in German which was never really an issue for me as Jolee's really expressive and gets the points across nicely. Everything kind of sounds dirtier in German anyway if ya ask me.

Jolee Love

Jolee Love!

Jolee Love Live Chat Girl Caught

Jolee Love Looks Awesome

Jolee approaches and as she comes fully into range, looks really amazing both in terms of her looks in general, as well as the awesome image quality at Czech VR. Audio is also on point with plenty of detail and by a couple minutes in, I was totally immersed.

Jolee Love boobies

Sweet Moving Intro

Action moves over to the bed next, where you are again in a bodyless PoV and are about to be treated to some fantastic moving shots and proximity effects.

Jolee Love at Czech VR movie review

Big Ass Titties

Out come the titties n DAM! Jolee looks smokin! You lean in for a kiss and the distance/effect is perfect.

Jolee Love virtual
Jolee Love movie
Jolee Love virtual reality

Joining Jolee on the Bed

Jolee leans back on the bed next and the cam fluidly moves down to join, positioned nicely between her spread legs.

Jolee Love VR
Czech VR Jolee Love
Jolee Love spreads pussy
Jolee Love Czech VR

Simulated missionary mount

The cam then pulls one of the nicest moving missionary mounts I have seen CVR shoot, feeling very much like you are climbing on top of Jolee to come in close and give her a kiss, which again, rings perfect in virtual effect. It's simply an awesome shot.

Jolee Love virtual
Jolee Love Kiss
Jolee Love vr porn

Airlingus in Effect

After planting the kiss, you move back downtown for a snack and again, the virtual distance is served up perfectly here to elicit the airlingus reaction, as the PoV is pretty much right on the money, or honey in this case.  When you get the distance/PoV this perfect, the fake sales job on you doing anything down there goes a lot further and the overall effect is pretty strong.

Jolee Love virtual pussy eating
Jolee Love virtual reality porn

Present Feeling

So the proximity effects are awesome up front, from meeting Jolee face to face, to climbing in on top of her in bed, to going down on her while being wrapped/framed between her legs, things always feel strongly present in the virtual sense.

Jolee Love ass

Rear View

Jolee flips ass up for you next, and there is a cool off to the side perspective shot employed where it's like, we-shoot-this-because-we-can in a world of centered static shots, before you move over to the right to center in on the booty.

Jolee Love fingers pussy
Jolee Love tits

Tit Time

Some reverse fingering and titty guys get their time next with some solid focus on dem giant breastesses within perfect serving distance.

Jolee Love
Jolee Love spreads pussy open

Awesome Opening!

Back downtown again for a gaping type shot, and overall the opening section runs right at 14 mins and was all first class VR porno footage in my book.

Jolee Love
Live Chat Girl Caught scene review

Tilted Back Cowgirl

Action gets going with the 2018 improved cowgirl shot Czech VR have been utilizing laterly, with this one sitting on a good, hard tilt back, perhaps 60 degrees or so.

Jolee Love handjob
Jolee Love cowgirl

Grade A

The cowgirl action, is simply awesome. Jolee feels like she is in the right spot in space, and you get the lovely overhead, in your face sequences that makes VR bros go weak in the balls!

Jolee Love porn
Jolee Love riding
Jolee Love VR
Jolee Love sidesaddle

Sidesaddle & Facestanding

Some sidesaddle action next into full reverse cowgirl followed up by another dose of overhanging cowgirl action into standing facesitting..... and overall, I thought the first 28 minutes of the movie were about as good as it gets on VR porn production in 2018. 

Jolee Love reverse cowgirl
Jolee Love at Czech VR
Jolee Love
Jolee Love facesitting
Jolee Love virtual porn
Jolee Love doggie

Liad back doggie

PoV switches to a laid back, sitting on your legs doggie shot next, and while I cannot say I am a fan of this positioning that we see certain studios use a lot like SexBabesVR, the saving grace for it here is that the PoV in terms of everything else, feels fairly balanced and about where it should be. You are just sitting in this ridiculous stance you would never fuck in pretty much!  But, setups appear very limited in this tight room as well so they were probably just going with what they had to work with. I dunno, for me.... just bend her over the edge of the bed in my mind.

Jolee Love fucked from behind
Jolee Love missionary

Liad Back Missionary

Last position finds you in the same setup for missionary, which despite a pile of pillows piled up under Jolee, looks pretty hard for the couple to pull off ultimately. Jolee is pretty full on the whole time though, seeming pretty determined to keep getting her fuck on.

Jolee Love

Nice Cumshot Angle

Jolee spins around head between your legs for a tasty two handed jerkoff cumshot followed up by around 90 seconds of face/tit time cooldown to bring the scene nicely to a close.

Jolee Love cumshot
Jolee Love
Jolee Love virtual reality porno

One of my easy fav's this year


Winding up Live Chat Girl Caught, I though it was an awesome scene from both Jolee Love, whom I had never seen in action before, as well always reliable Czech VR production.  You can pretty much count the crews that really kind of get shooting this stuff on 2 balls, and well......this is one of them!

The bodyless moving opening was all money for me, showing off the flexibility that moving rigs bring to VR porn production, as well as showing how much easier it is for the rig driver to take care of much of the placement distance, say a virtual kiss or pussy eating, as opposed to have to rely on the girl to get it perfect with her own careful positioning.  Every other studio, the girl kisses you. At Czech VR, you feel like you lean in to kiss her with the moving shots and it presents a whole other effect. 

The upward cowgirl shot here is just about right in the money zone, with a sharper tilt than what BaDoinkVR use and a shallower tilt then what Czech VR debuted in the Jureka Del Mar shoot and I wish to fuck after 4 years, more crews would follow the same logic and natural sight lines on this shot, as it makes a world of difference in effect inside the mask on the most used position in VR porn.  /coughJimmyLifestyles.

Not a fan of ski jump doggie stances; I wanna get up over that ass in doggie and get some VR presence going, but that would literally be my only nitpick with Live Chat Girl Caught. 

Jolee Love was steamin, production was on it, and this was one of my favorites for 2018 for sure, just in terms of being a really solid VR porn vid on all merits.  Would definitely recommend if you think Jolee Love might float yer boat or if you are a fan of strong VR porn production techniques. 10/10. 


Live Chat Girl Caught!

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