Taking An Early Look at Lethal Hardcore VR! Featuring Elena Koshka!

*Review footage taken from early masters, not from the final versions that are being served on the server currently where there are still problems with Adult Empire on the encoding side it sounds like in December 2018. 

Lethal Hardcore VR Early Preview! Featuring Elena Koshka!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Lethal Hardcore VR / WhorecraftVR
Release date: To be released
Running time: 44:06 minutes
Starring:  Elena Koshka
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Not available yet
Notables:  Elena Koshka
Negatives:  Dude noise, some audio issues up front
Review Score: 9/10 
5 words or less:  Lethal Hardcore in VR!
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Elena Works Hard to Become the Head Cheerleader!

Sup guys! I got an early preview last week of the upcoming Elena Koshka release from Lethal Hardcore VR and wanted to share a peek as well as give yall a heads up on Lethal's upcoming entry into virtual reality porn.  Elena's fire, probably my favorite all around performer to watch in VR at the moment and she delivers yet another natural feeling performance here for Lethal Hardcore. This scene's also the best feature I have seen to this point from Lethal producer Stoney Curtis and it's been pretty cool to watch the speed that he has been making progress in contrast to most of the directors that have attempted to enter the VR space over the last 4 years. 

Lethal Hardcore VR

Some of you may already be familiar with Stoney Curtis and his established Lethal Hardcore brand who have been pumping out the 2D smut since around about the mid 00's. I can recall watching Anal Cumsumption —the very first movie listed in the LH catalog— way back in the day so I tripped out when I realized that it was the same dude that was getting into the VR's earlier this year.  

I followed up Lethal on Twitter and much to my surprise, Stoney was in my DM's shortly thereafter asking if he could give me a shout on the phone. I've since been fortunate to be able to offer feedback on quite a bit of pre and post production footage over the last few months as he has learned the ropes and hard knocks from scratch in VR, from rig construction, to the type of shots and focus that many viewers like to see emphasized with their virtual porn experiences.  And I gotta say the dude's been making some rapid progress. 

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  • elena-lethal
  • Lily & Sarah Lethal
  • zoey-lethal

Also the Producer behind WhorecraftVR

WhorecraftVR launched a couple of months back with an ambitious vision for VR and an initial batch of VR porn beta cookies that exhibited various technical bugs pretty typical to studios that have had to start from scratch with building their rigs, post production, etc., etc. with the added challenge of implementing green screen backgrounds in this case. From mono 360, to scale issues, to IPD, to fps, to alignment, the early WhorecraftVR movies had a lot of issues, but they set about fixing them one by one and are pretty much up and running with a competitive rig at this point a few months after launch. Which is not too shabby by VR porn startup standards. 


WhorecraftVR Recent Upgrades

Recent upgrades at Whorecraft include the reduction of the background graphics wraparound from 360 to 180 degrees, backgrounds that are now being rendered in 3D rather than the older flat ones— which adds quite a bit right there— and the aforementioned new rig that is now being used on all productions going forward.

The looks of the same rig are on display here in this Elena Koshka scene, and I would say it's pretty similar to say BaDoinkVR's U.S. rig in 2018 or WanzkVR's rig (sans focus issues) prior to the recent Spring 2018 upgrade.

Added Content/Value

The idea with Lethal Hardcore VR at launch, will be to add traditional non cosplay content into the standard WhorecraftVR sub at no additional cost, helping to strengthen the overall package and get close to the 8 times a month release density area while also giving folks that may not be into the whole cosplay thing a more stripped down option featuring the same awesome talent. *I am not sure what additional purchasing options may be available yet, such as just getting access only to the Lethal stuff, but I believe the idea is to be both flexible and affordable in this regard with the addition of this new content. 

2nd Lethal VR Scene That I Have Viewed

This is the second pre release Lethal VR scene I have viewed now (the first featuring Jade Kush), and I feel like it's Stoney's best work to date, so it was the perfect time for a talent the caliber of Elena Koshka to walk onto the set and do her thing in VR for the fans.

Elena Works Hard to Become the Head Cheerleader's not out yet, so I am just going to do some highlight screens for yall and then a quick wrap up at then end. Pretty much, Miss Elena shows up looking for some help getting good and stretched out and yer the lucky guy to do the job....cue the boomchickawhawha!

  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0001
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  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0006
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0007
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0008
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0009
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0010
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  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0015
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0016
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  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0018
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0019
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  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0021
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0022
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0023
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0024
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0025
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0026
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0027
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0028
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0029
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0030
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0031
  • elena-koshka-lethal-hardcore-0032
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Nice VR Scene for Elena Koshka Fans


Summing this one up, I thought it was yet another awesome VR performance from Elena Koska, a nice early effort from Lethal Hardcore VR and I really didn't have much to nitpick in this scene overall other than the stuntdick making too much noise, which was really the only major blemish for me.  Elena did a great job with the setup n sexins and the scene felt pretty good in terms of it's flow and progression over the 40 minute run time.  Not quite the flow of WankzVR or CzechVR in that regard, but a really solid staring approach with room to grow in my mind and already more ambitious than say the one position scenes have been pretty standard from VRBangers this year...and they've been in the game for some time now vs. the rookie here.  The post production editing was quite a bit smoother in this scene than in previous Whorecraft movies, and you can see the combination of footage and editing starting to work together and gel some here into creating a more cohesive feeling work on the flow side. 


There were some lighting issues outdoors up front of course with the bright sunlight, and then inside again with the incoming window light costing some clarity, but otherwise the image looked pretty decent/competitive on all metrics to my eyes.  It's pretty much your dead up the middle standard VR image for 2018 and the rig behaves very similarly to several of the others in use with regards to oncoming glare or light sources blowing out the image some.

There was apparently an issue with the initial sound and it's pretty thuddy and backgroundy (this is pre release so that might get polished yet, I'm not sure), as well as picking up bro really strong, but this clears up quite a bit around a 1/3 into the scene and was much cleaner from there until the finish. Otherwise, this stuntbro's gonna have to zip it a little more as "oh that's good" whispered in your ear...... from the guy...... is not gonna fly for most viewers, lol.  My slap-a-bro-o-meter probably pinged about halfway a few times, but overall, I have heard worse over the years, lol. 


PoV angles/rig angles have been literally improving from scene to scene for Stoney and most of the PoV's in this movie felt pretty solid to me, especially for someone with only 30, well...... really 20 VR scenes under his belt on SBS first person VR rigs.  Some of the PoV's here already look on par or better than a few of the studios that have been shooting the VR porns for almost 4 years now, so that's great to see someone manage to quick cut past some of the more common mistakes directors new to producing VR porn typically make, and still with room to grow.

Stoney's sat down on the phone with me, both of us with masks on, and went, "ok......what do you see?" and it's great as a VR porn fan to see all the tweaks we might discuss show up in the very next shoot, or have him reach the same understanding that many of us have on the viewing/consumer side for himself, as he experiences different framing /angles or content within the mask firsthand.  This allows him to self correct..............and that my friends, has been a rare commodity in VR porn production over the last 4 years.  There are studios that are still making the same mistakes, month after month, year after year and the guy pointing the camera/constructing the scenes creates a good bit of the first person experience.  

Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka..... what can you say.  She like.... knows how to bring it all out, without seeming like she is forcing anything out, it's just super natural and that lends itself perfectly to adult VR one on one experiences where there is little place to hide in front of the camera or in post production. She's fantastic as usual here from the intro to exit, brings a ton of sensuality to everything to everything she does, has reactions that translate across as being very genuine and felt, and I especially enjoyed all the extra attention she paid to her tight little asshole in this one as the cherry on the sundae!

Overall, I would give Elena Works Hard to Become the Head Cheerleader high marks for Elena Koshka fans and it's an encouraging look at what Lethal Hardcore VR has coming in what sounds like a matter of weeks now. 9/10 just really on the dude noise, which might get borderline tolerance zone for some viewers at points. 

Elena Works Hard to Become the Head Cheerleader...Coming Soon from Lethal Hardcore VR!

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