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Real Teens VR Features Lily Jordan!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Lily Jordan"

Real Teens VR's 8/19 release featuring Lily Jordan came out a few days ago and I finally had a chance to sit down with it today. The last 3 offerings from Real Teens VR with Ashlee Mae, Liza Rowe and CeCe Capella all displayed some odd visuals for my eyes, in the form of a less crisp image than usual and there was apparently an issue with the CeCe movie in particular with regard to fps between eyes, so I was hoping this movie was a bit more dialed in.  I would have to say that not only was this my pick of the week, but I would rank this along side of Real Teens VR's Kylie Page offering as my favorite RTVR feature so far and among my favorite VR porn scenes this year.

Lily Jordan

Lily Jordan is a fresh 18 year old, and I had never seen any of her other work but she is fine as fuck, with an amazing body and eyes that kind of remind me of like Katrina Jade's little sister or something.  The opening section in this movie would have to be one of the best setups from Real Teens VR I think, featuring Lily in a cute never-gets-old schoolgirl getup and she has no problem talking to the camera in a convincing manner about her sweet 18 year old pussy for the next 10 minutes.

Best looking Real Teens VR set yet I think

The set looks great here, and I think the addition of the pink bedding does a lot to make the scene pop in VR, it appears in fact to be the same one used in the Kylie Page scene and to similar effect.  WankzVR had a similar bright background a couple weeks back with the Backdoor Picnic scene shot on a green rug, and bright bedding or patterned wallpaper like you see in a lot of Czech VR hotel rooms really seems to help with making things pop out a bit more in VR, where scenes that I have seen recently with much more white on the set appear more dull and less present to my eye, perhaps due to exposure.

"I'm such a naughty little 18 year old"

Lily walks in and sits on the edge of the bed in front of the camera which puts her at a good distance from you off the bat.  Where early Real Teens VR movies featured the girls being largely silent in the opening solo sequences, this one features nonstop talking from Lily and she sells it the whole way.  She is ridiculously hot, with confidence and poise and your dick is likely dead my friend if she can't get a rise out of it.

"I love fantasizing about big cocks all day"

A tasty edit finds the cam right behind Lily on the bed next and you get a great view of her sweet 18 year old ass wagging in front of you before she flips over to remove her shoes and eventually gets fully naked in the opening.  Don't worry...the outfit is back on for the fucking, which was a great touch with a bit of the best of both worlds being offered by Real Teens VR here.

Brief feet in face section

There is even a section where Lily offers you her toes and tells you to suck on them, which kind of felt ticklish and ought to get the desired result going for feet folks.

Long opening is money

After 10 minutes of epic opening Lily asks you if you want to fuck her, and you should be good and ready by now.  This opening runs a bit longer than other Real Teens VR movies and for good reason, they were smart to use all of this footage up front here as it is really strong.

Enter stuntcock

Stuntcock appears and I am guessing by the angle of the dangle and file name on the movie, it is Ryan Driller, who seems to be NA's go to stunt cock and for good reason; I think he is probably the best American guy doing it at the moment.  For the rest of the scene you get a hard dick and thats it, no hands, no nothing, pro VR porn cock work here. There is one section, where homie helps lift her skirt and just grabs that shit for a quick second and who can blame him, but you don't even see dudes arms for most of the entire 30 min scene.  For me, it is gold standard stuntcock work, and I just have to stop and highlight it, both on Driller's part, and NA for using him in so many scenes.

"Are you excited for this 18 year old pussy?"

Lily is back in her schoolgirl outfit and you find yourself seated (yussss) as she dry grinds you in your lap, teasing you and yes... you will probably be pretty excited for that 18 year old pussy about now.

Perspective is really good here

Some nice viewed from above oral action ensues and everything feels solid on scale, perspective and distance to dick.  Lily spends a few minutes servicing you before finally placing you inside her around the 18 minute mark of the movie, and none of that time feels slow, it is all paced quite well, and absent of jarring edits.  The only edits present are those being used to teleport you from cam view to cam view besides one other cut in the movie when Lily's head leaves frame.

Seated cowgirl

The seated cowgirl is too close to screen shot, thats what makes it great, so you can't see that here, but I LOVE that Real Teens VR is exploiting seated cowgirl, as that is by far the best cowgirl in VR right now many of us feel like.

Loved this shit

This is followed up by, I dunno, I guess I would call it seated doggy sorta?  This shot is tits!  Really great sense of her ass between your legs on one of the better from behind shots I have felt in VR lately, pretty close to the same effect that was reached in Busting a Nun with Blake Eden from a bit different angle.  I am an assman, so I am all about perfecting these from behind shots that are pretty elusive to balance right now for most studios it seems like.  This is a great one and Lily looks haf riding you here.

Onto your back

Action switches to you laying back on the bed next and this is also a pretty nice shot if you lay back yourself, it matches up pretty closely.  Reclining gaming chair ftw.  Lily gets on and it's a holy shit up close ride, where you can sense her above you, and the titty guys will be happy here watching Lily's sweaty breasts heaving in front of them.

Great sex on the bed

For the next several minutes, Lily sits back and gets her fuck on and appears to quite enjoy herself making for a good n' hot section on the bed.

Standup doggie

Next action is stand up doggie and this shot felt pretty good compared to most NA doggie shots and feels like it's getting pretty close on proper perspective for my sensibilities in terms of height.

Last position

After telling you she wants you to lay on the bed with her so she can look into your eyes while you fuck her, you switch to the last position of the movie for some lay-back butterfly action.

Lily looks great against the pink sheets, the bed is rockin and the whole shot feels very present here in VR during the ending position while Lily gets worked up to a fever pitch before you busts a hands free nut on her stomach.  Lily scoops up the cum in her mouth and leans in super close with it before the scene has the lights cut fairly abruptly and that would literally be the only thing in the scene I would have improved; another 60 seconds on the end for a cooldown.

Scene of the week for me: 10/10

So ya, scene of the week for me for sure.  Really nothing not to like with this movie:  Lily is hot as FUCK, down to fuck, and all the shots worked really well on a nice looking set.  The scene felt intimate and present, all the visual issues I had noticed in the last 3 movies were gone and it would appear that Naughty America have their new rig pretty well calibrated at this point. Great pacing, solid performance, good stuntcock, no hands, all make for a first class VR porn here and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to fuck some hot, willing 18 year old pussy in virtual reality! 10/10. I almost thought about a second nut on this one! Read our complete Real Teens VR Review.

"Lily Jordan" from Real Teens VR!

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