Lily Jordan’s Mom Thinks Her Outfit is Too Sexy…What Do You Think Daddy? Stepdaughter Seduction From WankzVR

Stepdaughter Seduction cover from WankzVR

Stepdaughter Seduction featuring Lily Jordan from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8/10

"Stepdaughter Seduction"

Stepdaughter Seduction is the new September 27th release from WankzVR starring Lily Jordan, who for my money, is about as hot as they come.  I would have Lily's Real Teens VR scene probably running up with Busting a Nun and one or 2 others for scene of the year right now, so when I saw that WankzVR was shooting her a few weeks back, I was pretty stoked.  While I don't think Stepdaughter Seduction came close to Lily's Real Teens VR scene on the presence side of things, Lily Jordan is haf, I love seeing her in VR, and her performance here is sexy as hell.

0 stepdaughter seduction

Fuck a Family Member Year

Setup finds us with the tried and true fuck a step-family member scenario,  and you are not going to find a much hotter step-daughter to fuck around with than Lily Jordan, who appears in some sexy ass jean cutoffs and a tiny black halter top.

1 stepdaughter seduction lily jordan

Good Lord

What do you think of my outfit?

Lily looks amazing, in spite of lighting in this scene not being the greatest, sometimes creating some hard shadows on her face here and there.  She is bummed out about mom saying her outfit is a bit too sexy and she has come to get your opinion on the matter.

2 stepdaughter seduction wankzvr

Best nips evarrr? You be the judge.

There's perky and there's Lily

Lily pulls her top to the side and leans in close, and seriously.....this girl is blessed, and so are you at this moment courtesy of that high tech shit on your face.  Lily flat out has some of the most purtiful breasts I have ever seen—not too big, not too small, Goldilocks titties capped off with the most perfect nips evar.

3 vr stepdaughter wankzvr

First kiss is killer

She leans in for a kiss next and where Wankz usually have their girls come in with all the finesse of a hound dog on a hot day, Lily smacks on a golden VR kiss here, slow, tender and womanly, not the standard WankzVR kiss at all.  A couple of these go on the VR kiss of the year list, where some of the others are just a tad high or low of that really small mark they have to hit, but they all feel authentic in that Lily brings her style to it.  Some girls can do the VR kiss convincingly, some can't.  Lily is really good at it and her approach is sensual, not mechanical.

"You can't say no to 18 year old pussy"

Lily slips off her shorts, hops up on the table for a nice show of her amazing ass and asks you how long it's been since you been with an 18 year old before approaching and undoing your pants.

5 lily jordan wankzvr stepdaughter seduction

You can't say no to 18 yr old pussy

Fucking table, lol

The table behind Lily is both a blessing and a curse in this scene in that it gives her a nice place to lay back on and support later during the fucking, but it gives the poor girl about one foot of space to maneuver in, and it just feels cramped in VR.  The table even has a support column right up the middle which keeps her from being able to tuck her legs under the table comfortably and I kept wanting to push it back out of the way for her, lol.

6 lily jordan virtual reality


Out comes your dick and Lily sucks cock much like she kisses, or in other words, the type of blowjob you love to get. Lily is soft and sexy, and moves with a purpose on that shit. 

7 lily jordan vr

Don't you wanna taste this nice little pussy?

Lily backs up and puts her goods in your face in the next section, but the footing is hard for her to maintain, and there is a good bit of shifting around leaving that delicious pussy just a bit out of reach or off center, so you are not going to get that super Wankz airlingus shot here, which is certainly a shame, cause that is one sweet pussy n ass. 

8 lily jordan virtual fuck


Lily grabs a tub-o-lube next and rubs a generous amount on her pussy before laying back on the table, and then later in your lap for a noisy rubdown.

9 lily jordan breasts

some nice close cowgirl

Seated cowgirl, up close with Lily

Off come your pants and Lily gets on for some seated cowgirl that is truly close, while also feeling a bit off center but it's an otherwise solid cowgirl ride.

Bro's hands are pretty much all over the place here both grabbing and stabilizing, and at a couple points you get a really strong sense of the forearms on either side of your face which just feels totally lame in VR.  All I can say is if its a bummer for you, check out Lily's Real Teens VR scene with Ryan Driller, who you couldn't even tell owned a pair of arms in that movie.  

Layback cowgirl is next,...but there is so much male torso in the shot that the aggressive fucking from stuntcock comes off a bit exaggerated, and just disconnected me from any real sense of presence with Lily in this section.  

10 lily jordan stepdaughter

Bro hands really not enhancing this otherwise amazing shot

There is a nice pussy close up next with a fairly comical light shift to the effect of someone moving a spotlight in the background, but not much wrong with this sweet view of Lily's pussy.

11 lily jordan wankzvr

So sexy

Miss Jordan's sexy ass

Reverse cow with lots of bro hands is next,... Lily's ass looks amazing, while the sensation of dudes arms on either side of my head blows.

12 stepdaughter seduction lily wankzvr

Cam is set up a bit off kilter on the last shot

Crooked Camera Setup

Missionary setup is next, and this just feels a bit sloppy on the camera placement here, with a skewed shot that does not feel centered and has you tripping on the off-centered feeling more than enjoying the view as you can see with the border in the image above.  It seems shooting on a white background seldom seems to look good in VR, and a colored sheet or something here would have kept Lily popping visually I think.

The pop shot is really nothing to write home about and features bro taking care of the wankz himself, and the comedown there after is fairly quick in this movie with a final nod to the premise of the film.

13 lily wankz

No need to tell mom about this

Love me some Lily Jordan

So overall, shit goddam is Lily Jordan fine as fuck and in that sense, any look at Lily is a good look.  Her performance was solid enough and this should do nicely for her fans.  On the production side, this one felt a little flat and the stars didn't seem to line up on the VR magic with Stepdaughter Seduction for me between some skewed angles, and the table that felt like it was in the way, cramping Lily between it and the couch.   Other than the close up cowgirl, Lily really didn't feel super present in the VR sense for me in some of the shots but this is still a very nice scene with her featuring one really great kiss and some hot fucking.   8/10 on Stepdaughter Seduction.  And more Lily Jordan in VR!

"Stepdaughter Seduction" from WankzVR!

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