Light My Fire! Alex Grey Lights it Up at BaDoink VR!

Alex Grey is Featured in Light My Fire from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  9/29/2017
Running time: 38:00
Starring:  Alex Grey
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Light My Fire Preview
Notables:  Alex Grey, closer than most BaDoinkVR movies, not porny
Negatives:  Audio is turd
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Another nice Alex Grey movie

Light My Fire

     Writing up a scene review today for the new Alex Grey VR feature from BaDoinkVR, Light My Fire.  Alex is one of my favorite VR porn stars in terms of both her looks and her manner in front of the camera, and I can't say that I have watched a bad Alex Grey VR movie yet, that I can think of.  Light My Fire comes on the heels of 2 fairly disappointing BaDoinkVR releases for me featuring a couple of my other faves in VR with Riley Reid and Elsa Jean, and I was hoping that the production would be a bit better on this one with the Elsa scene featuring some particularly bad PoV's and Riley's scene just being flat out cold feeling compared to some of her other scenes.  Alex brings an awesome performance to the table in Light My Fire and BaDoinkVR have incorporated some more of the type of things that make for a good VR porn movie like increased presence and intimacy so if you are an Alex Grey fan and have been jones'n for a fix lately, this one is pretty solid with the only real caveat being that the audio is downright terrible.  

alex grey

Alex Grey!


Setup for Light My Fire has you chillin in a bedroom set in front of a fireplace, with your girl Alex laying beside you. The power is out—though the room is fully illuminated—and it's cold, so yall have the fireplace rollin and Alex suggests passing the time by keeping warm with some fuckins.

1 light my fire

​Poor audio quality

The audio here, is quite bad on at least the Oculus file, and I had a really hard time figuring out what the hell Alex was saying for the entire scene as things are muffled, garbled and there is no high end detail to speak of.  Video side looks nice, with quite a bit dark furniture on the set to help balance the lighting out some and overall, the conditions are complimentary to Alex.

2 light my fire badoinkvr

​Kisses are misses

Alex shifts up to your chest, planting a kiss on you that winds up a few inches too far back from the cameras and the kisses in this scene are more of the miss than hit variety in terms of placement on the rig.

3 alex grey badoinkvr

​OK, for a flat on back PoV

The first PoV features you flat on your back, and while the cam is a bit low here, there is at least some tilt up on the rig to help shape things into a decent PoV in terms of sight lines. If you lay back flat here, things are almost close to lining up below in virtual space so while the dudes a little high in the frame, at least it doesn't feel like he is coming out of your neck.  

4 alex grey light my fire

​More intimate than most BaDoinkVR movies

Alex peels her top off next and what I was digging about the first couple of minutes of the movie is that she is always above your waist, pretty much right in your space, generating a lot more presence right off the bat then what we typically get from BaDoinkVR. The trend continued on thru the rest of the scene and made for a much better feeling VR scene in the end for me in contrast to many BaDoinkVR movies of the past year.

5 alex grey virtual reality
6 alex grey vr


The whispering that is worked into the scene in several sections comes off pretty strong in effect, despite the audio being bad in terms of clarity and this provides another element to ramp up the intimacy and connection with Alex.

7 alex grey badoinkvr
8 alex grey

​Profile sucking

Alex breaks out the dick around 3 minutes in and again, maintains the above the waist focus by taking up a profile position off to your side instead of heading all the way downtown.

9 alex

​Alex is awesome at VR

Alex gets to work and her vibe is totally chill. No overdoing anything, no fake porno shit, she just comes off as natural, sexy, confident and like she's having fun.  She really doesn't have to sell anything in this scene, it just feels like she is being herself pretty much. 

10 alex grey ass
11 alex grey badoinkvr
12 alex grey

​More close up time

Off come the panties and Alex positions herself on your chest next so that you can get a good look while she strokes her kitty before she drops back down for some more cock luvin.

13 badoinkvr alex grey
14 light my fire


Quick bit of the ole bend n' suck, which Alex turns into a sexy bend n' lick before Alex mounts up for some forward cowgirl fuckin around 12 minutes into the movie.

15 alex grey cowgirl

Cowgirl is split up between a couple of minutes of lean-back and few minutes of closer up mid range action that feels pretty nice.

16 cowgirl alex grey
17 alex grey virtual fuck
18 alex grey vr porn
19 alex ass

​Rear view

A quick oral interlude and Alex gets back on in reverse for some great hands on cheek spreading with a dash of asshole rubbin thrown in.

20 light my fire
22 alex grey blowjob

I recommend removing the tilt here with your player controls

"Come fuck me in doggie"

Action transitions to a doggie setup at around 24 minutes in, and I would recommend up front you dump the 30 degrees of tilt that is on the rig via your player controls. Side effects are minimal and you will get a better feeling PoV for the doggy section that is set up here with an unneeded tilt. The bro is still leaning back at too much of an angle as you can see above, but you can kind of save this PoV and bring him back down into the frame some at least.  That said, I am not a fan of having to do this myself and they shouldn't shoot this shot with a tilt or have the guy lay back at such a goofy feeling angle that nobody fucks from. 

21 alex grey

​More close ups with Alex

I really liked this section in that Alex is all up in front of the cam again, and besides the silly down-tilt, this looks really nice and feels quite present.  

23 alex grey doggie
24 alex grey virtual

"Let me turn around so you can fuck me from behind"

Action resumes in doggy for several minutes offering some great views of Alex from behind before she flips over into butterfly missionary from the same kneeling position for the last few minutes of the movie.

25 alex grey missionary
26 badoinkvr light my fire
27 alex grey cumshot

​Nice ending

Missionary runs for about 3 or 4 minutes, ending in a nice cumshot with a quick hand assist from Alex followed up by some enthusiastic cum eating and a rapid fade out ending thereafter. 

28 light my fire alex grey

"This is Alex Grey and you just finished fucking me on BaDoinkVR"

There are some quick VRCosplayX previews tagged onto the end of the movie before Alex is back for the scene clip where she introduces herself and asks you to leave a comment on the website if you enjoyed the scene.

A breath of fresh air from BaDoinkVR and Alex Grey


Wrapping Light My Fire up, I totally enjoyed watching Alex here and felt like this was a step in the right direction from BaDoinkVR production in terms of focusing up some elements that many of us want to see in our VR pron.  Where many of the recent releases from BaDoinkVR have left me feeling pretty cold in terms of any real intimacy or connection, Light My Fire seemed to make it a point to sprinkle some of these elements in throughout the entire movie making it feel like more of a VR experience than the standard BaDoinkVR release and making for a nice 35 minutes with Alex Grey in Virtual Reality. 

Among positive notes for me were the inclusion of lots of close up face time, working with proximity and audio with the whispering elements, and Alex Grey's natural ​and unforced performance.  The set lighting looked good, Alex had a nice stage to shine on and all the action was hot n sexy making for a solid Alex Grey VR experience. 

On the negatives, the sound is pretty much garbage and this has cropped up in other recent releases from BaDoinkVR so it would be nice for them to get back to the leading audio quality they were rocking this time last year, as it is a fair detriment here in terms of hearing what the hell Alex is saying to you clearly, likely being the difference between a 9 and a 10 on the scene rating.  PoV's were kind of middlin for me, they weren't fantastic but they were not awful either, with the 2nd one being fairly salvageable if you remove the tilt from it.

Overall, Light My Fire felt fresh for a BaDoinkVR release for me, and I think most fans of Alex Grey VR porn would be pretty happy with this one other than the audio.  It would be nice to see BaDoinkVR head more in this type of direction moving forward in 2017 and I think viewers would respond well to this type of content and focus.  9/10

Light My Fire with Alex Grey from BaDoinkVR!

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